Opt Digitalized Shopping Using Credit Card for Covid-19 Prevention


  • Make use of a Credit Card to Prevent Coronavirus from Spreading.
  • Fulfill your Household Necessities without Direct Human Contact through Grofers and Bigbasket.
  • Make use of a Credit Card to Prevent Coronavirus from Spreading.

Since February, Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus (actual name: SARS-CoV-2) has been classified as a Pandemic by WHO. As of 21st Mar 2020, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has infected more than 234,000 worldwide with close to 10,000 confirmed fatalities. The only way to fight this disease is to maintain social distancing as this virus spreads through social contact, mainly human to human and in a lesser way, surfaces to humans. Many businesses are affected because of Covid-19. Many banks offer credit cards that can be used internationally without going through the process of currency exchange. This can be a preventive move to stop the expansion of casualties. If you use a credit card or debit card for making an online transaction then it will prevent the direct contact between two parties. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using a credit card to prevention Covid-19.

Switch to Online Shopping

As we can see that everyone is advising to minimize social contact, so it is better to switch to online shopping instead of visiting the shopping outlets. Make use of your debit or credit card because it has a dual benefit. Firstly, you can maintain social distancing and secondly, you can make convenient payments. But on the other hand, credit cards have more offers and discounts in comparison to debit cards.

Credit Cards are Better than Debit Card

  • You can enjoy a credit period of around 30-50 days on credit card spends whereas the expenditure on your debit card is limited to your account balance.
  • There are more reward point benefits and discounts on online shopping through credit cards than debit cards.
  • Amazon, BigBasket, Flipkart, Grofers and Myntra have exciting deals when you buy through a credit card rather than a debit card.
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Here are some online shopping platforms that have great deals on various credit cards.

Offers on Grofers

The grocery items are the basic necessity during a lockdown, So you can purchase the grocery items online through Grofers and make payments through credit cards to enjoy various offers.

  • Get an Instant Discount of 10% with a maximum of Rs 250 on a minimum transaction of Rs 1500 through the Axis Bank Credit Card.
  • The SBC Customer gets an Instant Discount of 10% with a maximum of Rs 300 on the minimum purchase of Rs 1500 through the Axis Bank Credit Card.
  • The Axis Bank Credit Card offer is valid till 31st December 2020.
  • Enjoy a Discount of Rs 200 on every Thursday using the Standard Chartered Platinum Reward Credit Card.

Deals on BigBasket

BigBasket is also an online platform for grocery shopping where you can buy grocery items for your day to day needs without walking into stores. This is also a preventive method to fight Covid-19. Let’s see the offers of all the credit cards on BigBasket.

Name of the Credit CardOfferMaximum DiscountPromo CodeMinimum PurchaseValidityDays
ICICI Credit Card10% Instant DiscountRs 200ICICIGTMARRs 150031st March 2020 Tuesdays
Kotak Mahindra Credit Card10% Instant DiscountRs 300KOTAKMAR1Rs 150031st March 2020 Wednesdays
HSBC Credit Card10% Instant DiscountRs 250HSBCMAR10Rs 150031st March 2020Everyday
PaytmAssured cashback of Rs 25Rs 500No Promo codeRs 50031st March 2020Everyday
Master CardA Discount of Rs 200Rs 200BBMC20Rs 80031st December 2020Everyday
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Other Online Shopping Platforms

There are many online shopping platforms that can be used to buy products other than household groceries. They are Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many others where you can also use the credit cards to enjoy heavy discounts. Amazon also has started AMAZON FRESH & AMAZON PANTRY which allows you to buy groceries online. Staying at home and using the credit card for shopping instead of cash can be a great weapon to fight Covid 19. Self-isolation is very necessary to prevent the outbreak of Corona Viruses.

Use Business Credit Cards

If you are traveling abroad on official work, then you can make use of business credit cards. These credit cards will save you from ATM visits and from performing currency exchange. Both of these activities need social contacting and hence avoidable. We all know that hard cash goes into different hands and it can be a cause for the virus outbreak. Therefore, use business cards to prevent Covid-19. Swipe the cards on the POS machine for making a successful transaction instead of exchanging cash with the individual.


Well, you can see how a credit card canbe a useful weapon to deal with the coronavirus. Using a credit card not onlyprevents you from social contacting but also gives you the opportunity to earndiscounts and cashback. In order to fulfill your household necessity, you canmake use of credit cards to purchase various grocery items from Grofers andBigBasket. Make payment through credit card on Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra ifyou are willing to buy any other comfort or luxurious product.

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