ICICI Bank Credit Card for Free Railway Lounge Access

Railway lounges are an essential part of anyone who frequently travels by train. As we all know, staying and waiting for the train can be stressful at times. ICICI Bank, on the other hand, provides a wide range of financial services to customers. Further, day by day the needs of people keep increasing. ICICI Bank is a leading banking institution that focuses on providing new and updated features. Therefore, the bank has launched the ICICI Bank Credit Card for Free Railway Lounge Access. That’s why you can find the complimentary railway lounge access listed in a number of ICICI Bank Credit Cards. Dive deeper into this article to understand all about the “ICICI Bank Credit Card for Free Railway Lounge Access”.

Best ICICI Bank Credit Card for Free Railway Lounge Access

ICICI Bank comprises 4 types of best ICICI Credit Cards that offer free railway lounge access to customers. Further, you can use these lounges anytime whenever you feel. Click here to know about Best Credit Cards for Free Railway Lounge Access from other banks.

Here are the different ICICI Bank Credit Cards for Free Railway Lounge Access

Credit CardsFree Railway LoungeJoining Fee
ICICI Bank Coral Credit CardEnjoy 1 complimentary railway lounge visit per quarter.INR 500
ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit CardAvail 2 complimentary railway lounge visits per quarterINR 3000
MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Platinum Credit CardEnjoy 1 railway lounge visit in participating lounges in a quarter. INR 500
MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit CardYou will get 1 railway lounge free in a quarter.INR 2500
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Railway Stations that offer free lounges

Below are the details of railway stations that offer free lounge access:

DelhiExecutive Lounge
JaipurExecutive Lounge
AgraExecutive Lounge
AhmedabadExecutive Lounge
Kolkata (Sealdah)Executive Lounge

Terms and Conditions

Following are the guidelines you need to adhere to get Free Railway Lounge Access:

  • You must have a valid train ticket on hand.
  • The train ticket must be valid and not expired.
  • The ICICI Bank Credit Card with Free Railway Lounge Access is only available to primary cardholders.
  • Any additional services not included in the benefits package would be charged.
  • If you brought a guest, he or she must pay the applicable charges to visit the lounge.

ICICI Bank Credit Card for Free Railway Lounge Access: Facilities

When you avail of the ICICI Bank Credit Card for Free Railway Lounge Access you will get certain perks. It is because those railway lounges are equipped with ammonites so that the cardholder can enjoy them.

These are the facilities provided with the ICICI Bank Credit Cards for Free Railway Lounge Access:

  • You can use the free WiFi until you leave the lounge.
  • The lounge is available for two hours. Furthermore, if you stay inside for an extended period of time, you will be charged additional fees.
  • Lunch, breakfast, and dinner are complimentary in the lounge. However, depending on when you visit the lounge, you can enjoy any of the free buffets.
  • With cookies, you get unlimited tea and coffee.
  • Newspapers and magazines are available in the lounge. As a result, you can read them as well.
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Why should you take advantage of the free railway lounge access?

After reading the entire article, you may be curious to know why you want free railway lounge access. You can obviously spend money and get the lounges right there. To understand it keeps on reading. Everyone nowadays owns a credit card right? You probably have a credit card with you or might be thinking of purchasing it. Furthermore, if you have a credit card, why not choose one with the benefits that are most appealing to you? This is due to the fact that credit cards now offer more than just financial benefits. Whereas you can now get a slew of advantages from other categories.

So, let’s assume you’re a frequent train traveler. Ohk! Furthermore, you must spend a sufficient amount each time you travel. There may be times when you must wait for hours on the railways. In that case, you can simply go relax in railway lounges. However, you may have to pay a significant sum of money. Furthermore, if you have a Credit Card that provides free access to railway lounges, you can save a substantial amount of cash. In addition, you will get some amazing perks with complimentary railway lounge access. As a result, we can conclude that credit cards should be investigated further and that we should act according to our preferences.


ICICI Bank Credit Cards for Free Railway Lounge Access has helped a large number of people in making their travel journey far better. In addition, these credit cards are also equipped with a host of other benefits. The MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card and MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card are co-branded credit cards. ICICI in collaboration with MakeMyTrip has launched these credit cards into the market. Hence, you should surely try these credit cards if you are someone who travels a lot via the railway.

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