Don’t Make These Common Credit Card Mistakes During Coronavirus Lockdown


  • Applying for a Credit Card is not a Big Deal but you must know how to manage it.
  • Go through the Common Mistakes that a User must rectify while using a Credit Card during the Coronavirus Lockdown.
  • See the Rectification of Credit Card Mistakes and how it will help you during the Lockdown.

Nowadays, everyone is fed up with the Lockdown and they have started facing some financial problems as well. Therefore, in such a situation it is important to cut off the expenses so that you can manage your funds. Similarly, there are some credit card users who are using travel and fuel credit card but they are surprised after the lockdown. However there are some common mistakes that you must avoid while you are using a credit card during the Covid-19 lockdown. Don’t make these common credit card mistakes during Coronavirus Lockdown because it can lead to the wastage of money and financial crisis.

Avoid Making the Following Credit Card Mistakes During Lockdown

There are some of the mistakes that might cost you a lot during this hard phase of the lockdown. So, you must avoid making these mistakes when you are using a credit card.

Opting for 3 Months Moratorium

If you are having enough funds and opting for 3 months moratorium then you are making a big mistake. The 3 months moratorium by RBI only says that you can skip the Bill of credit cards for 3 months and it will not affect your Cibil Score. But the bank will continue charging interest on the outstanding amount.

3 Months Moratorium will only skip the payment of the credit bills for 3 months but your payment will not be waived off. You will have to make the payment of the outstanding credit bills later with an added interest. Therefore, if you are able to clear the credit card bills on time then pay it immediately and avoid paying an extra amount of interest.

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Delaying Your Credit Card Bills

Don’t delay your credit card bills even for a day because the bank will charge interest for a day as well. Therefore, it is better to make the payment on time rather than making silly mistakes like deferring the credit card bill payment unnecessarily.

If you have a habit of forgetting the date then you must give the standing instructions to the bank for deducting the amount of the credit card bill from your savings account. The bank will automatically take the credit card’s bill amount and your payment will not be delayed.

Buying Unnecessary Products

In Lockdown 4.0, online websites have started delivering non-essential goods as well. So, you must avoid this mistake of buying those goods that are not needed. It will only increase the credit card burden on you and as a result financial burden will be faced by you.

Try to buy only those goods that are very necessary like eatables, medicines, household items, and many others. Before buying any product from a certain website, check the credit card offers on that website. It will help you to earn more discounts and you can manage your financial requirements.

Wasting Your Reward Points

Almost every credit card has the offer to earn reward points of certain transactions. But you might aware of the fact that the Reward Points also have an expiry date. Therefore, don’t waste your reward point and use them before it expires.

You can make use of the reward points for making the payment of the credit card bills or buying essential goods from the bank’s online stores. These reward points can help you to save some more bucks and you must avoid making mistakes of not using the reward points before expiration.

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Using Your Card on Unsecured Websites

There are some individuals who use their credit cards on the unsecured website for making the payment. So, you must avoid doing such a mistake because the chances of cyber crime are high on such websites and the hacker might do a fraud transaction using your credit card.

Therefore, before using the credit card on any website make sure that the website is secure and has an encrypted payment gateway. A small negligence can lose a lot of money from the credit card.

Withdrawing Cash Using Credit Card

Try to do only the online transaction using a credit card because withdrawing cash from ATM Machines during Coronavirus Lockdown is quite risky. There are hundreds of people who use the ATM machines for withdrawing cash and they infect you by Covid-19 diseases as it is a communicable virus.

On the other hand, the cash withdrawal from the Credit Card is chargeable and it is an unwanted expense that you can avoid while using a credit card.

Paying Only Minimum Amount Due

There are some individuals who have the habit of paying only the minimum amount due and it the biggest mistake during the lockdown because the bank continues to charge interest on the outstanding amount.

If you are habitual of making the payment of the minimum amount due then you must avoid it during the Coronavirus Lockdown because later you will have to pay an extra amount of credit card bill that will include some interest.


After going through all the points, you must have seen themistakes that you must avoid until the Coronavirus Lockdown is over. If youcontinue doing the above mistake then you will have to face the financialburden later. Try to rectify the above-mentioned credit card mistakes anddefinitely it will help you some more money. You will also survive theCoronavirus Lockdown Period Easily without facing any financial problems.

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