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Gold Rate Today in Hyderabad


  • Know the current Gold Rate of 22K and 24K Gold in Hyderabad.
  • Go through the factors that affect the Gold Rate in Hyderabad.
  • Explore the last 10 days’ gold price in the same city.

Hyderabad is a city in Andhra Pradesh and most families over there have gold reserves at their homes to tackle unforeseen financial emergencies in the future. So, it is good to keep gold as reserves to face financial emergencies if you fall short of funds. But, if you are willing to put some more gold in your reserve then it is necessary to know the Gold Rate Today in Hyderabad of the 22 Karat and 24 Karat Gold. Usually, the jewelry or ornaments are made up of 22K gold and the bars and coins are made up of 24K Gold. So, the gold price of 22K Gold in Hyderabad is ₹4480 per gram and 24K Gold is ₹4888 per gram. The karat tells the purity of gold and you will understand it better later in this article.

Gold Price Today and Yesterday in Hyderabad

KaratGramGold Rate TodayGold Rate Yesterday
22 Karat1 Gram₹4480₹4490
22 Karat10 Grams₹44800₹44900
24 Karat1 Gram₹4888₹4898
24 Karat10 Gram₹48880₹48980

Types of Investments in Gold

Some people find that Gold can be a better option for making investments because it is volatile in nature. Investors buy gold at a low rate and then sell as the price of gold in Hyderabad increases, resulting in profits in the end. So, you can see some options for gold investments below:-

  • Make an investment in jewelry and ornament of gold like rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangle, nose pins, and other gold products.
  • Buy Gold Coins, Bars, or Biscuits because they involve less making charge than the making charge of jewelry and the final cost will be less than the jewelry.
  • Make investments in digital gold and you can straight away sell the gold units into the market as the price of gold in Hyderabad increases.
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Reasons for Gold Price Changes in Hyderabad

It is necessary to know the reasons for the gold price change in Hyderabad. There are many international and domestic reasons due to which the gold price is different.


The gold price in Hyderabad might change due to the inflation or deflation in India and it might increase or decrease today’s gold rate in Hyderabad. If there is any kind of global emergency then the price of gold might also get affected.

RBI’s Gold Reserve

The Reserve Bank of India increases its gold reserve to issue more currency notes and the cash inflow increases in the market. So, with the increase in cash flow into the market, the price of gold is automatically affected in Hyderabad.

Gold Market

If in case there is a high demand for gold in the market then the Gold Price fluctuates in the same city. Usually, when there is a wedding or festive season in Hyderabad, people buy Gold Jewelleries and it increases the demand, resulting in the upward movement of the gold rate in Hyderabad.

What is Kart in Gold

The Karat defines how pure the gold is and 24 Karat is the purest form of gold you will find in the market. Then it is 22K, 20K, and 18K that is the minimum Karat in Gold. The price of gold per gram of 18K gold is the lowest among all and you can see the percentage of purity in different forms of karat below:-

What is Hallmark in Gold

The Hallmark denotes the purity of metal or gold and on the other hand, it certifies that the piece of gold or metal fulfills all the set of rules of the Bureau of Indian Standards. Therefore, you must see the hallmark on the jewelry and check the price of the gold before you buy it.

Last 10 Days Gold Rate in Hyderabad

In the table given below, you must go through the last 10 days’ gold price in Hyderabad and analyze the trend of the gold rate in the same city. It will be easy for you to determine the price pattern of gold whether it is increasing or decreasing.

Dates22 Karat Gold Price in Hyderabad24 Karat Gold Price in Hyderabad
5th Aug 2021₹44800₹48880
4th Aug 2021₹44900₹48980
3rd Aug 2021₹44900₹48980
2nd Aug 2021₹44900₹49090
1st Aug 2021₹44990₹49090
31st July 2021₹45000₹49100
30th July 2021₹45250₹49370
29th July 2021₹44900₹48990
28th July 2021₹44800₹48880
27th July 2021₹44600₹48660

Note – Gold prices are sourced from various news journals such as Economic Times, Live Mint, Good Returns, Fresherslive, etc.

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