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    So, you want to apply for your favourite credit card, studded with a host of reward points, cashback and discounts on both online and offline shopping. But don’t know how to apply for the same? If that is the case, you have come to the right place. You have both online and offline application options to do so. But do you think, is it easy for you to take some time out of your busy schedule to visit the bank branch and apply for a credit card? The answer would most likely be ‘No’ from your side, right? Therefore, it is advisable to apply for a credit card online as it relieves you from the hassles of visiting the branches. The online application is quick as you can do it from home or office by using the internet connection on a mobile or desktop.

    Different types of credit cards offered by Top banks

    Credit CardsInterest RateFee and ChargesJoining perksFeatures and BenefitsCredit Cards Eligibility
    State Bank of India Credit Cards 3.35% per monthFirst Year fee is upto ₹4,999
    Cash advance of up to 80% of credit limit
    Interest free credit period of up to 50 days
    A.You can avail welcome gift worth ₹5000 and can get upto ₹20,000 points on joining.A. SBI provides credit cards for everything from individual to corporate needs.
    B. SBI credit cards come with zero loss liability i.e. if your card is lost then you have zero liability on fraudulent transactions.
    C. The banks Credit cards are accepted all over the world.
    D.Cardholders have the option to convert all the purchases into EMIs and with the Easy Bill facility, customers can easily pay their utility bills online.
    E.SBI allows you to convert the outstanding balances in your card to easy installments.
    Applicant should be an Indian
    You should be over 18 years of age to apply for SBI credit cards
    One should have good credit history with no loan or credit defaulting
    HDFC Bank State Bank of India3.49% per monthUpto ₹10,000A.Taj Epicure Plus Plan and Inner Circle Gold Membership.
    B.Complimentary Club Vistara Gold Membership
    C.Get one complimentary Jet Airways Ticket for domestic travel on Jet Airways within India.
    D.You have the provision to avail upto 5000 bonus JPMiles on the first swipe of your card within 90 days of card setup.
    E.Facility to avail 5000 bonus JPMiles on the total retail spends of ₹75,000 and above.
    A.Welcome Gift
    Airport Lounge Access.
    B.Exclusive Reward Points
    C.Enjoy Shopping Benefits.
    D.Money Back Facility
    Benefits on Travel Expenses.
    E.Taj Epicure Plus Membership.
    F.Travel Concierge Services.
    G.Complementary Club Vistara Silver membership.
    H. Emergency Overseas Hospitalization.
    I.Air Accident Cover of Rs.1 Crore.
    J. Fuel Surcharge Waiver.
    K.Safe And Secure Transactions.
    L. Zero Liability On lost Card.
    M.Interest Free Credit Card.
    N.Resolving Credit.
    O.Utility Bill Payments
    Exclusive Dining Privileges.
    P.Special Offers on Movies And Dining
    Age should be between 21years to 60 years for salaried employees and between 21 years to 65 years for self employed
    Annual salary must be atleast ₹2 lakhs for salaried employed and Earning must be atleast ₹1.5 lakhs for self employed
    ICICI Bank Credit Cards2.49%-3.50% per monthUpto ₹7000A.Upon joining you get complimentary set of Sennheiser HD221 Headphones.A.India's first dual platinum credit card.
    B.Lounge Access
    C.Complimentary movie tickets.
    D.Complimentary round of golf.
    E.Chip and pin security
    F.Savings on dining bills
    G.Benefits of Ayurveda and other traditional wellness treatments
    He/she must be an Indian national citizen
    The applicant must not be younger than 23 years at the time of application.
    He/she must have a minimum monthly salary of ₹20,000.
    Axis Bank Credit Cards 1.95-3.25% per monthUpto ₹5000A.Yatra voucher worth ₹5000 on joining
    B.Myntra and BookMyShow vouchers free on joining
    C.One base fare waived economy ticket on joining
    D.Travel voucher worth ₹5000
    E.Upto 5000 points on joining
    A.Avail cashback options
    B.Provision of higher purchase limits
    C.Facility to avail over 500 rewards from Axis Bank's eDGE Loyalty program
    D.Get discounts on dining, shopping and e-commerce transactions
    E. Exclusive airline vouchers
    F.Experience Complementary Lounge access at airports
    G. You have the provision to create your own credit card using MyDesign.
    H. Enjoy higher security benefits by using Credit cards with embedded EMV chips
    If you are a primary Card holder then you should be within the age limit of 18 to 70 years

