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Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF)

Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF)

Last Updated : Dec. 14, 2022, 3:47 p.m.

The full name of the fund is the Voluntary Provident Fund . Under this kind of provident fund structure, an employee or depositor has the option to preserve a sizable amount of their fund freely. As the name suggests, every employee who wishes to use the VPF plan must contribute a portion of their income to the fund.

Although it is optional for them to make a specific payment to the VPF account, this contribution should preferably be higher than the 12% PF cap. The employee is allowed to give both their DA and their whole basic income. The EPF program governs the interest offered on VPF, and any interest earned is added to the employee’s EPF account . Since the VPF account is only connected to the employee’s EPF account, having an EPF account is a must to invest in VPF.

How to Register for a Voluntary Provident Fund ?

A VPF account can be opened by contacting the relevant organization’s finance or HR team. A VPF account is a subset of the required Employee Provident Fund account for paid personnel. Basic information about the employee is captured on the VPF application form, along with instructions to debit a specific amount from the basic salary and dearness allowance every month as a VPF contribution. Moreover, to offer its employees the EPF & VPF amenities, the Employer must register with the EPFO office.

Interest Rate on VPF

  • The interest rates on PF accumulations in the accounts of members are reviewed annually by the Employees Provident Fund Organization.
  • Interest cannot be credited to a member’s account if an account is declared inoperative. It is important to keep in mind that an account expires after 15 years (even with extensions) or when the account holder becomes 58 but has not yet requested a withdrawal from the EPF.
  • A member’s account will not be credited with interest if they provide the commissioner written notice that they do not want to receive it. If the member does so later, the interest will start to be applied to his account on the first day of the currency period for which the request was made.
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Benefits of VPFs

  • The Employer’s pre-tax earnings serve as the funding source for the VPF investments.
  • The investment sum from the VPF may be withdrawn after leaving or retiring from the current job. As a result, VPF provides the advantages of long-term investments and financial planning after retirement.
  • Income tax deductions of up to Rs. 1 lakh are available for contributions made by the employee into a VPF account.
  • Interest income is exempt from taxation up until the interest rate crosses 8.50%.
  • Given the high-interest rate and government regulation of interest rates under the VPF plan, one can anticipate a higher yield.
  • Particularly for individuals who are searching for long-term cash gains, VPF is regarded as one of the safest investment possibilities. Because the VPF scheme is run on behalf of the Government of India, long-term investment options are frequently offered alongside trust and faith.
  • Given that the interest rate is high and is controlled by the Indian government, the VPF scheme should provide a better yield.

When Can You Withdraw VPF?

VPF favors both partial withdrawals as loans as well as complete withdrawals. If you withdraw the amount before the 5-year minimum tenure, then tax will be levied on the accumulated maturity amount.

Under normal circumstances, when the employee retires or resigns from employment, the maturity amount is paid.

In the case of the untimely death of the account holder, the possession of the accumulated fund is granted to the nominee in their VPF account.

The VPF is popular as the accumulated money. It can be withdrawn at any time even in the case of an unforeseen financial emergency. Thus, it serves as a backup for difficult times. You can use your VPF for many reasons including:

  • Payments of medical bills for yourself and your family
  • Cost-intensive events such as higher education and marriage
  • House construction payments or the purchase of a new house

Additionally, you can place a withdrawal request for any of your requirements. However, the approval depends on the authority’s discretion.


1. What are the maximum and minimum investment amounts in VPF?

There is no upper or lower limit on the VPF for investments. Your unique monthly donations determine the same. Because of this, the money that grows in your voluntary PF account is directly related to the amount you contribute each month and the interest that the investment earns over time.

2. How can a VPF account be opened?

You must obtain an application from the responsible HR representative at your place of business to open a VPF account. The application and all other paperwork must be submitted to HR.

3. When I move jobs, what will happen to my VPF account?

Your VPF account will be simple to transfer to your new Employer when you change employment because it is connected to your Aadhaar.

4. When can I apply to withdraw my VPF balance?

After serving for five years, you can apply to withdraw your VPF balance. You will be responsible for paying taxes if you want to withdraw your balance before the allotted time.

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