Credit Card Customer Care

SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number

SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number

Last Updated : Nov. 23, 2019, 12:15 p.m.

When it comes to managing your credit cards, having reliable customer support is essential. The SBI Credit Card issuer provides ample assistance, ensuring that cardholders receive prompt and effective solutions. Whether you’re facing issues with transactions, or need information on rewards, the SBI Credit Card Customer Care team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support. To connect with the SBI Credit Card Customer Care team, dial the toll-free number. There is a single customer care number for all your credit card resolutions, 1800 180 1290.

SBI Credit Card Customer Care Services

Now that you have the SBI Credit Card Customer Care number, you will be thinking about what type of services will be there. Well, we have listed the things you can do by calling this toll-free credit card customer care number:

Generate or Change Transaction PIN

Now that you have your new SBI Credit Card or you already have one and want to change the PIN for security purposes, it is as simple as calling a friend. To generate a transaction PIN through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call the bank customer care number and do the following:

  • Choose the option ‘6’ to generate PIN
  • Enter the 16 digits of your SBI card, DOB (DD MM YYYY format), and card expiry date (MM YY format)
  • Now, enter the 6 digit OTP you’ve received on your registered mobile number or email address
  • Choose a 4 digit PIN, re-confirm

You will get a confirmation message on the IVR itself when you have successfully generated/changed the PIN.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Losing a credit card can be stressful, but you need to remain calm and call the toll-free SBI Credit Card Customer Care number. From your registered mobile number, call on 1800 180 1290. Tell the support team about the incident and block your card. Once the process is done, you will get a notification for the same, and you will be secure from any fraudulent transactions.

SBI Card Protection Plan (CPP)

SBI Card Protection Plan (CPP) is a comprehensive insurance program designed to safeguard your credit cards against unauthorized activity and financial losses. Whether you face card loss, theft, fraudulent transactions, or even emergencies while travelling, CPP offers a wide range of benefits and services to assist you.

  • Card Loss/Theft Protection: Upon reporting a lost or stolen card, CPP ensures immediate blocking to prevent misuse. You’re also covered for unauthorized transactions up to 30 days before reporting. For this, ring a call on 1800 419 4000.
  • Fraudulent Transaction Liability Cover: CPP protects you against unauthorized transactions on your cards, offering coverage for various scenarios like skimming, phishing, and online hacking.
  • Emergency Cash Assistance: If you lose your cards and cash while travelling, CPP provides emergency cash advances of up to ₹20,000 to help you tide over the situation.
  • Dispute Resolution Assistance: CPP assists in resolving disputed transactions and fraudulent charges on your cards, saving you the hassle and stress of dealing with it yourself.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: CPP’s dedicated helpline is available 24/7 to assist you with any card-related issues or emergencies.

In addition to core card protection, the credit card plan offers several value-added benefits, including:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Accidental Hospitalization Cover
  • Purchase Protection Cover

Different CPP Plans

  • Classic Plan (1899): Provides basic card protection cover and emergency cash assistance.
  • Premium Plan (₹2499): Offers all Classic Plan benefits along with additional coverage for fraudulent transactions and purchase protection.
  • Platinum Plan (₹3199): Includes all Premium Plan benefits along with roadside assistance and accidental hospitalization cover.

SMS Assistance by SBI Credit Card Customer Care

If you’re wondering how to stay on top of your credit card finances, checking your outstanding balance and available credit limit is crucial. SBI Credit Card holders can easily access this information through a convenient SMS service. Simply send an SMS with the format “BAL XXXX” to 5676791, where XXXX represents the last four digits of your SBI Card or TATA Card number. Ensure that you send the message from your registered mobile number.

This user-friendly method allows you to receive real-time updates on your credit card outstanding balance and available credit limit, empowering you with the information needed to manage your finances effectively. Stay in control and make informed financial decisions with this quick and hassle-free service provided by SBI Credit Cards .


SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number is the support system for cardholders seeking reliable and efficient assistance. Using it they can manage their credit affairs. With a dedicated team committed to prompt and effective solutions, the customer care service addresses your concerns. The ease of connecting with the team via the toll-free number, a CPP number or via SMS. This single point of contact streamlines the resolution process, providing users with a convenient and accessible resource.

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