    Applicant should be an Indian resident

    To be an add-on card holder one must be above the age of 15 years
    Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Cards Upto 3.40% per monthUpto ₹19,999Movie voucher worth ₹5000 on joiningA.If you loose your credit card and report it to the bank then you get a cover of ₹50,000 on any fraudulent transactions made with your card
    B. Facility to avail add-on cards which will have all the benefits that you enjoy on your credit card
    C. Provision to enjoy higher cash limit i.e. 50% of your credit limit available all year round upto 48 days
    D. The maximum fuel surcharge waiver on transactions between ₹500 and ₹3000 is ₹3500
    A. Applicant should be a resident of India
    B. Primary card holder should be between 21 years to 65 years
    C. You should have annual income of ₹3 Lakh and above
    D. Only businessmen can apply for this card
    E. This is only for selected location like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi (including Gurugram and Noida), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune
    American Express Credit Cards3.35-3.5% per monthUpto ₹50,000 Most of the credit cards offered American Express provide welcome gift to their card holdersA. You can redeem from the fabulous 18 carat and 24 carat gold collection
    B. Provision to enjoy benefits on your travel bookings with Make My
    C. You have the flexibility in spending with no pre – set limit
    D. Provision to enjoy upto 30% discounts and additional 5% cashback at over 1200 restaurants every time you dine out
    A.Applicant should be 18 years of age
    B. You should have good credit history and no payment defaults
    C. In case of self employed, his company should be trading more than 12 months

    How to Apply for a Credit Card Online at Wishfin?

    You can choose from a bouquet of credit card offers at Wishfin, an online portal which displays the offers regarding reward point, cashback and exciting gift vouchers applicable to several cards. So, you can glance at the credit card offers of several banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, SBI and much more at Wishfin.  After checking the offers, you can choose and apply for the one that suits your need the most. The benefit of applying online is that you do not have to visit bank branch physically and hence your time and energy get saved.

    Get Instant Approval on Your Credit Card Application Online

    Not only you can apply online at Wishfin but also get an instant approval to your application. The dedicated team of executives here make sure the application gets approved ASAP, provided you meet the eligibility criteria set by a lender. After gaining an approval, you can get a quick delivery of your favourite card at your residence or office, wherever you want. This is the benefit of applying online. Else if you approach the traditional branch visit option, you may have to wait in a queue to get your turn and then apply. And when the application is made offline, the possibility of getting an instant approval may not be the greatest. Plus, there are chances of delay as the concerned branch official may find it hard to process your case first as he/she would have the documents of several applicants like you.

    SBI Credit Card Apply Online at Wishfin

    Wishfin has a dedicated team for applicants wanting SBI Credit Cards to buy their favourite goodies, book travel tickets and enjoy tons of privileges that are on offer. The team ensures you get a hassle-free card approval from the banks with respect to your application. You would be greeted with personalized services from Wishfin executives at several stages like pre-approval, approval, post-approval, etc.

    Choose from These Three SBI Credit Card Application Modes at Wishfin

    Now as you are all set to apply for an SBI Credit Card at Wishfin, you can take any of these three routes – Application Form, Wishfin Chat and WhatsApp Chat.

    Application Form – You can find  Apply Now and Get Instant Approval Link on the website. Just click on it and get to a page wherein you need to mention a few personal, professional and other details. Fill the details correctly before submitting the application.

    Wishfin Chat – As an artificial intelligence tool, this can help you choose the right SBI Credit Card to your needs. When you visit the portal of Wishfin, you can see a button of ‘Use Wishfin Chat’ under the Credit Card section. You just need to click on that and say that you want the best of SBI Credit Cards available. As soon as do that, the chat will get active and ask you a few questions. Answer those and get your application processed.

    WhatsApp Chat – Arguably the first of a kind offer in India’s credit card space, Wishfin has enabled credit card application via WhatsApp Chat. Like Wishfin Chat, you can also see the button of ‘Apply with the Ease of WhatsApp Chat’ on the website. So, click on it and get to a page asking you to enter your mobile number. After entering the number, you can click on Continue with WhatsApp button at the bottom. A WhatsApp link will be sent to your mobile number. You need to click on to that link. The moment you do so will get you added to a group featuring you and Wishfin as the group members. Just answer a few questions and get your application processed.

