Best Way to Use Credit Card Reward Points


  • Various Ways to Redeem and Utilize the Reward Points Earned through Credit Cards.
  • Explore the entire Bank’s Online Shopping Portal where you can redeem the reward points.
  • Pay you are credit card bills using the reward points and remove some financial burden.

Almost all banks provide reward point offers on their credit cards. Every credit card earns you a reward point on making several transactions and they are credited into your reward point account. But are you aware of the various ways through which you can make use of the accumulated reward points? There are many individuals who don’t know how to use the reward points and after sometimes their reward points expire. So, in this article, you can find the best way to use credit card reward points for various purposes. The reward points can help you with extra savings from your monthly expenses.

Ways to utilize the Earned Reward Points

You should not waste your earned reward points because they can save a lot of your extra expenses. There are various ways through which you can utilize all your reward points and save some extra bucks.

Online Shopping

Almost every bank has a shopping portal that offers different types of products including electronic gadgets, household items and many more. So, if you have enough reward points into your account then you can use those reward points to purchase various products from the online store of your respective bank. Some of the known stores of the banks are RBL Rewards, SBI Rewardz, HDFC MyRewardz, ICICI Payback, Axis EdgeRewards and many more.

Payment of Credit Card Bills

You can also have the option to redeem the reward points by paying the credit card bills. Usually on an average 1 reward point is equal to 25 paisa but it might differ from bank to bank. Before making the credit card bill payment through the reward points, you must check the value of the reward point of the respective credit card. Once you know the cash value of the reward points, you can easily clear some part of your credit card bill through it.

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Buy Voucher of Various Brands

E-Vouchers of various brands are also available on the official website of the banks that can be purchased through the reward points. You can buy any e-voucher available on the bank’s website and use them while shopping for any product of the respective brand. The e-voucher can help you to save some extra bucks while shopping.

Flights and Hotel Bookings

There are some banks that offer flight and hotel bookings from its official website. The HDFC Bank has a Smartbuy Application and SBI has a page named Rewardz SBI from where you can book flights and hotels using the earned reward points. May be these online portals will not allow full booking of flights and hotels through reward points but you can use the reward points for partial discounts on flights and hotels.

Buy Some Gift Cards through Reward Points

The gift cards of various brands are available on the online store of every bank’s website. So you can buy a gift card of any brand using the reward points and use them while shopping. You can purchase any product using the gift card and get exclusive discounts on it.

Give Your Reward Points as Charity

There are some banks that accept the reward points if you donate it as a charity. Then the bank takes out the cash value of the reward points and donates the amount into the charitable trusts. So, you can help the poor and needy by donating the reward points to the bank.

Reward Points Redemption Portals of Various

Name of the BankOnline Shopping Portal
HDFC Bank Credit CardSmartbuy and MyRewardz
ICICI Bank Credit CardPayback Official page
Axis Bank Credit CardEdge Rewards Official Page
RBL Bank Credit CardRBL Rewards Official Page
SBI Credit CardOnline SBI and Rewardz SBI
Yes Bank Credit CardYes Rewardz Official Page
CitiBank Credit CardOnline Citibank Reward Page
Standard Chartered Credit Card360 Rewards Official Page
Kotak Mahindra Credit CardKotak Bank Rewards Official Website
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Now, you know the best way to use credit cardreward points. You are also familiar with the portals of different banks whereyou can redeem the reward points easily. So from now onwards, you must notwaste your reward points and try to utilize them and save some extra bucks. Allthe above techniques will definitely help you to redeem the reward pointsearned through spending from a credit card.

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