How to Start SIP Investment via WhatsApp Chat

SIP Investment via WhatsApp


  • Start your monthly SIP on WhatsApp chat instantly.

  • SIP investment on WhatsApp is as simple as chatting with friends.

Investing your money is among the most important decisions. Yet, mutual fund investment through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is the most preferred type of investment because of the convenient investment option.

Wishfin is offering world’s first ever investment option on WhatsApp. Anyone using WhatsApp can start an SIP within a few minutes. Below are the steps you can follow to start your SIP on WhatsApp.

  • Now Wishfin makes starting an SIP as easy as WhatsApping a friend
  • Whether Tax Saving, Short Term Investing or Long Term Wealth Creation – just choose your goal and chat away to a hassle-free SIP, instantly

Steps to Start an SIP through WhatsApp

  1. Enter your mobile number in the form.
  2. You will receive a message from Wishfin Mutual Fund on your WhatsApp
  3. Accept the Terms and conditions mentioned in the chat to proceed
  4. Enter your Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  5. Select your financial goal through SIP investment
  6. Mention the monthly SIP amount.
  7. Select one fund from the list of recommended funds
  8. Choose your SIP start date
  9. Provide your personal details such as full name as per PAN card, mother’s name, gender, date of birth and full residence address.
  10. Mention your email ID.
  11. Mention your annual income in lakhs and your profession.
  12. Share your bank account details (Bank Name, IFSC code, Account number) for automatic SIP deduction
  13. Confirm the submitted details.

Once you complete the process, your SIP is registered successfully with Wishfin. The process of investing in mutual funds is instant and smooth just like you chat with your family and friends. No one would have ever thought that SIP investment could be so easy!

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