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Game of Loans – A Curious Look at Better Loan Management

Game of Loans – A Curious Look at Better Loan Management

Last Updated : Aug. 31, 2017, 3:24 p.m.

A Lannister always pays his debts, can you?

Winter is coming and so is the festive season which starts from Diwali ! If reports are to be believed, trends show a massive surge in loan disbursements at this time of the year. It is when you start thinking towards making your wishes a reality, you seriously start to consider going for a loan.

When you play the Game of Loans you either have the last laugh or you end up owing a lot more to the banks. Every individual who has taken a loan, always wants to get the best outcome in the end. Loans, if not managed properly, can cause a chaos in your life and this chaos is definitely not a ladder! So, what points to keep in mind if you have already taken or is planning to take a loan. Have a look a la Game of Thrones (GoT) style!

A Song of Rate Cuts & Balance Transfer

If you had taken a loan prior to the current rate slashing era, you should definitely go for a balance transfer. The interest on your remaining loan amount will be levied at the lower rate in the market and you end up saving a lot more than your imagination.

Unlent, Unowed, Unbroken

If the sword of credit card debt is hanging on your neck, going for a personal loan is a smart option. It allows you to get rid of the debt trap via affordable EMIs and flexible tenures, hence eases the financial burden from your shoulders.

We will sow

Striking a balance with an investment like mutual fund presents you with customized loan deals. So, roam the world, get your immediate cash needs fulfilled with the loan gift resulting from your investment.

Our’s is the jury

The most important fact in the whole loan scenario is that we(loan borrowers) have the last say when it comes to taking decisions. If at some point we feel drawn towards a lower interest rate of some other bank, we can make the switch right away.

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