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Understanding AO Code: How to Find Your AO Code for PAN Card Application

Understanding AO Code: How to Find Your AO Code for PAN Card Application

Last Updated : Sept. 27, 2023, 6:17 p.m.

A PAN card is an important document for every citizen of India. The government regulates your transaction and tax details via PAN card. When you apply for a PAN card, you must have filled in the AO code, i.e., the Assessing Officer code, on the upper right of the application form. Are you wondering what is the AO code of my location and why it is mandatory to fill? The article will help you to understand AO code in detail and guide you in AO code finding.

Understanding AO Code

AO is a code for identifying the tax jurisdiction of an individual or company, as every region has distinct rules and regulations for taxation. Therefore, the AO code tells about the applicant from where he belongs to impose the relevant tax laws.

The government has assigned distinct AO officers for each different region to govern the taxation of every individual of the particular region. The AO code of my location lets us check or locate our region’s AO officers and offices. AO code stands for assessing officer code and is categorised into four segments that we go through under the next heading. It will help you in AO code find.

Breaking Down the AO Code

AO is broken down into four components:

Area Code

It is a three-numbered code representing the geographic location of an individual or organisation. It is the first component when you perform AO code find to know the AO code of my location (your location).

AO Type

AO type determines the type of your existence, i.e., your identity, whether you are a person, an organisation, or so on.

Range Type

Tax department offices are spread into several regions, like a city divided into regions. AO type helps you to assess your nearby Regional Tax Department for exact information on the AO code of my location (individual’s location).

AO Number

AO numbers released by NSDL are for personal identification. It is the final element in AO code representing a numerical value.

Types Of AO Code

Four types of AO codes are used to find individuals or companies that can be linked to their appropriate tax legislation.

International Taxation

Pan card applicants, either persons or businesses who do not belong to India or are not established in India, come under this section.

Non-International Taxation (Mumbai)

The AO code type indicates individuals or businesses set or registered in Mumbai.

Non-International Taxation (Other Than Mumbai)

Non-international taxation AO code works for persons or organisations settled outside Mumbai city.

Defense Personnel

Defence personnel is a type of code functional for individuals or companies belonging to two communities, i.e., the Indian Army and the Air Force. The specific AO code find helps identify each.

Steps To Find AO Code Online

You can perform an AO code find to know the AO code of my location or your location online by reaching the government-authorised website. Follow the steps mentioned below to aid your research.

Step 1: Choose your identity: salaried, non-salaried, or non-individual applicant.

Step 2: Select the residential or office address based on the criteria you meet.

Step 3: Websites such as UTIITSL and NSDL provide lists of AO codes.

Step 4: Choose your city on the website by searching alphabetically. There will the information regarding your jurisdiction based on your description.

Step 5: Find the AO code relevant to your region, company profession, or income.

Step 6: Note the details of all four components, i.e., area code, AO type, range code, and AO number, to get the exact information on the AO code of my location.

How is AO Code For Pan Determined?

AO code for pan can be determined based on the following conditions.

  1. If any individual has sources of income other than the salary, then the AO code relies on the person’s residential address.
  2. If an individual completely relies on his salary from a single or multiple source or business earnings, then the AO code is determined based on the official address.
  3. AO code is determined based on office address if you are LLP, Huf, Trust, Firm, body of individuals and so on.

Top Cities And Their AO Codes

Here are some of India’s top cities with AO codes for PAN cards.

  1. Mumbai:
  2. Delhi:
  3. Chennai:
  4. Bengaluru:
  5. Hyderabad:
  6. Ahmedabad:
  7. Lucknow:
  8. Pune:
  9. Kanpur:
  10. Jaipur:
  11. Gurugram:
  12. Indore:
  13. Chandigarh:
  14. Prayagraj:


AO code is a specific code for pan cards governed by the Indian government’s jurisdiction for taxation purposes. AO codes help the government acknowledge your eligibility criteria based on different area rules and regions for which you can pay the right tax. AO code is segmented into four categories, based on which you can identify your AO code via the NSDL website.


1. Can the AO code change with time?

Yes. The Indian government can update the AO code with time. It is advisable to check the updated AO code when applying for a PAN card.

2. State one importance of the AO code.

If PAN card applicants fail to provide the correct AO code, their tax may not go to the right place, leading to trouble.

3. How can students determine their AOcode?

Students do not have an AO code. Students applying for PAN cards can leave the UTI AO or NSDL code section blank. Therefore, their AO code will be determined based on their postal code.

4. Does the NSDL website provide an AO code for all the cities?

Yes. You can check the AO codes for all the cities of India from the NSDL website.

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