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Have you planned Other Cost of Your Travel?

Have you planned Other Cost of Your Travel?

Last Updated : March 12, 2016, 8:15 a.m.

Travelling to any domestic or international destination is always fun and excites all of us. While making the travel plan, all of us plan about major budget and big expenses, but hardly consider the daily expenses or day-to-day minimum expenses you are going to bear on your trip. You book your air tickets in advance to get a slashed price. You fix your hotel stay before you fly and even get lower price on the room rent as well. But, what about other expenses you are going to bear on your trip. Have you planned those expenses as well? Have you calculated those expenses well in advance to make it a perfect budget trip. Should you apply for a personal loan to cover all your travelling expenses? And, if so than how it is going to affect your budget? Well, here you need to make a calculative decision! Whether you want to get into the trap of personal loan to cover your travelling expenses or you would look out for some effective ways.

You research well about the travelling cost to your destination, hotel charges, best packages and minimum rates for your tour, but you hardly search for daily expenses. What will be the other charges/expenses? All these charges are within your travel budget or shoot the graph of your overall calculated expenditures? These are some common questions which you should keep in mind while deciding the budget of your travel. Here is the list of few expenses, which you will pay on your travel.

Currency exchange fee: If you are travelling for some international location, it is always recommended that you consider the currency exchange fee as well in your mind. You can ask your bank for this currency exchange or you can do that once you reach there. But, don’t exchange your currency at airports, as you will end up paying more fee for currency exchange.

Phone roaming: While travelling, make sure you are using right roaming pack for your travel. If your phone connection is post-paid, just ask your service provider for a better pack with lowest roaming charges, else you will pay high charges on roaming calls.

Phone internet expenses: This is really common expense, but we hardly consider the charges. While you are travelling, switch off your internet data, otherwise you will pay hefty amount on your roaming internet. Use internet data only when you require, otherwise just switch off your internet data. Or you can also use internet top up cards for roaming if your service provider offer that for lower rates.

Sun cream lotion/umbrella: You are ready to roam around that beautiful beach, but forget to carry sun cream lotion. This is very commonly done by most of us. At tourist places you will get products on a higher rates.

Tip at hotel/restaurants: This is a common expense, but you hardly calculate. While checking in a hotel or after deboarding from taxes you generally offer tip. So offer the tip wisely. Generally, most of the hotels, and restaurants charge service tax.

Cruise fare: Before going on your trip check this in your activity sheet, are you going to take a cruise ride? How much it will cost? So, don’t just go for unplanned cruise ride as it might be costlier than your expectations.

Water sports/activities: For your adventure trip, you must be going to take some water sports or water activities. Just try to find out in advance about the charges linked with these sports and activities.

Rent of water sports costumes: If your travel destination is some beach or you are going to spend some luxury time at poolside, take a note of swimming costume charges/water sports costume charges. Try to carry these costumes in your baggage if you know in advance about these activities.

Taxi fare: Always ensure that you are booking hotel, which is really close to airport or train stations. This way you will save some important money. If you have booked a room far from airport or sightseeing destinations, you will spend huge money on your travelling cost. Therefore, ensure that you must be booking your room, which is very much connected with all locations.

Other car expenses (parking/toll): If you are hiring a taxi or car for your travel, just fix toll charges and parking fare in advance while hiring a cab. Yes, because this thing is also gonna affect your travel expenses and it will create an effect on your pocket. So, it is important that you pay attention towards this point also.

Shopping: While you are going on your vacation, you always buy some gifts for your family and friends or you buy something for your own. Keep a budget for miscellaneous shopping.

Leisure activities/Spa treatments: If you are going to some destination where leisure activities/spa treatments are really famous, just try to find out the charges for those treatments in advance. To calculate that amount in your overall budget.

Entry tickets at amusement parks/museums: You must be visiting some amusement parks or museums. Check this with your tour package provider, those ticket charges are inclusive or not added in your overall package cost.

Drinking Water: While travelling to any destination, this is really common that you must be going to spend some part of money on drinking water. Keep a check on the cost of water and try to get complimentary water with your meals.

Sodas/wine expenses: The cost of soda or wine can be kept at minimal. Don’t spend too much on sodas and wines as at most of the tourist place, restaurants and bars charge more money for soda, drinks and mock-tails.

Passport/visa and travel documents fee: This is part of your travel expanse. Calculate the cost of documents, visa and passport charges.

Travel insurance: If you are travelling for a longer period, you should buy a travel visa, which will be an additional cost on your overall travel budget.

Medical expenses: Most of us never calculate this amount or keep a medical budget in overall travel budget. Medical services at international locations are more expensive compared to India. So carry some extra amount with you to face any unfortunate situation outside the country.

Travel Budget snapshot

Air TravelTransportationAccommodation & MealSightseeing ActivitiesCruiseOther Expenses
AirfareCar Taxi fareAccommodationVacation PackageCruise FareTravel Insurance
Baggage FeeToll ChargesMealNightlifeShore Excursion ChargesPassport/Visa Fee
Airport ParkingParking ChargesTipsEntertainment ExpensesDinning ChargesInternet Charges
Airport TransferFuel ExpensesSpa TreatmentPrivate PoolMobile Roaming Charges
Rail PassSightseeing ActivitiesInternet OnboardCurrency Exchange / Bank Fee
Metro / Bus TicketsEntry Tickets at MuseumsDrinks/Sodas/ MocktailsMedicines

Loan to Travel the World: Well, if you are finding it difficult in order to plan the cost of your travel with your own savings, don’t worry. Yes, you can still enjoy your travel with the help of taking a loan for it. Taking out a loan to travel the world is surely a smart decision, in case you don’t have the sufficient funds. It is easy, quick and convenient to apply for a loan and avail it through many lenders, offering it to you at different rate of interest. Just compare different lenders on the basis of interest, and then choose the one to grab the best deal.

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