Lifestyle HC SBI Card Select - Offers, Benefits, Features, Fee & Charges

Lifestyle HC SBI Card Select


  • Go through all the features and Benefits of Lifestyle HC SBI Card Select.
  • Know the modes of payments for clearing the SBI Credit Card Bills.
  • Spend at the Landmark Stores and Achieve Milestones to earn the Reward Points.

SBI Credit Cards has a lot of offers and benefits that amaze its customers. Recently the SBI has launched Lifestyle HC SBI Card Select in the collaboration with the Landmark Group. This credit card has an exclusive offer to earn reward points and enjoy discounts on the fuel surcharge. Each and every transaction done through this credit card enables you to earn some reward points. You can even convert all your Reward Points into Landmark Rewards. The Landmark Points will help you to buy various products from the Landmark Stores. On the other hand, buy various stuff from the SBI Rewards using the earned reward points. There are some more features and benefits of this credit card so let’s throw some light on them.

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    Offers and Benefits of Lifestyle HC SBI Card Select

    You can see all the offers that might help you save some extra bucks. Go through all of them and decide the best way to make the optimum use of them.

    Welcome Treats

    • Get 6000 Reward Points that are equal to ₹1500 as the welcome benefits.
    • Enjoy a Cashback of ₹100 at the first ATM withdrawal within 30 days of card issuance.

    Terms and Conditions

    • You’ll only get the points once you make the full payment of the joining fees.
    • All the reward points will be credited within 30 days of card issuance.

    Earn Reward Points

    • Earn 10 Reward Points on the Expenditure of every ₹100 at the Landmark Stores.
    • 10 Reward Points on Dining and Movies expenses of every ₹100.
    • Get 2 Reward Points on every other transaction of ₹100.

    Terms and Conditions

    • The fuel transactions will not earn any reward points.
    • 1 reward point is equal to 25 paise.

    Achieve Milestone

    • Earn 12000 Reward Points on Reaching the transaction limit of ₹3 lacs using this card.
    • Get 2400 Reward Points on spending ₹25000 at the Landmark Stores.
    • Earn 8000 Reward Points on spending ₹75000 at the Landmark Stores.
    • Spend ₹1.5 Lacs at the Landmark Store and earn 12000 reward points.

    Discount on Fuel Surcharge

    • Get a Flat Discount of 1% on the Fuel Surcharge at all the major refiling stations.
    • Get a Maximum Discount of ₹100 every month.

    Terms and Conditions

    • The minimum transaction eligible for this offer is ₹500.
    • The maximum transaction allowed for this discount is ₹3000.

    Renewal Offers

    • On a Successful Renewal of the card earn 6000 Reward Points.
    • 12000 reward points are equal to ₹1500.

    Terms and Conditions

    • You have to pay the full renewal fee of the Lifestyle HC SBI Card Select.
    • The points will reflect into your account within 30 days after the payment of renewal fees.

    Redeem Earned Reward Points

    There are two options to redeem the earned reward points. Either you can convert all of them into the Landmark Reward or you can directly use them in shopping from SBI Reward Stores. The Landmark Rewards can be used for shopping from the Landmark Store.

    • 1 Reward Point is equal to 25 Paise.
    • 1 Landmark Point is equal to 60 Paise.
    • 2.4 Reward Points are equal to 1 Landmark Reward.

    Have a Look at the Features of this Credit Card

    Contactless Payment:- Now you can make the contactless payment using the SBI Credit Card with just a touch. There is no need to enter an OTP or PIN up to the transaction limit of ₹2000. You cannot use the contactless payment if the amount is more than ₹2000.

    Global Acceptance:- There are over 24 Million outlets where you can use this credit card for shopping and for making payments. In the 24 Million Outlets more than 3.25 Lac’s outlets are present in India.

    No Fees for Add-on Cards:- You can take an Add-on card for your family members without paying the joining or renewal fees. You can apply for your Spouse, Parents, Siblings, and Children more than 18 years of age.

    Balance Transfer:- Some Individuals prefer using more than one credit card. But the other credit cards become a burden on the cardholder. Therefore this credit card gives you the facility to transfer the balance of other credit cards on the Lifestyle HC SBI Card Select.

    EMI Transactions:- If you are willing to purchase a product of more than ₹2500 then you have the option to convert the whole transaction into EMIs. It will become easy for you to pay back the amounts in instalments.

    Emergency Money:- You can borrow money anytime on behalf of this credit card. Take a cheque or draft against your credit limit at your doorstep in case of an emergency.

    Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card Select Fees and Other Charges

    Annual Fees₹1499 + Applicable Taxes
    Renewal Fees₹1499 + Applicable Taxes
    Add-On Card FeesNIL
    Credit Period without Interest20 Days to 50 Days
    Finance ChargesUp to 3.35% P.M or 40.2% P.A.
    Cash Advance LimitUp to 80% with a maximum of ₹12000 in a day.
    ATM Withdrawal Charges2.5% with a minimum of ₹500
    Cheque Pickup Fee₹100
    Card Replacement Fee₹100

    Late Payment Charges of Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card Select

    Outstanding AmountCharges
    Remaining Balance is More than ₹200 and up to ₹500₹100
    Remaining Balance is More than ₹500 and up to ₹1000₹400
    Remaining Balance is More than ₹1000 and up to ₹10000₹600
    Remaining Balance is More than ₹10000 and up to ₹25000₹800
    Remaining Balance is More than ₹25000₹950

    Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card Select Payment Options

    It is safe and secure to make the SBI Credit Card Online Payment. You can even use offline modes like cash and cheque payments but they include some extra charges. Therefore, for free and authentic payment use the online modes for clearing the Lifestyle HC SBI Card Select Bills.

    • SBI Net Banking will help you to clear the outstanding bills.
    • SBI Mobile Application has the option to make the payments.
    • Use the Debit Cards of other banks for clearing the credit card bills.
    • Use National Electronic Fund Transfer if you have an account in another bank.
    • Try Paytm, GPay, and Billdesk for making the monthly payment of the credit card bills.

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