West Bengal Student Credit Card

West Bengal Student Credit Card

The cost of education has increased in the past few years and it has become difficult for parents to afford their child’s higher education. Therefore, in order to overcome this burden, the government of West Bengal has issued a student credit card in which a student can avail of a loan of up to ₹10 lacs for their higher education. The West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme is for the students of West Bengal only and they get the time to pay off the loan in 15 years. You can take this loan for the course fee, tuition fee, study materials, books, computers, or laptops. You must explore more details of this credit card.

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    Features of Student Credit Card Issued in West Bengal

    • This credit card has a maximum limit of up to ₹10 lacs.
    • The rate of interest on this loan will be 4% per annum on a Simple Interest Basis.
    • The tenure of this loan is up to 15 years.
    • You can take this card to continue higher educations.
    • Applicants can use the limit for higher studies in India and Abroad.
    • There is no need for any guarantor for this loan.
    • The state will act as a guarantor for this loan.
    • This loan will be available for undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral, and non-doctoral study in India or Abroad.
    • This loan is also available for the students studying in coaching classes for the competitive exams.
    • The loan is available at any bank, government and non-government organizations, or any corporative organization.
    • You can apply for the student credit card online even in the middle of your course.

    Eligibility Criteria for this West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme

    • The maximum limit of the loan is ₹10 Lacs.
    • The age of the student must not be above 40 years.
    • 10 years is the minimum period required for the student to live in West Bengal.
    • The maximum repayment period for this loan is 15 years.

    How to Apply for the West Bengal Student Credit Card

    • You can apply for this loan from State Cooperative Banks and its affiliated Central Cooperative Banks and District Central Cooperative Banks, public sector and private sector banks operating in West Bengal.
    • Student can apply online to the web portal and the higher education department maintain it.
    • The application will be from the respective educational institution to which you have got admission.
    • You will have to link your AADHAR Card or the Class X registration number with the concerned portal.
    • You will have to make a self-declaration which will be attached to the application form.
    • Students applying for this loan needs to upload their progress report card.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I apply for this credit card if I am not living in West Bengal?

    No, you cannot apply for the WB Credit Card if you are not living in West Bengal. You will have to live in West Bengal for a minimum of 10 years to get this credit card.

    2. What is the credit limit of the West Bengal Student Credit Card?

    The credit limit of the West Bengal Student Credit Card is INR 10 Lakhs and you can use this limit for educational purposes only.

    3. What is the Bengal Credit Card Interest Rate?

    The interest rate charged on the Bengal credit card is 4% per annum. The interest rate will be charged on the basis of Simple Interest.

    4. What is the Bengal Student Card Repayment Period?

    The repayment period for the credit borrowed on the WB Student Credit Card is up to 15 years.

    5. Do I need a Guarantor for the Bengal Credit Card?

    No, there is no need for any guarantor to apply for the Bengal credit card. The West Bengal State will act as guarantor on the loan borrowed through this credit card.

    6. What is the Age Limit to Apply for a West Bengal Student Credit Card?

    The maximum age limit to apply for the WB Student Card is 40 years. If your age is above 40 years then you cannot apply for the West Bengal Card.

    7. What types of students can apply for a WB Credit Card?

    8. Can I apply for a Student Credit Card West Bengal for my coaching?

    Yes, you can apply for the Student credit card in West Bengal for your coaching. Any student studying in coaching for competitive exams can apply for this credit card.

    9. What is the West Bengal Credit Card Scheme?

    The West Bengal Credit Card Scheme is all about students who are willing to study but they fall short of funds. So, through the WB Credit Card, they can borrow a sum of up to INR 10 lacs and complete their education. The interest rate on the borrowed amount will be 4% on a Simple Interest Basis.

    10. What documents are needed to get a WB Student Credit Card?

    You will need the following documents to get a West Bengal Student Credit Card:-

    • Progress Report Card
    • Aadhar Card
    • Class 10th Registration Number
    • Application Form
    • Self-Declaration


    So, the West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme can help you to get the best higher education. An amount of ₹10 Lacs is enough to get admission at the best colleges and afford their fee. The tenure of this loan is also long and you have enough time to clear the loan. On the other hand, the interest rate is charged on the Simple Interest basis that is just 4% per annum.

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