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Canara Bank Fixed Deposit in Chandigarh

Canara Bank Fixed Deposit in Chandigarh

Last Updated : March 29, 2017, 2:29 p.m.

About Canara Bank Fixed Deposit in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the India’s planned city and is considered as one of the developed city. It is also popularly referred as the Pensioners paradise. So, for all the people it is really necessary to save and invest so as the flow of income does not stop. The fixed deposit is one of the safest investment processes. It is the product that is offered by the banks where the customer deposits a certain amount for a fixed period of time. The bank offers the interest rate over the amount deposited and after maturity, the customer gets the principal amount along with the interest amount as the total amount. Canara bank offers one of the lucrative interest rates so that the depositor can increase their savings. Thus, all those who wants to make the secured and safe investment, Canara bank fixed deposit is the best option.

Canara Bank Fixed Deposit in Chandigarh at a glance

Interest Rate2.90% - 5.75%
Minimum Investment amount₹ 1000
Tenure7 Days TO 10 Years

Eligibility Criteria

Below mentioned individual or group are eligible for a fixed deposit

  • The applicant should be the Resident of India.
  • Individual
  • Joint (max. 4 people)
  • Hindu undivided family (HUF)
  • A guardian on behalf of a minor
  • Sole proprietorship firms
  • Partnership firm
  • Limited Companies
  • Trust Accounts

Documents Required

  • Application form
  • Copy of PAN Card / Form 60 or 61 (in case the customer does not have PAN Card)
  • 2 Photographs of Depositor’s
  • Identity Proof and Address Proof
  • Any other related documents as applicable to proprietorship concern, Partnership Firm, Company, HUF etc.

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Address of Canara Bank Branches in Chandigarh

Branch NameAddressIFSC CodeMICRContact Details
Sector 35B ChandigarhSco 311 - 312, Sector 35 B Chandigarh 160036CNRB00016251600150050172-2606101
Foreign Department, ChandigarhCo, Ii Floor , Plot No.1 , Sector 34 - A, ChandigarhCNRB00018001600159970172-2621384
Chandigarh Sector 17c (MAIN)Sco 117 - 119 , Sector 17 C, Chandigarh 160022,CNRB00003851600150080172 - 2711805
ChandigarhSco No.117, 118, 119, Sector 17c Chandigarh 160017CNRB00019951600150010172-2706453
Chandigarh Sector 44 - DSco 369 - 370 Sector 44 D, Chandigarh 160047 ,CNRB00023991600150090172-2601656
ManimajraSco 836 , Manimajra, Chandigarh 160022CNRB00024061600150130172-2732208
Sector 32 Branch, ChandigarhSco 367, Sector - 32d, Chandigarh 160047 ,CNRB00024481600150020172-2611894
?sector 8, ChandigarhChandigarh Sector 8, Sco 167 - 168 Sector - 8 C, Chandigarh 160018 ,CNRB00024511600150040172-2543464
Consumer Finance Branch, ChandigarhPlot No.1, Sector 34 A, Chandigarh 160017,CNRB00024521600150030172-2621989
Sector37, ChandigarhSco No.389, Sector 37 D, Chandigarh 160036,CNRB00024781600150070172-2696011
Sector19, ChandigarhScf No.29, Sector - 19 D, Chandigarh 160019 ,CNRB00024791600150060172-2545529
Sector 40 - C Savings, ChandigarhSco 81, Sector 40 - C, Chandigarh, Pin 160036,CNRB00025861600150150172-2691316
Sector 47 - C Savings, ChandigarhSco - 63, Sector 47 - C, Chandigarh 160047 ,CNRB00026691600150160172-2633508
Panjab Uni Campus, Chandigarh,Shop No.11, Shopping Complex, , Punjab University Campus, , Sector 14, Chandigarh 160014CNRB00028451600150200172-2784616
Circle Office, ChandigarhPlot No.1, Sector 34 A, , Chandigarh - 160022CNRB0CO79001600159950172-2604258

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