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Barclays Bank Fixed Deposit

About Barclays Bank Fixed Deposit

Barclays bank term deposit can be opened with a minimum amount applicable. The depositor can obtain interest credited on a quarterly basis on their Savings account or re-invest in their Term Deposit account till maturity. Sweep-in facility and sweep out facility is also available on term deposit.

  • The minimum amount of Rs 250,000 is currently required for opening a Term (Fixed) Deposit Account.
  • The minimum balance to earn interest on this account is Rs 250,000
  • Your investment in the Fixed deposit is secured from interest rate fluctuations.
  • A term (Fixed) Deposit Account can also be utilized as collateral for banking facilities.

Along with your Fixed Deposit, as a premier banking customer, you get

  •  A fixed rate of return over an accepted period of 3 to 12 months calculated flat on the principal.
  • An option of account currency (SCR, GBP, EUR, and USD).
  • Minimal cost on breakage of the deposit before maturity.

Please note

  • For Deposits of Rs. 1 crore or more, contact  Barclays India Branches. 1% premature withdrawal penalty shall apply.
  • The rates are liable to change without notice. The minimum number of days for which TD should stay with the Bank so as to be eligible for interest=7 days.
  • Senior Citizen & Staff-Special rate not permissible. In case if FD is for 181 days and above, then interest is compounded quarterly.

 Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 

PeriodRate % p.a.
(Applicable for deposits less than Rs. 1 Crore)
7 days2.00
8 days to 14 days4.50
15 days4.50
16 days to 30 days4.50
31 days to 45 days4.65
46 days to 60 days4.75
61 days to 90 days4.85
91 days to 120 days4.85
121 days to 180 days5.00
181 days to 240 days5.00
241 days to 270 days5.00
271 days to 364 days5.00
365 days5.25
366 days to 400 days6.25
401 days to 500 days6.25
501 days to 547 days6.25
548 days to 730 days6.30
731 days to 820 days6.35
821 days to 910 days6.40
911 days to 1000 days6.40
1001 days to 1095 days6.40
1096 days to 1460 days6.40
1461 days to 1825 days6.40
1826 days to 2190 days6.40
2191 days to 2555 days6.40

How to Apply?

Opening a Fixed Deposit Account with Barclays is simple and direct. You have to visit your nearest branch and furnish with the following documents:

  • A valid identified document such as Passport or National Identity Card.
  • A valid documentary proof of address(not more than 3 months old) such as a utility bill.
  • Barclays reserves the right to accept or decline any application subject to the internal policy. Additional documentation may be asked for by Barclays wherever necessary.
  • If you do not get any bills in your name, you may have to produce the bill of the owner of your residence along with proof of relationship.

Other documentary proof may be allowable. You may have to contact Barclays Bank Personal Bankers for more information.

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