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SimplySAVE SBI Card

SimplySAVE SBI Card

Last Updated : Nov. 6, 2023, 5:49 p.m.

The word ‘Save’ in the card name is an apt one to say the least. It’s because of the savings you make on spending via SimplySAVE SBI Card. The card helps you accumulate reward points at an accelerated pace. More the reward points accumulate, greater are the chances to redeem a lot of them for your spends, thereby saving a lot of chunk which otherwise would have gone out of your pocket.

Extravaganza Offer

Get 2,000 bonus points on eligible spends of Rs. 2,000 or more within 60 days of receiving the card. Bonus points can be redeemed for rewards, but there is a redemption fee. This offer cannot be combined with other SBICPSL offers. Any disputes will be settled through arbitration. Participation is voluntary and SBICPSL reserves the right to change the offer terms at any time.

SimplySAVE SBI Card Benefits

If you apply for this best credit card in India you can make most of the following benefits.

  • 10X reward points per ₹150 spent on dining, movies, departmental stores and groceries
  • One reward point on all other spend of ₹150 and more
  • Annual fee reversal on spending ₹1 Lakh or more in a year
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver across all petrol pumps for transactions between ₹500 – 3,000
  • Make a payment of electricity, telephone, mobile and other utility bills easily
  • Convert any big purchase of ₹2,500 and more EMIs with Flexipay
  • Get the outstanding balance of other bank credit card to SimplySAVE SBI Card and repay the same at a lower rate of interest via the EMIs
  • Get the cheque or draft delivered to you against the cash limit by virtue of Easy Money offer

Note – Four SimplySAVE SBI Card reward points have a value of INR 1.

Joining Fee, Annual Fee and Other Charges

  • Joining Fee: ₹499 (one-time)
  • Annual Fee: ₹499 (per annum)
Outstanding AmountCharges
For the amount between ₹ 0 to ₹500NIL
Exceeding ₹500 and up to ₹1,000₹400
Exceeding ₹1,000 and up to ₹10,000₹750
Exceeding ₹10,000 and up to ₹25,000₹950
Exceeding ₹25,000 and up to ₹50,000₹1,100
Above ₹50,000₹1,300

Late Fees

Types of FeesAmount (In ₹)
Card Replacement100-250
Rewards Redemption Fee99
Payment Dishonor500
Over Limit Fees600
Finance Charges3.50% per month
Cash Payment fee250
Cash Advance Fees500
Foreign Currency Transaction fee3.5%(For All Cards Except Elite & Aurum)
Processing Fee on all Rent Payment Transactions199
Balance Transfer1.7% per month (for 180 days tenure)

SimplySAVE SBI Card Eligibility Criteria

Read the page further to know about the eligibility of SimplySAVE SBI Card.

  • An applicant should be an Indian resident
  • He/she should be at least 18 years of age but not more than 70 years.
  • An applicant should have a good credit score and should not be a previous loan/credit card defaulter.

Age Criteria For Different Customer Segments

  • Salaried & Self-employed – 18 to 60 years
  • Pensioner – 40-70 years

Income Criteria for Different Age Groups

Age GroupMinimum Income Required (In ₹)
Less Than 25 Years20,000
25-30 Years20,000
31-40 Years30,000
More Than 40 Years40,000

Can You Apply for SimplySAVE SBI Card Against Another Credit Card?

Yes, you can. The minimum income required to do so equals to ₹30,000 a month. The card against which the SimplySAVE Card is applied for must have been used for a minimum of 6 months. Plus, there must not be any late payment charges on the card whose last 2 months statements would be required to process the application.

Documents Required

Know the documentation below, if you want to apply for SimplySAVE SBI Card.

  • One recent self-attested passport size photograph
  • self-attested copy of your Photo-ID Proof
  • self-attested copy of your Residence Proof
  • The attached Declaration Form duly signed by you

SimplySAVE SBI Card Apply Online at Wishfin

Want to apply for the card online? The best way to do so is by logging on to, an online marketplace for credit cards, loans and other financial products. All that you need is to share a few personal and professional details online before submitting your application. Wishfin team will send the application further to SBI after taking your word on the same. The bank will first examine the details entered and give the nod only when it is satisfied with the investigation.