    SBI Credit Card Application Status

    The executives of Wishfin update you on the status of your application made for SBI Credit Cards. If at all there are discrepancies, the dedicated experts are here to guide you and help gain the approval. You can even check the status at SBI by visiting the official website of the lender. Visit the credit card section and then go to application status.

    Benefits of Online Credit Card Application at Wishfin

    The online application is a plus over the offline mode on the following points.

    Ease of Use – You can visit the website of Wishfin and choose from any of Whatsapp, chat or even the conventional application form to apply for your favourite credit card.

    Fast – Online application can be made in a matter of few minutes. You just need to answer or fill relevant personal and professional information and the application is made thereof.

    Why Are Credit Cards Important These Days?

    It is essential to have a credit card in today’s time. With a credit card, you can not only do away with the requirement of carrying cash everywhere but also make a big purchase and pay for the same in easy installments. It is a convenient method of making payments for shopping. Most important thing is that credit cards are there when you need some emergency cash. Apart from that, most credit cards come with a travel insurance cover, which can be a big help when you are traveling abroad. Many credit card companies have the agreement with various hotels, car rental companies, and shopping malls so you should go for a card with the maximum discount stores and reward points offered. Moreover, credit cards offer attractive cash back incentives every time you use them.

    How is Interest Calculated on Revolving Credit?

    The funny side of credit card is that you can shop for almost everything that’s available be it online or offline, along with the interest-free period of 20-50 days as extended by banks across India. Also, interesting is the fact that you can do away with paying the full amount by making a payment of the only minimum due amount as shown on the credit card statement. So, it means credit on the cards can accumulate and revolve around.

    But the scary part of not paying the total dues is the emergence of interest and taxes that would always take something extra out of your pocket. When it comes to interest rate on credit cards, it ranges from 2.5%-3.5% per month on an average. On the overall interest, the GST at 18% is now getting charged. Previously, service tax was computed on the interest amount. Let’s understand how interest gets calculated on the revolving credit card.

    Interest=Outstanding Amount x Rate of Interest x 12 months x number of days/365

    Example– Ram Manohar Sharma, an engineer, shops via ICICI credit card for purchasing the goodies. Let’s see how his shopping was a month or two ago in the table below.

    DateShopping & Other Details
    May 10Bought shoes worth ₹10,000
    May 17Purchased saree costing ₹6,000
    May 20Statement Generation Date (Total Dues-₹16,000, Minimum Due-₹800)
    June 13Made a Payment of ₹4,000 into Credit Card
    June 16Bought a mobile phone priced at ₹11,000
    June 17Made a Payment of ₹3,000 into credit card
    June 20Statement Generation Date

    As you can clearly see in the table, Mr. Sharma has refrained from paying the entire bill and thus would bear interest on the outstanding balance. The interest rate charged by ICICI Bank is 2.49% per month. Let’s calculate the interest now.

    Interest on ₹10,000 at 2.49% for 23 days from May 21 to June 12=(10,000 x 2.49% x 12 x 23/365)= ₹188.28

    Interest on ₹6,000 (10,000-4,000) at 2.49% for 4 days from June 13 to June 16=(6,000 x 2.49% x 12 x 4/365)=₹19.65

    Interest on ₹6,000 at 2.49% for 27 days from May 21 to June 16=(6,000 x 2.49% x 12 x 27/365)=₹132.61

    Interest on ₹2,000 (6,000-4,000) for 3 days from June 18 to June 20=(2,000 x 2.49% x 12 x 3/365)=₹4.91

    Interest on a fresh expenditure of ₹11,000 for 5 days from June 16 to June 20=(3,000 x 2.49% x 12 x 5/365)=₹12.28

    Total Interest=₹188.28+₹19.65+₹132.61+₹4.91+₹12.28=₹357.73

    Since the payment of the outstanding balance was not made in full, the late payment charges would be deducted. In this case, it will be ₹750 as the total amount due is 23,000 (10,000+6,000+11,000-4,000). Applying 18% GST on interest rate charged amount of ₹357.73 and late payment fee of ₹750, the tax to be deducted would equal to ₹199.40.

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