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    KreditBee is an intermediary between you and the bank for various financial services such as personal loans. This makes your loan application process easier. With this, you can borrow a lump sum amount instantly. If you’re looking for a short-term or standard personal loan, KreditBee is the right destination for you! There are different types of personal loans available for you based on your financial requirements. KreditBee Personal Loan can be offered up to INR 3 Lakh. And you won’t even need any collateral for the same. For more details on KreditBee Personal Loan, continue reading this page below.

    KreditBee Personal Loan Details

    Let’s check KreditBee Personal Loan details – such as loan amount offered, interest rates applicable, etc.

    Let’s Check Out the KreditBee Loan Amount List

    The loan amount may vary based on your type of KreditBee Personal Loan. In the table below, you’ll understand this better –

    Kreditbee Flexi Personal Loan (In INR)Kreditbee Personal Loan for Salaried (In INR)
    100001 Lakh
    -2 Lakh
    -3 Lakh

    From the above KreditBee loan amount list, you can see salaried persons getting more than their non-salaried counterparts. And the reason is the regular flow of income.

    What is the KreditBee Personal Loan Interest Rate?

    Personal loan interest rates differ based on the type of credit. If you choose a KreditBee Flexi personal loan, the interest rate will commence from 1.50% per month. Whereas, for a KreditBee personal loan, the interest rate will begin from 1.02% per annum.

    KreditBee CIBIL Score Requirement

    You can get a loan from KreditBee without any CIBIL score which banks or NBFCs require to grant credits. So, here’s the advantage of borrowing a personal loan from Kreditbee. As personal loans are unsecured, lenders offer loans to those who have a good CIBIL score.

    KreditBee Personal Loan Repayment Period

    For a short-term loan, KreditBee offers a repayment period of 2 to 6 months. However, for salaried, the tenure will be 3 to 15 months. You can repay the loan amount and interest in equated monthly installments. The EMIs help you manage your day-to-day expenses. This way your loan burden reduces gradually.

    KreditBee EMI Calculator

    You can use the KreditBee EMI calculator and check the possible EMI. To use this tool, follow the below steps –

    • Visit the official website of KreditBee
    • Click on the ‘More’ button and select ‘ EMI Calculator’ from the drop-down menu
    • Insert loan amount, interest rate and tenure
    • Click on the ‘Calculate’ button
    • The calculator displays the EMI amount.

    Check out the example below to get an idea of the EMI amount. 

    Kavya needed a short-term loan of INR 9,000 and she came across KreditBee Personal Loan while researching online. She downloaded the KreditBee Loan App and checked her eligible loan amount. After that, she enters the following in the KreditBee EMI Calculator to calculate the possible EMIs.

    • Loan amount – INR 9,000
    • Interest rate – 19.00% per annum
    • Tenure – 6 months

    According to the KreditBee EMI Calculator Kavya’s EMI will be INR 1,584.

    KreditBee EMI Pay Online Method

    You can do KreditBee EMI pay online using your UPI-enabled mobile app. There are various methods by which you can easily pay the EMI online. To do the same, follow the below steps –

    • Open your UPI app
    • Choose ‘Pay Loan EMI’
    • Select ‘KreditBee’ as your lender
    • Enter the loan account number and EMI
    • Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button
    • Enter your UPI PIN and complete the payment
    • Upon successful payment, an SMS or email will be sent to your registered mobile or email address.

    How Much Income Do You Need for KreditBee Personal Loan?

    To apply for a KreditBee Personal Loan, you need a minimum income of INR 10,000. However, the salaried individual can avail of a loan if he/she earns a minimum of INR 15,000 per month. How income can impact your loan? A high income allows you to borrow the maximum from the KreditBee loan amount list. On the other hand, if the income barely meets the eligibility criteria, the interest rate will be high.

    • Download KreditBee Loan App
    • You can download the KreditBee loan app on your Android or IOS smartphone.
    • When you do so, you can easily apply for a personal loan online without any trouble. Follow the instructions shown below –
    • Sign up for KreditBee using your Google or Facebook account
    • After that, enter your details such as name, address, etc.
    • Upload PAN Card, Aadhaar Card or Passport
    • If you’re a salaried professional, enter your company name and monthly salary details
    • Insert your bank account details
    • Select your loan amount
    • View loan summary and applicable charges

    KreditBee Customer Care Number & Other Contact Details

    You can contact KreditBee customer care and clarify your query by calling the toll-free number 080-44292200. There are alternatives to KreditBee Customer Care Number, like

    • KreditBee email ID [email protected]
    • KreditBee office address 16/3, Adarsh Yelavarthy Centre, opp to Frank Anthony School, Cambridge Layout, Jogupalya Bangalore Karnataka 560008 India
    • Media relations team contact ID [email protected]