YES Prosperity Business Credit Card


  • Check all the Features and Benefits of YES Prosperity Business Credit Card.
  • This Credit Card is Specially for the Self-Employed Individuals.
  • Go through the Eligibility Criteria for applying for the card.
  • Earn Reward Points and get Fuel Surcharge Waiver through this credit card.

YES BANK has always satisfied its customers with the continuous financial services whether it is the loan, bank account, or a credit card. So, recently the YES BANK has issued a credit card for self-employed individuals. The name of the card is YES Prosperity Business Credit Card that has a lot of exciting offers and discounts. You can earn thousands of reward points by doing various expenditures and redeem them on YESRewardz official website. Now, you must be eager to know all the features and benefits of this credit card. So, let’s throw some lights on the offers of the credit card and find out how it will help you to save some extra money.

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    Benefits of the YES Prosperity Business Credit Card for Self-Employed

    There are numerous benefits of this credit card and you find all of them interesting. So, if you are a self-employed individual then this credit card would be the best option for you.

    Welcome Bonus

    • Earn 10000 Reward Points as the Welcome Benefit on this credit card.
    • On every renewal, earn 7500 Reward Points.
    • Reward point accrual are on multiple of INR 200 spent across products

    Terms and Conditions

    • In order to earn the welcome bonus you will have to do a transaction within 30 days of the card issuance.
    • This feature is available on the credit cards having annual membership fees.
    • The Renewal Reward Points will only be paid if you pay the full renewal fees of the credit card.

    Earn Reward Points Annually

    • Spend ₹6 Lacs in a year and earn 10000 reward points.

    Terms and Conditions

    • The transaction must be done for retail purchases.
    • One year will be counted from the date of the card issuance.

    Earn Reward Points on Several Transactions

    • Spend ₹200 on Domestic Airlines, Dining, Travel Agencies, and Tour operators, and earn 8 Reward Points.
    • Spend ₹200 on any other category using YES Prosperity Business Credit Card and earn 4 Reward Points.
    • Earn 500 Reward Points on registering yourself on YES PayNow.

    Terms and Conditions

    • Transactions covered under Merchant Category Code are eligible to earn 4 Reward points.
    • In other categories, the reward points will only be earned on retail purchases.
    • No Reward Points will be earned on the fuel transactions.
    • De-Registering your account from YES PayNow will lead to the reversal of the reward points.

    Reward Points Redemption

    • The Value of One Reward Point is equal to 25 Paisa.
    • The Value of 4 Reward Points is Equal to 1 JP Mile.
    • You can redeem the Reward Points on the Official Website of YesRewardz.

    Buy E-Vouchers Using the Reward Points

    Name of the BrandReward Points NeededE-Voucher’s Worth
    Shoppers Stop4000 Reward Points₹1000
    Croma20000 Reward Points₹5000
    Pantaloons4000 Reward Points₹1000
    PVR Cinema2000 Reward Points₹500
    PVR Cinema4000 Reward Points₹1000
    Titan8000 Reward Points₹2000

    Free Airport Lounge and Golf Access

    • Get 3 Free Access to the International Airport Lounges in a Year.
    • Enjoy 2 Complimentary Access to the Airport Lounges in India per calendar quarter under the Mastercard Lounge Program.
    • A Complimentary Priority Pass Membership only for the Primary Cardholders.
    • Enjoy free golf games at the various golf courses in India.
    • Get a Free Golf lesson every month through the YES Prosperity Business Credit Card.

    Insurance Coverage

    • Get an insurance cover of ₹50 Lacs in case of death due to Air Accident.
    • Enjoy an insurance cover of ₹15 Lacs in case of a medical emergency outside India.
    • Get a Credit Shield Cover of ₹2.5 Lacs in case of the death of the primary cardholder.

    Terms and Conditions

    The Air Accident Benefit and the Medical Emergency Coverage will only be given if you book the flight tickets using the YES Prosperity Business Credit Card.

    Fuel Surcharge Waiver

    • Get a Fuel Surcharge Waiver up to ₹500 every month using this credit card.
    • The minimum transaction must be not less than ₹400.
    • The maximum transaction must he not more than ₹5000.

    Contactless Payment

    This credit card has the latest technology of the contactless payment in which you just have to touch the credit card on the vendor’s machine to make the payment. The contactless payment transactions don’t require any type of OTP or a PIN. Usually, you cannot make a contactless payment of more than ₹2000.

    YES Prosperity Business Credit Card Fee, Charges and Eligibility

    Now, before applying for the YES BANK credit card, you must go through the eligibility criteria and fees and charges of the credit card.

    First-Year Membership Fees₹2499 Plus Applicable Taxes
    Renewal membership Fees₹2499 Plus Applicable Taxes
    Foreign Currency Markup Fees2.5% Only
    Monthly Interest Rate on Amount Due3.5% per month
    Yearly Interest Rate on Amount Due42% p.a
    Joining Fees Waiving Off CriteriaNot Available
    Renewal Fees Waiving Off CriteriaNot Available

    Eligibility Criteria

    • The Minimum Age of the Applicant must be at least 23 years.
    • The Maximum Age of the Applicant must be not more than 60 years.
    • Self-Employed, Partners of the Partnership Firms, and Proprietors are eligible to apply for this credit card.
    • The Income Tax Return must not be less than ₹5 Lacs.

    Payment Options

    • Make Payment of the YES BANK Credit Card through Net Banking.
    • Make use of the ATM fund transfer facility for clearing the bills.
    • Try Billdesk to make a payment from another credit card or debit card.
    • Make use of the National Electronic Fund Transfer for making the payment from another bank.
    • Make Payments through Cash or Cheques.

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