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Apply for a Credit Card Without Having Any Job

Apply for a Credit Card Without Having Any Job

Last Updated : April 8, 2020, 7:14 p.m.

As we can see that the credit cards have become a necessity for many individuals and the individuals not having any job also wants to apply for a credit card. Usually, most of the credit card providers ask for the income proof like salary slips, ITR, and many other documents but it is not possible for an individual to give such documents to the bank if he is jobless. Therefore, you can see various ways to apply for a credit card without having any job. It is a matter of income and not a matter of job to apply for a credit card. There are some possibilities through which you can get a credit card even if you are jobless.

Apply for a Credit Card Even if You are Jobless

There are certain techniques through which you can get a credit card if you don’t have any job. You can use a credit card if you prove your income whether you have a job or not.

Prove Your Income

Usually, all the individuals having a job get a regular salary into their bank account. The regular addition of salary in the bank account proves the income of an employed individual. If in case you are jobless and get income from other sources then on the basis of that income you can apply for a credit card. You will have to show your bank statement when you are applying for a credit card and it must have a regular income every month.

The spouse can also apply for a card if their husband transfers a certain sum of money into their account every month and the income proves eligible to apply for the credit card. The rental income, trust money, income from term deposits, and alimony seems fit for you to apply for the card despite not having a job.

Student Credit Card

Individuals who are pursuing further studies can apply for student credit cards. These credit cards usually have a low credit limit as compared to other regular credit cards. There are some banks that offer the student credit card and it doesn’t require an individual to have a job. There are some other offers as well on the student credit card like low-interest rates, joining fees waiver and many more.

Credit Card Against Fixed Deposit

There are some banks that offer credit cards against the fixed deposit you have with the bank and your credit limit depends on the amount of fixed deposit. Therefore, if you have any FD with the bank then you can take a credit card without having any job. Enjoy the credit limit of the card up to the amount of your fixed deposit and earn reward points and discounts. Currently, if you are jobless then taking a credit card against a fixed deposit would be the best option.

Take an Add-on Card

Some banks provide an Add-on card facility with the Primary cardholder and these credit cards are mostly free of cost. If you are above 18 years of age then you can take an add-on card after the consent of the primary cardholder. The credit limit of the add-on card is decided by the primary cardholder and it can be increased or decreased by him only. So, it is possible for you to use a credit card although you don’t have a job.


Now, after trying the above-mentioned techniques it is possible to apply for a credit card without having any job. If you don’t have a job you can still use and apply for a credit card. Credit cards basically are the lender of the last resort at the time of the financial crisis with the individual. So, fulfill all the dreams and make the optimum utilization of your credit card facilities once you have the card.

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