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Fullerton India Personal Loan EMI Calculator

When it comes to availing a personal loan from Fullerton India, it is important to talk about EMI Calculation. Yes, what would be the exact amount of your monthly installments? Is it going to be pocket-friendly or not? Well, the answers of all these questions is just one, i.e. EMI Calculator. That’s right! A personal loan EMI Calculator is one such magical tool that lets you know about your EMIs, Interest Outgo and Total Amount Payable within few seconds. By taking into account:

  • Interest Rate
  • Tenure
  • Loan Amount

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EMI Calculator for Personal Loan
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Fullerton India Personal Loan EMI Calculator

To make you understand better, let’s just take the help from an example below.

Suppose, Pulkit Gupta, a 27-year-old Software Engineer by profession is looking for a personal loan of INR 5 Lakh so as to travel to Australia. After checking his profile the lender has agreed to offer him the loan at an interest rate of 14% per annum for a tenure of 5 years. But before availing the loan, Pulkit wants to know whether his EMIs are going to be affordable or not? So, let’s take a look at the table below to know the exact calculation of EMIs, Interest and Total Amount Payable on a personal loan.

Table Showing EMI, Interest Outgo, and Total Repayment Amount

Loan AmountInterest RateTenureMonthly InstalmentTotal Interest AmountTotal Amount
₹ 5,00,00014%1₹ 44,894₹ 38,723₹ 5,38,723
₹ 5,00,00014%2₹ 24,006₹ 76,155₹ 5,76,155
₹ 5,00,00014%3₹ 17,089₹ 1,15,197₹ 6,15,197
₹ 5,00,00014%4₹ 13,663₹ 1,55,835₹ 6,55,835
₹ 5,00,00014%5₹ 11,634₹ 1,98,048₹ 6,98,048

EMI, Total Interest Outgo, Total Repayment (Interest + Principal)

YearPrincipalInterestBalance Amount
1₹ 74,254₹ 65,355₹ 4,25,745
2₹ 85,343₹ 54,266₹ 3,40,401
3₹ 98,089₹ 41,520₹ 2,42,312
4₹ 1,12,738₹ 26,871₹ 1,29,574
5₹ 1,29,708₹ 10,035₹ 0

Fullerton India Personal Loan EMI Calculation Formula

An EMI Calculator uses the below formula to calculate an EMI:

EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1]


EMI = Equated Monthly Installment

P = Principal Loan Amount

R = Monthly Interest Rate

N = Number of Monthly Installments

Fullerton personal loan interest rates start from 14.00% per annum, and EMI for different time periods is shown in the table below.

Loan Amount ₹2 years3 years 4 years5 years
1.00 lakh ₹4,801₹3,418₹2,733₹2,327
3.00 lakh₹14,404₹10,253₹8,198₹6,980
5.00 lakh₹24,006₹17,089₹13,663₹11,634
7.00 lakh ₹33,609₹23,924₹19,129₹16,288
10.00 lakh₹48,013₹34,178₹27,326₹23,268
15.00 lakh₹72,019₹51,266₹40,990₹34,902

The personal loan  interest rate by Fullerton India is up to 33.00% per annum for which the EMI would be as in the below mentioned table.

Loan Amount ₹2 years3 years 4 years5 years
1.00 lakh ₹5,747₹4,411₹3,777₹3,422
3.00 lakh₹17,241₹13,233₹11,331₹10,266
5.00 lakh₹28,734₹22,056₹18,886₹17,110
7.00 lakh ₹40,228₹30,878₹26,440₹23,954
10.00 lakh₹57,469₹44,111₹37,772₹34,220
15.00 lakh₹86,203₹66,167₹56,657₹51,330

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