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  • Go through all the benefits and latest offers on the YES First Business Credit Card.
  • Credit Some Reward Points and Redeem them on YESRewardz.
  • See the Offers of the Free Access to the Airport Lounges
  • Know the Fees, Charges and other payment options for clearing the credit card bills.

YES BANK has always impressed its customers with the services whether it is a loan or a credit card. You might find it interesting that YES BANK has come up with a new card known as YES First Business Card. This credit card is for premium customers who are more interested in offers rather than the fees and other charges. You can earn thousands of reward points on several transactions through this credit card. These points are redeemable in shopping from the YESRewardz official website. On the other hand, there are discounts on fuel surcharge and you can enjoy complimentary visits to the Airport lounges. So, let’s discuss all the offers that are prevailing on this credit card.

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    Offers and Benefits of YES First Business Credit Card

    Here are some of the exclusive offers that are present on this credit card. You must try to make the best of all the features after going through it.

    Welcome Offers

    • Earn 20000 Reward Points as the joining benefit on this card
    • Get 15000 Reward Points at the time of renewal of the card
    • Reward point accrual are on multiple of INR 200 spent across products

    Terms and Conditions

    • You have to pay the full amount of joining and renewal fees.
    • You have to do a transaction from this credit card within 30 days of issuance to earn the reward points.

    Milestone Bonus

    • On reaching the milestone of ₹12 Lacs in a year you’ll be eligible to earn 20000 reward points.

    Terms and Conditions

    • All the transactions must be the retail transaction.
    • The time period of 1 year will be calculated from the date of card issuance.

    Earn Reward Points

    • Earn 16 Reward Points on every transaction of ₹200 on Dining, Travel Agencies, and Airline.
    • 8 Reward Points on every transaction of ₹200 on all other categories.
    • Register yourself on YES PayNow and earn 1000 Reward Points.

    Terms and Conditions

    • EMI Transactions, Fuel Transactions and Cash Advance will not earn any reward points.
    • De-Resigsteration on YES PayNow withing 6 months will lead to rewarding points reversal.

    YES First Business Card Reward Points Redemption

    Four reward points make one rupee. So there is a variety of options where you can redeem all the reward points earned from the credit card. You can go through the list of brands and e-vouchers that can be bought through the reward points.

    BrandsReward Points Needed
    Sigree Restaurant Gift Voucher of ₹5002000 Points
    Van Heusen Gift Card of ₹20008000 Points
    Cleartrip Gift Card of ₹500020000 Points
    Hidesign Gift Card of ₹20008000 Points
    Westside Gift Card of ₹2501000 Points
    Titan Gift Card of ₹20008000 Points

    Free Access to The Airport Lounges

    • Get the Priority Pass Membership for free on YES First Business Card.
    • Enjoy 6 Complimentary Airport Lounge Access in a year under the Priority Pass Program.
    • Enjoy 3 Complimentary Access to the Airport Lounges per quarter under the Mastercard Lounge program.

    Terms and Conditions

    • Only the Primary Cardholder can become a member of the Priority Pass Program.
    • The lounge Access fee is applicable to the accompanying member.

    Access to the Golf Course

    • Enjoy Free Golf Games at the leading Golf Courses across India.
    • Enjoy One free golf lesson every month at the golf courses through the YES First Business Credit Card

    List of Golf Courses in India for Free Access

    Golf Course and CityGolf Games or Golf Lessons
    Kalhaar Blues and Greens in Ahmedabad.Both Golf Games and Lessons
    Golden Greens Golf Club in Gurgaon.Both Golf Games and Lessons
    ITC Classic Golf Resort in Gurgaon.Both Golf Games and Lessons
    Jaypee Greens Golf Club in Noida.Both Golf Games and Lessons
    Unitech Golf and Country Club in Noida.Both Golf Games and Lessons
    Boulder Hills Gole Club in Hyderabad.Both Golf Games and Lessons
    Poona Golf Club in Pune.Both Golf Games and Lessons
    Kensville Golf and Country Club in Ahmedabad.Only Golf Games
    Clover Green Golf Club in Bangalore.Only Golf Games
    Madras Gymkhana Club (Guindy) in Chennai.Only Golf Games
    Jaypee Wishtown (Only on Selected days) in Noida.Only Golf Games
    BPGC in Mumbai.Only Golf Games
    Prestige Golfshire in Bangalore.Only Golf Lessons
    Chandigarh Golf Academy in Panchkula/Chandigarh.Only Golf Lessons
    AKDR Golf Village in Chennai.Only Golf Lessons
    Golden Swan Golf Academy in MumbaiOnly Golf Lessons

    Concierge Service

    • Get 24×7 Concierge Service from the YES BANK.
    • Car Rental & Limousine Reservation Assistance.
    • Hotel Referral Assistance.
    • Travel Reservation Assistance.
    • Special Events Assistance.
    • Restaurant Reservation Assistance.
    • Movie assistance in New Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore.
    • Flower & Gift Delivery.
    • Emergency Towing Assistance.
    • Roadside Help Assistance.

    Insurance Cover

    • Death in Air Accident cover of ₹1 Crore.
    • Emergency Overseas Hospitalization cover of up to ₹25 Lacs.
    • Credit Shield of ₹5 lacs in case of the primary cardholder’s death.

    Fuel Surcharge Waiver

    • Enjoy a Fuel Surcharge Discount of up to ₹1000 every month at all refilling stations.
    • The transaction range must be between ₹400 to ₹5000.

    Other Features of the Credit Card

    Contactless Payments:- For faster payments, the YES BANK has given the feature of contactless payment. Now you can make payments at the outlets by just touching the card on the vendor’s machine without entering a PIN or an OTP.

    PIN and OTP Security:- Whenever you’ll make a retail transaction, you have to enter the PIN in order to make a successful payment. On the other hand, all the online payments are secured with an OTP. So the PIN and the OTP protect the YES BANK Credit Card from any unauthorized use.

    Convert Transactions into EMIs

    • Convert the transactions of more than ₹2500 into EMIs.
    • Take a tenure between 3 to 24 months for repayment.
    • The Rate of Interest Chargeable is between 12% to 15%.
    • Take the EMI facility without any documentation formalities.
    • Enjoy the EMI options with zero processing fees.

    YES First Business Card Fee and Charges, Eligibility and Payment Options

    ParticularsDetailsTerms & Conditions
    Annual FeeINR 4999 + GST
    • The first year membership fee is charged in the first credit statement
    • Customers will get 20,000 reward points on their retail purchase within 30 days of card activation
    Renewal FeeINR 4,999 + GST
    • The renewal fee is payable in the first statement post renewal
    • 15,000 reward points can be gained at each renewal. And the offers is for the customers who have opted for the renewal fee feature

    YES First Business Card Eligibility Criteria

    • 23 Years is the minimum age criteria for the individual.
    • 60 Years is the maximum age criteria for the individual.
    • The Self-Employed, Partnership firms and proprietors must file an ITR of at least ₹10 lacs.

    Payment Options for YES First Business Card

    • Use the YES BANK Mobile Application for making YES BANK Credit Card Online Payment.
    • Try the ATM Fund transfer option for making timely payments. 
    • National Electronic Fund Transfer will help you to pay the credit card bills from another bank.
    • Clear the YES First Business Card dues using the standing instructions.
    • While making payment through NEFT use the IFSC Code YESB0CMSNOC.
    • YES Bank Accepts the Cash and Cheque Payments as well.

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