ICICI Bank FD Credit Card: Explore Eligibility, Card Types, and Exclusive Benefits

ICICI Bank is among the largest financial services companies and a multinational bank. It has a network of 5900 branches all over India and has subsidiaries in 17 other countries other than India. It is known for its wide range of financial services available to people. It has been ranked as the no.1 bank in the ‘best services’ category for trade finance services.

ICICI Bank also provides many credit cards. Credit cards are very famous nowadays. Every other person holds a credit card, for it is convenient plastic money. You can easily get credits through these credit cards for small needs like shopping, fuel, and other bills. One of the recent and most famous additions to the bank’s list of credit cards is the ICICI Bank FD credit card.

What is an FD Credit Card?

An ICICI Bank FD credit card is a type of credit card where you can avail the benefits of a credit card against a fixed deposit. These are also called secured credit cards, as the FD acts as collateral. A good credit score is needed to avail of a normal credit card. But FD credit cards can be availed of by persons with low or no credit score in the past against the security of the fixed deposit with the bank.

Eligibility for opening the ICICI Bank FD credit card

Opening an ICICI Bank FD credit card is very easy. That being said, the applicant should pass the eligibility requirements given below. 

  • The FD card can be opened by resident individuals only, which means FD account holders whose mode of holding is either single or joint.
  • The minimum tenure for the fixed deposit should be at least 6 months.
  • The person applying for the ICICI Bank FD credit card should have a fixed deposit with ICICI Bank.
  • The ICICI Bank FD credit card must be of a minimum amount of Rs. 10,000.
  • Suppose the person has no FD with ICICI Bank. In that case, he can open a cumulative FD where the interest will be reinvested or a traditional FD where payment of interest options are available for the ICICI Bank FD credit card.
  • The FD should be opened in auto-renewal mode.
  • The person applying for the FD credit card must have attained the age of majority, which is 18 years of age.
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Various ICICI Bank FD Credit Cards

ICICI Bank provides three variants for the ICICI Bank FD credit card as follows:

ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit Card

This card requires a minimum FD Amount of Rs. 10,000. It has various rewards.

  • It has built-in contactless technology to make quick as well as secure payments at retail outlets
  • You can receive reward points and redeem them for cash.
  • The Card is available at a low-interest rate of just 2.49% per month.
  • This credit card is a good choice if you need an instant and free credit card. 

Coral Credit Card against Fixed Deposit

This card requires a minimum FD Amount of Rs. 30,000. You can avail of the following rewards with this card.

  • Its annual fee is of Rs.500 only.
  • Your annual fee will be waived upon spending Rs. 1.25 lakh in the previous year.
  • You will get 1 free airport lounge access per quarter upon spending Rs. 5,000.
  • A 25% off, up to Rs.100, on purchasing at least 2 movie tickets via BMS & INOX. (Offer valid twice a month).
  • A Min. of 15% off via the ICICI Bank Culinary Treats Programme will be provided.
  • You will get 2x PAYBACK points on all spends except fuel.
  • You will get 4x PAYBACK points on dining, groceries and at supermarkets.
  • You can avail benefits of this coral credit card for only Rs. 500, an annual fee.

ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card against Fixed Deposit

It requires a minimum FD Amount of Rs. 75,000. The following rewards are available for this credit card.

  • The joining fee is just Rs. 3000/- for this card
  • When you pay the joining fee, you will get a welcome voucher of Rs.5,000 for shopping and travel.
  • Every year of the anniversary, you will get 15,000 PAYBACK points.
  • You can enjoy up to 2 free golf rounds every month.
  • You can get 2 free domestic airport lounge visits every quarter and many other airports and lounges benefits. 
  • This card provides the most benefits of all other ICICI Bank FD credit cards, which have highly attractive benefits. 
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Benefits of ICICI Bank FD credit card

The ICICI Bank FD credit card comes with many benefits. These credit cards are very easy to apply for, provide maximum assurance to the bank against the security of the FD, and provide maximum enjoyment to the customer.

  • The ICICI Bank FD credit card holder can enjoy 90% of the FD amount as the limit on the credit card. This way, the person can enjoy maximum liquidity for their requirements.
  • There is no need to provide a different income proof for availing of the ICICI Bank FD credit card, as the FD provided by you acts as a security.
  • This credit card does not require a good credit score, but it helps you build a good credit history.
  • Compared to other unsecured credit cards, these FD credit cards have a lower interest rate.


Credit cards are best known for their instant credit facilities against prior credit histories. But the ICICI Bank FD credit card helps you avail of the credit card facility even when you have no or poor credit history. You just need to have an FD with the bank of a minimum of Rs. 10,000, and voila, you become eligible for an ICICI Bank FD credit card. 


1. How does the FD act as security for the FD credit card?

If the credit card holder cannot pay the credit card bill, the bank is free to recover the bill amount from the FD provided as security. 

2. Which is the best bank for FD credit cards?

3. For what period should I open the FD to avail myself of the FD credit card?

The FD should be made for at least 6 months to avail of the FD credit card.

4. Can a person with no income proof apply for an FD Card?

Yes, although you need to have an FD with the bank.

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