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Edelweiss Mutual Fund

Last Updated : March 6, 2020, 2:49 p.m.

Want to park your hard-earned money in an instrument that should offer you higher returns as well as safety? Get started with mutual funds, a large pool of investor money that gets diversified across different securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, etc. Diversification plays a vital role in minimizing the risk while allowing the invested capital to grow over the long-term. As there are many fund houses waiting to take you on their list of investors, you should choose from them in terms of factors like return over the long-term, asset under management (AUM), expense ratio and others. Taking all these into account, you can choose Edelweiss Mutual Fund, a part of Edelweiss Group and a trust sponsored by Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. Edelweiss Asset Management Limited is the Investment Manager to Edelweiss Mutual Fund . With a wide range of MF schemes ranging from equity to exchange traded funds (ETFs), the fund house caters to specific requirements of the investors. Want to know the funds in detail? Check out the information below.

Edelweiss Mutual Fund Offerings

At Edelweiss Mutual Fund, you can subscribe for equity funds, fixed income funds, ETFs, Special Investment Mandate, Goal Progression SIP, etc.

Equity Funds

Want to earn return at lower risk? Bet on Edelweiss Equity Funds that ensure the same through an extensive line of products, including-

  • Edelweiss Absolute Return Fund
  • Edelweiss Diversified Growth Equity Top 100 Fund
  • Edelweiss ELSS Fund
  • Edelweiss Emerging Leaders Fund
  • Edelweiss Prudent Advantage Fund
  • Edelweiss Arbitrage Fund
  • Edelweiss Equity Savings Advantage Fund

Fixed Income Funds

Looking for a regular flow of income to feed on? Subscribe to fixed income funds that invest in debt and money market instruments with a short maturity period. Fixed income fund portfolio consists of-

  • Edelweiss Bond Fund
  • Edelweiss Liquid Fund

Exchange Traded Funds

These funds look to offer overall returns in line with a 50-share NSE Nifty index, subject to tracking errors. ETFs offered by the fund house include-

  • Edelweiss ETF-Nifty 50
  • Edelweiss ETF- Nifty Bank
  • Edelweiss ETF-Nifty Quality 30

Special Investment Mandate

In a bid to offer an enjoyable mutual fund experience to the investors, Edelweiss MF has come up with a latest offering, Special Investment Mandate (SIM). It has all the key services in one view and under one roof. These services help you time your entry into the market perfectly while offering the benefits of capital appreciation and arbitrage. Want to check out the services? They are as follows-

  • Prepaid SIP
  • GSM
  • Switch on Arbitrage

Goal Progression SIP

Get your SIP needs fulfilled with Goal Progression SIP (GPRS) that brings smile on your face in a matter of three simple steps- Pick Your Goal, Calculate the Monthly Sum and Start GPS. It is a alert trigger facility that uses systematic investment plan (SIP) offerings of Edelweiss Mutual Fund as a tool.

Min Investment & Other Details

Particulars Details
Minimum Investment Amount Required for Application Rs 1,000-5,000
Minimum Amount Required for Additional Investment Rs 500-1,000
Minimum Investment Amount Required in SIP Rs 500-1,000
Minimum Installments Required 12 monthly installments
Online SIP Facility Yes
Entry Load NIL
Exit Load 1% of the applicable NAV for redemption within 60days-a year from the date of allotment

Top-performing Edelweiss MF Schemes

Fund NAV 1-year Return AUM Expense Ratio
Edelweiss Emerging Leaders Fund -Direct Plan-Growth Rs 23.81 18.63% Rs 57.40 Cr 1.98%
Edelweiss Emerging Leaders Fund-Growth Rs 23.36 17.80% Rs 57.40 Cr 2.68%
Edelweiss Exchange Traded Scheme-Nifty 50 Rs 8,759.82 11.62% Rs 10.89 Cr 0.07%
Edelweiss Diversified Growth Equity Top 100 Fund- Direct Plan-Dividend Rs 20.25 11.53% Rs 101.39 Cr 1.94%
Edelweiss Prudent Advantage Fund-Direct Plan-Growth Rs 21.01 10.87% Rs 10.90 Cr 2.25%
Edelweiss Diversified Growth Equity Top 100 Fund-Growth Rs 27.11 10.70% Rs 101.39 Cr 2.69%
Edelweiss Diversified Growth Equity Top 100 Fund- Plan B-Growth Rs 27.25 10.68% Rs 101.39 Cr 2.69%
Edelweiss Diversified Growth Equity Top 100 Fund- Plan C-Dividend Rs 21.98 10.66% Rs 101.39 Cr 2.69%
Edelweiss Prudent Advantage Fund-Plan B-Growth Rs 20.46 10.42% Rs 10.90 Cr 2.65%
Edelweiss Prudent Advantage Fund-Growth Rs 20.74 10.26% Rs 10.90 Cr 2.65%

Edelweiss Mutual Fund Common Application Form

Want to access common application form of the schemes? Visit the website of Edelweiss Mutual Fund and click ‘Downloads’ section. After clicking it, you will find the forms of each of the schemes offered by the asset management company (AMC). Choose the scheme that you want to subscribe for and download the form. Fill the details and submit it to the nearest branch office of Edelweiss Mutual Fund for the processing of your application. The AMC will verify your details and will issue a folio number based on successful investigation. You have to use the folio number every time you carry out buy or sell transactions.

Want to Invest Online?

You can easily invest online by clicking the Investor Section shown on the website. You can find the links of new investors and existing investors. If you belong to the former, then you need to get your e- KYC verification done. You can achieve it by entering PAN and other details. Once you are done with e-KYC verification, you can create User ID and Password, which will be necessary to carry out the transactions online. However, if you are an existing investor, you can make transactions with or without generating PIN online.

Edelweiss Mutual Fund Address

Want to check out the address of Edelweiss Mutual Fund? See the contact details below.

Corporate Office

Edelweiss Asset Management Ltd .
Tower 3, Wing B, Ground Floor,
Kohinoor City Mall, Kohinoor City,
Kirol Road, Kurla(West),
Mumbai-400070. Maharashtra

Regional Offices

New Delhi
104, 1st Floor, Mercantile House,
15 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi – 110 001.
Telephone No- 011-43571105

2nd Floor, Savitri Tower,
3A Upper Wood Street, Kolkata – 700 017
Telephone No- 033-44218800

7th Avenue, 2nd floor, Ammayi Eye hospital building,
Ashok Nagar, Chennai – 600083
Telephone No- 044- 42895741

427/14-1, 1st Floor, 9th Main Road, 5th Block,Jayanagar,
Bengaluru – 560041, Karnataka.
Telephone No- 080-69001508

Madhusudan House, Basement, Near Navrangpura Telephone Exchange,
Off CG Road, Navrangpura,Ahmedabad – 380 009
Telephone No- 079-65141246

312-313, D.M. Tower, 3rd Floor, Race Course Road,
Telephone No- 0731-6701522

Cabin No. 102, A Small Store Trade Point, Ground Floor, Saran Chamber-1,
5-Park Road, Hazratgunj, Lucknow- 226001
Telephone No-0522- 407 0679

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