Apply for SimplySAVE SBI Card on the Bank Website

You can apply on the official website of SBI following simple steps shown below.

  • Go to SBI
  • Go to ‘Credit Cards’ and click on ‘Shopping
  • Click on ‘Apply Now’ against SimplySAVE SBI Card
  • Enter the details correctly before submitting your application

The details would be checked thoroughly before the bank can give it an okay to the application.

How to Apply for SimplySAVE SBI Card at the Bank Branch?

  • Visit the nearest SBI branch
  • Ask for the Credit Card Application Form
  • Tick on SimplySAVE SBI Card from the option printed on the form
  • Fill personal and professional details correctly
  • Hand over the form along with relevant documents to the concerned official

Your application will be processed afterward. The details shared would be checked thoroughly and only when they are found genuine in the verification process do you get the nod from the bank.

SimplySAVE SBI Card Application Status Online

Get the real-time status of your SBI credit card by simply visiting the website online. You just need to put your credit card application number, follow a few simple steps and you are done with the status. Now, the status can be anything from approval, pending for approval or even rejected. Do ask the reasons for rejection if it has happened. You can either call the branch officials or the customer care executives to know the reasons. If you can remove the discrepancy in your application, do so and apply again to get an approval.

SimplySAVE SBI Card Credit Limit

The credit limit would depend on the income, credit score , job or business stability, etc. So to get a higher limit, it’s important to earn substantially higher, have a credit score well past the 750 mark, as well as a good stability be it in the job or business. Existing cardholders can get the credit limit raised by asking SBI to do so. SBI, after receiving the request of limit enhancement, will check the repayment pattern, employment and business details before deciding to raise the limit.

A higher limit, if granted, does not mean you should spend beyond your ability to pay back on time. Overspending can create a default-like situation, which certainly is not a situation you would want to be in. The reasons are obvious, the credit score would come down, which could make it tricky to gain an easy approval to the credits you may apply in the future. In addition, you would struggle to meet other financial liabilities that you may have to carry out on a monthly basis. At the same time, don’t be too less on the utilization as that would make it hard to build a credit history for you. So, you need to strike a balance between the spends to ensure a proper credit utilization ratio, translating into a good credit history.

SimplySAVE Bill Payment Online

Pay bills on time to avoid default and the problems that come with the same. But often the payment gets delayed or even skipped, resulting in a poor credit score if the instance is regular from the cardholder’s end. However, you can easily do away with the delays by adding your SimplySAVE SBI Card to the list of billers via net banking.

You just need to mention the card number correctly if you are using the Internet Banking of SBI and some other bank. And on or before the due date, you can login and pay from the comfort of your home or office. SBI net banking would most probably have your card already registered to it. However, you will receive an SMS indicating the total due and due date. You can thus take a note of the message and act accordingly.

SimplySAVE SBI Card Customer Care Number

Clear all your doubts by dialing the customer care number of SBI credit cards, i.e. 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code) or 1860 180 1290. The moment you dial this number, your credit card queries and complaints can easily be solved by the customer care executives of the bank. These executives are always there to help you out in the best possible way.

SimplySAVE SBI Credit Card Statement

Interested in knowing your SimplySAVE SBI card statement? If Yes, nothing to worry as with the help of an online facility you can easily check the same. The bank offers you this online facility, wherein you get your credit card statement monthly, and as a result of which you can easily check all your transactions on the go.

No matter where you are, SBI allows you to keep a track of all your transactions by sending you the monthly statements, which feature the minimum due, total dues and a summary of reward points. The minimum due would be around 5% of the total dues. The reward points are redeemable to pay the outstanding credit card balance or purchase gifts. So, it’s a good habit to keep a tab of the statement to know beyond the bill amount.

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