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Sundaram Mutual Fund


Sundaram Asset Management Company is a dedicated asset management business line to Sundaram Mutual Fund. Set up in 1996, Sundaram Finance Limited, one of the India’s oldest NBFCs owns a fully owned subsidiary named Sundaram Mutual Fund.

The core belief of Sundaram Mutual Fund lies in identification of an investment opportunity before it is demonstrated. On discovering a potential opportunity, the financial experts spend innumerable time in researching the companies, to focus on what would be the best returns delivered for your money.

The core strengths of Sundaram Mutual Fund are :

  • Rich and transparent investment process

  • A pool of well-defined products

  • Emphasis on research

  • Investor money management similar to our own

  • Customer centric procedure

    Board of Directors for Sundaram Asset Management Company Ltd.

    The list of board of directors are as under:

    1. Mr. Pratip Chaudhuri


    2. Mr. T.T.Srinivasaraghavan

    (Non-Executive Director)

    3. Mr. Rishikesha T Krishnan

    (Non-Executive Director)

    4. Mr. Harsha Viji

    (Managing Director)

    5. Mr. Arvind Sethi

    (Independent Director)

    6. Mr. Sunil Subramaniam

    (Chief Executive Officer)


    The registrar of Sundaram Mutual Fund is Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund Services Limited (SBFS).

    Fund Managers

    The fund managers are classified under two broad categories:

    1. Equity Team

     Krishnakumar (Chief Investment Officer – Equity)

    Shiv Chanani (Fund Manager – Equity)

    Madanagopal Ramu (Head – Equity Research & Assistant Fund Manager)

    Rahul Baijal (Fund Manager – Equity)

    2. Fixed Income Team

    Dwijendra Srivastava (Chief Investment Officer – Debt)

    Siddharth Chaudhary (Fund Manager – Fixed Income)

    Sandeep Agarwal (Fund Manager – Fixed Income)

    Products offered by  Sundaram Mutual Fund

    The products of Sundaram Mutual Fund is classified as under:

    1. Equity products

    These funds are meant to invest in equity or stock markets. The several fund options under this scheme are designed to meet the long or short-term investment needs of the investors. Under Equity products, the schemes are classified on the following basis as:

    Market Cap based Funds

    • Sundaram Select Mid Cap

    • Sundaram Select Focus
    • Sundaram SMILE
    • Sundaram Growth Fund
    • Sundaram Equity Multiplier
    • Sundaram Equity Plus
    • Sundaram Select Micro Cap
    • Sundaram Small Cap
    • Sundaram Value Fund
    • Sundaram World Brand Fund

    Theme Based funds

    • Sundaram Infrastructure Advantage Fund

    • Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities
    • Sundaram Rural India

    Tax Savings funds

    • Sundaram Tax Saver
    • Sundaram Top 100
    • Sundaram Long Term Tax Advantage Fund

    Fund of Funds

    • Sundaram Global Advantage Fund

    Balanced Funds

    • Sundaram Balanced Fund

    2. Fixed Income Products

    These funds primarily invest in short/long term bonds, money market instruments, and floating rate debts etc. The main target is to generate an income for the investors.

    The Fixed Income schemes are classified as:

    • Sundaram Money Fund
    • Sundaram Ultra-Short Term Fund
    • Sundaram Flexible Fund -Short Term Plan
    • Sundaram Select Debt-Short Term Asset Plan
    • Sundaram Bond Saver
    • Sundaram Income Plus
    • Sundaram Flexible Fund-Flexible Income Plan
    • Sundaram Gilt Fund
    • Sundaram Fixed Term Plans
    • Sundaram Capital Protection Oriented Funds
    • Sundaram Monthly Income Plan
    • Sundaram Hybrid Fund Plans
    • Sundaram Banking & PSU Debt Fund

      (Data taken from AMC Website)