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JM Financial Mutual Fund


JM Financial Mutual Fund is counted as one of the India’s first private sector mutual funds—an essential part of the first breeze that initiated its operations in 1993-94. JM Financial Mutual Fund is a part of JM Financial Group, building up the legacy over three decade. It is regarded as one of the many sucessful companies that have been evolved out of JM Financial Group’s strong roots in financial services.

The Asset Management Company of JM Financial Mutual Fund is JM Financial Asset Management Limited, sponsored by JM Financial Limited. Commenced its operations in December 1994 in parallel to the launch of three funds–JM Equity Fund, JM Balanced Fund and JM Liquid Fund (now JM Income Fund).

The mission of JM Financial Mutual Fund is to manage risk effectively while delivering top quartile returns across all product segments. In order to promote investor loyalty, JM Financial Mutual Fund ensures a safe haven for their investments. The focus lies in helping investors identify their investment objectives through judicious advice, prudent fund management, exemplary research and strong systems of managing risk scientifically.

Board of Directors for JM Financial Asset Management Ltd.

The list of board of directors are as under:

1. AMC Directors

  • Mr.V.P.Shetty, Chairman of the AMC, (Associate Director)
  • Mr. Rajendra P. Chitale, (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Darius D. Pandole (Associate Director)
  • Mr. G. M. Ramamurthy (Independent Director)
  • Mr. V. P. Singh (Independent Director)

2. Trustee Directors

  • Mr. Nimesh N. Kampani (Chairman)
  • Mr. Darius E. Udwadia (Solicitor, Partner – Udwadia & Udeshi)
  • Mr. Anant V. Setalvad, Industrialist (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Sharad M Kulkarni, Business Consultant & Corporate Advisor (Independent Director)
  • Dr. R. Srinivasan, (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Vivek Jetley (Independent Director)


The registrar of JM Financial Asset Management Ltd. Is Karvy Computershare Private Limited.

Fund Managers

The fund managers are classified as follows:

1. Equity Fund Managers

  • Mr. Asit Bhandarkar
  • Mr. Sanjay Chhabaria
  • Mr. Chaitanya Choksi

2. Debt Fund Managers

  • Ms. Shalini Tibrewala
  • Mr.Vikas Agrawal

Products offered by JM Financial Mutual Fund

1. Equity Funds

Equity Funds is focussed towards providing capital growth over the medium to long-term. Such schemes usually invest a major portion of their corpus in equities. These funds have relatively higher risks. These schemes offer different options to the investors like dividend option, capital appreciation etc and the investors may consider an option based on their preferences. The investors must specify the option in their application form. The mutual funds also permit the investors for changing their options at the subsequent date. Growth schemes are ideal for investors having a long-term perspective aiming for appreciation over a particular time period. The following equity funds are offered by JM Financial Mutual Fund:

  • JM Balanced Fund
  • JM Basic Fund
  • JM Core 11 Fund
  • JM Equity Fund
  • JM Tax Gain Fund
  • JM Multi Strategy Fund

2. Debt Funds

Debt funds are income funds which seeks to provide regular and consistent income to investors. Such schemes usually invest in fixed income instruments like bonds, corporate debentures, Government securities and money market securities. Such funds are less risky as against equity schemes. These funds do not impact much because of varying equity market conditions. However, capital appreciation avenues are also limited in such funds. The NAVs of such funds are affected due to change in interest rates in the country. During falling interest rates, NAVs of such funds possibly gets increased in the short run and vice versa.The following debt funds are offered by JM Financial Mutual Fund:

  • JM Floater Long Term Fund
  • JM G-Sec Fund
  • JM Income Fund
  • JM Money Manager Fund
  • JM Short Term Fund

3. Arbitrage Funds

Arbitrage Funds seeks to generate income through arbitrage opportunities arising out of mis-pricing between the cash market and the derivatives market. JM Arbitrage Advantage Fund is the only arbitrage funds offered by JM Financial Mutual Fund.

4. Liquid Funds

Liquid Funds are also known as income funds whose focus is to generate easy liqudiity, capital preservation and moderate income. These schemes invest especially in secured short-term securities like treasury bills, commercial paper, certificates of deposit and inter-bank call money etc. The returns on these schemes tend to vary much less as against other funds. These funds are suitable for corporate and individual investors as a medium for parking their surplus funds for shorter duration. JM High Liquidity Fund is the only Liquid fund offered by JM Financial Mutual Fund.

(Data taken from AMC Website)