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HDFC EasyEMI Credit Card

HDFC EasyEMI Credit Card

Last Updated : Dec. 3, 2019, 3:34 p.m.

HDFC’s offering a credit card that uniquely combines the features of a traditional credit card with the added benefit of an EasyEMI option. This means users can leverage the credit card for regular purchases while having the flexibility to convert substantial expenses into manageable monthly instalments through EasyEMI. The emphasis on “for all your big purchases” underscores the card’s specific focus on providing a convenient financing solution for significant transactions. Potential users should carefully review terms, interest rates, and fees associated with the HDFC EasyEMI Credit Card to make informed financial decisions. Specific details and features are mentioned below.

Benefits – HDFC EasyEMI Credit Card

  • Enjoy a generous 5% CashBack on popular platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and on Flight & Hotel bookings through PayZapp and SmartBuy. (Min ₹2000, Max ₹1000/month for the first 6 months, Max ₹750/month thereafter)
  • Get 2.5% CashBack on all your online transactions, making your digital spends even more rewarding. (Min ₹2000, Max ₹750/month)
  • For your offline splurges and convenient wallet reloads, earn a cool 1% CashBack. (Min ₹100, Max ₹750/month)
  • Experience hassle-free shopping with automatic EasyEMI conversion for transactions of ₹10,000 and above. (Processing Fee ₹99 + GST, ROI 1.67% per month, not applicable to gold, jewellery, and fuel transactions)
  • Auto EMI conversion takes place after just 5 business days, ensuring swift and seamless transactions. (Note: Auto EMI is not processed if the Easy EMI Credit Card is in a blocked state)

Note – Please note that, moving forward, transactions related to rent payments and government-related expenditures will no longer be eligible to earn reward points. This adjustment is part of a periodic review of HDFC Bank Credit Card rewards program to ensure its sustainability and alignment with evolving market dynamics.

Other Benefits

  • Zero liability for lost cards; report to 24-hour call center for fraud protection.
  • Enjoy up to 50 interest-free days and revolving credit at a nominal rate.

Conditions for Reward Redemption

  • Earn CashPoints as CashBack on purchases.
  • Redeem CashPoints against the statement balance or for travel benefits.
  • Minimum 2,500 CashPoints required for statement balance redemption.
  • CashPoints expire in 1 year if not redeemed.
  • Use CashPoints for Flight & Hotel bookings or SmartBuy Rewards at 1 CashPoint = up to ₹0.30.
  • From February 1, 2023, CashBack redemption capped at 3000 reward points per month.
  • Starting February 1, 2023, redeem up to 70% of product/voucher value with reward points.
  • Check terms and conditions for detailed CashBack accrual and redemption information.

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