Is 21 Years the Best Age to Apply for Credit Cards?

Planning Your First Credit CardMaybe You Should Wait Till You're 21!

Nowadays, the numbers of credit card user are increasing day by day but you might be unaware of the fact that there are thousands of applicants in India who are unable to get a card. They don’t know what the best age for a credit card is so they delay it while applying for it. But as per the banking norms, the minimum age to get a credit card is 21 years and still it is not a suitable age. Some individual thinks that they can easily get a credit card at the age of 21 but there are many determining factors that might affect the age of entry for a new credit card.

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    Why 21 Years is not the Best Age to Apply for Credit Cards?

    You can see your life in a procedural manner until the age of 21 and then you will realize why it is not suitable for you to apply for a credit card at the age of 21 years. We have discussed the life span of a normal individual until the age of 26 and you can see various reasons why it is not good to get a credit card at an early age. There might be some exceptions to our examples but still, the majority of individuals go through the below life span.

    When You Were 18 Years Old

    At the age of 18, everyone becomes an adult and at this age, you say goodbye to your school life. You step forward towards your graduation or any other course but still, you don’t become an earner. So, if you think that you should apply for a credit card at the age of 18 years then it is a big no because it is not easy to manage a credit card without a stable income.

    When You Were 21 Years Old

    So if you haven’t dropped a year after your 12th then most probably you might have completed your graduation by this age. But the reason remains the same that you don’t have a stable income if you are going for a Post-Graduation course. If in case you start earning after your graduation and have a stable income then only it is good to apply for a credit card at this age. Otherwise, if you are going for Post Graduation then 21 years is not a good age. But you will have to enter 22 years after graduation because the bank will ask for a stable income of at least 6 months and you might enter 22 years by this time.

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    When You Were 24 Years Old

    Usually, the cost of post-graduation is high these days and most middle-class individuals take a loan to complete it. So if you have completed your graduation at the age of 21 and post-graduation at the age of 23 without any year loss then you might create a stable income from the job.

    But applying for a credit card at an early age of earning is not good because you will have to manage your other debts and credit card bills simultaneously. As a result, it will create a financial burden on you and you can’t manage your card easily.

    When You are 26 Years Old

    If you have started earning by the age of 23 then it is obvious you will get good growth by the age of 26 years. Now you can apply for a credit card because your debts might have been reduced and your income has been increased. Thus, you can manage all the expenses related to your credit card at such an age.

    Best Age for Credit Card

    As per the banking norms, 21 years is the minimum age of entry to apply for a credit card but as per us, you should only apply for a credit card when you have a stable income, fewer liabilities, and a low financial burden. If you have any existing debt then you must avoid applying for a card irrespective of your age. We have seen some people applying for a credit card at the Age age of 22 years and managing it easily and we have also seen people applying for their first credit card at the age of 29 and they are unable to manage the credit card.

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    So, you will have to determine your best age for a credit card depending upon your income and debts. You must self-analyze yourself before taking a credit card whether you will be able to manage it easily or not.

    How to do Self Analyzation

    • Know the stability of your income whether it remains the same every month or fluctuates as per your targets.
    • Check the need for the credit card whether you are taking it to enjoy the credit limit or for enjoying the offers.
    • Know all your existing debts whether you have an education loan or a two-wheeler loan.

    Problems of Taking a Credit Card at an Early Age and without a Stable Income

    • It will create a financial burden on you and you will be not able to pay the credit card bill on time.
    • Non-Payment of your credit card bills on time will decrease your Cibil Score.
    • Low Cibil Score will result in the rejection of your further loan applications and credit card applications.
    • You will ask for debts from your friends, relatives, parents, and cousins.


    So, now you know that there is no fixed age to apply for a credit card. When you think that you are competent enough to apply for the card then it will be the best age to get the credit card for yourself. You must explore the various things like annual fees, offers, discounts, and credit limit before choosing a credit card for the first time in India. The banks have multiple credit cards having different offers in different categories.

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