Discover the Ideal SBI Credit Card for Enjoying Culinary Delights with Special Offers

Do you love to dine out? In that case, having an SBI credit card for dining is a must-have. You can earn discounts, complimentary memberships, and exclusive dining perks with the appropriate dining credit card. Nevertheless, with numerous credit cards and their benefits, finding the one that suits your requirements and the benefits you want becomes challenging. If you are searching for the perfect SBI credit card for dining, with the help of which you can enjoy culinary delights with special offers, you are at the right place. The article will cover the special offers on SBI dining credit cards that you can enjoy and help you maximise the dining perks.

SBI Credit Cards Offering Dining Benefits

Numerous SBI credit cards offer great dining benefits and exclusive privileges and rewards through which you can enjoy culinary delights and special dining offers. Some SBI credit cards and the dining benefits they offer are as follows:

SBI Prime Credit Card

The SBI Prime is an excellent credit card for dining purposes. This SBI credit card for dining is loaded with high reward points and complimentary coupons. It is a good option if you wish to earn good dining benefits. Some exclusive dining benefits that the card offers are: ten reward points whenever you spend Rs. 100 spent on dining, a Pizza Hut gift coupon worth Rs. 1,000 on quarterly spending Rs. 50,000 in a calendar year, get a discount of 25% on partner restaurants with the American Express variant, etc.

SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

SBI SimplyCLICK is an entry-level and basic credit card that offers great rewards on EazyDiner expenses, making it suitable for dining. Even though it is primarily a shopping credit card, its dining offers make it an excellent SBI credit card for dining because it offers decent rewards on your dining expenses. You can get 10x rewards on your expenses on EazyDiner.

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SBI ELITE Credit Cards

The SBI ELITE is a premium credit card launched by the State Bank of India with a Rs.4999 yearly membership fee. In addition to its benefits in different categories like shopping, travel, etc., this SBI dining credit card is loaded with benefits. You can get exciting offers, deals, and a discount of up to 25% at partner restaurants with the American Express Variant.

SBI AURUM Credit Card

With the launch of SBI AURUM, the bank entered the world of super premium credit cards. Since it is among the most premium credit cards, it has a classy black finish with elegant golden stripes. It is also a good SBI credit card for dining, which gives premium and complimentary memberships. This credit card lets you enjoy complimentary Zomato Pro and EasyDiner Prime memberships.

Benefits and Special Offers on SBI Dining Credit Cards

If you love dining out, dining credit cards can make a substantial difference to your wallet. Your SBI credit card for dining offers numerous dining deals like cashback, discounts, memberships and freebies at partner restaurants and food outlets nationwide and worldwide. You can use your SBI dining credit card to pay your bills and save money on the discounts the State Bank of India offers. SBI collaborated with restaurants, food outlets, and chains to offer the following:


You may get a discount on your whole bill, soft and food beverages, food bills, etc. You can get a discount of around 5% to 40%. Different credit cards have different discounts on dining. Before applying for an SBI credit card for dining, check dining discounts thoroughly. You might get a 10% to 14% discount at selected restaurants.

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At partner restaurants or cafes, you might get a purchase-one-get-one-free deal to get a second dish or drink for free. Before applying for an SBI credit card for dining, enquire about what dining offers and deals you are eligible for. You may also get a cashback offer in which you get a percentage of the bill back in your account.

Accelerated Reward Points and Complimentary Items or Rewards

Some restaurants offer complimentary drinks, beverages, appetisers or starters. Lounges offer free cocktails, and cafes offer complimentary coffee for cardholders eligible for dining benefits. SBI dining credit cards also offer accelerated reward points. You can earn 10 to 15 more reward points on spending a certain amount on dining. Apart from enjoying your food, you can enjoy reward points for fewer transactions.


SBI SimplyClick, SBI AURUM, SBI ELITE and SBI Prime Credit cards are great options for enjoying culinary delights with special offers. The State Bank of India presents mouth watering offers and deals in dining in hotels and restaurants. You can pay your dining bills with the help of your SBI credit card for dining and avail of hefty discounts. You can get a 15% discount with SBI dining credit cards on dining at restaurants in Delhi and Indore. In addition to SBI dining credit cards, others provide good benefits in other categories, like shopping, furl, travel, etc., with dining benefits. Other SBI credit cards offer discounts and benefits on ordering food from platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, etc. With an SBI credit card for dining, you can enjoy good benefits on online food orders.

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1. What does dining on credit cards mean?

Dining on credit cards includes restaurant fast food outlets, eateries, cafes and drinking establishments, like bars and taverns.

2. How to know if your SBI dining credit card is eligible for dining discounts?

You will find credit card-related information on the official portal of banks. Similarly, the official SBI website will mention the details of its credit cards. You will also find such details on the leaflet you receive with your credit card. You can contact the bank’s customer care services to learn more about the dining perks.

3. Does dining offers on SBI credit cards have an expiry date?

Yes, restaurant offers have an expiry date. You should check the bank’s website or the portal allocated to the dining programme and check the validity of the offers. Dining programs have an expiry date like a whole program.

4. How can you avail of dining offers on your SBI credit cards?

You can inform the merchant partner or the server that you want to avail of the dining discount and complimentary offer. You should pay your bill with your SBI credit card to be eligible and avail of dining offers on your SBI credit card.

5. Can you avail yourself of dining offers on buffets and public holidays with the help of your SBI dining credit card?

Dining discounts and programs are not available on buffets and happy hours. However, banks and merchant partners let dining discount programs on public holidays apart from other days. With your SBI dining credit card, you can enjoy dining discounts till the dining offers are valid on your SBI credit card.

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