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Important Things to Carry While Travelling

Important Things to Carry While Travelling

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:52 p.m.

Travelling is most exciting and adventurous thing. When we plan our travel for a specific destination, a few things which come to our mind are fixing the destination, booking of travel tickets and hotel. But another important thing, which is matter of worry about almost each of us is what to carry and what not to carry while travelling. You should be very conscious and careful while packing your luggage for travel. If you are going for a short-trip of a week or two weeks, you should make a check list of things before packing your luggage. Always keep in mind that you should carry all important things, but avoid over stuffing of items and unnecessary things. We are here to help you, to make a check list of things which you should carry while going for a short-trip of a week.

Generally, people have a tendency to carry unnecessary stuff with them while travelling. People pack their bags with extra clothes, eating items, even toiletries. So here, we are sharing a comprehensive list of items to make your bag pack less heavy.

Clothes Personal Accessories Other Necessary Stuff Eateries
Pairs of Jeans: 3-4, shorts: 3-4, T-shirts/shirts: 6-7, Night clothes: 2-3 pairs, Socks: 4-5 pairs, Sweater (In winter): 2-3, Jacket (In winter): 1, Gloves: 1 pair, Handkerchiefs: 7, belt: 1, Towel: 1-2, Hand Towel: 2, Shoes: 1 pair, Chappals/slippers: 1 pair, Bedsheet: 1, Blanket (In winter): 1 Soap: 1, Shampoo: 3-4 pouches/1 pet bottle, Hair oil: 1 pet bottle, Body spray: 1, Perfume: 1, Tooth brush: 1, Tooth paste: 1, Shaving kit: 1, Nail cutter: 1 Books: 1-2, Medicine: First aid kit, Camera, Mobile & camera charger, Portable charger, Pen: 1, Torch: 1, Mirror: 1, Cup/glass: 1, Knife: 1, Plastic carry bags: 3-4, Luggage bag:1 Chips: 4-5 packs, Biscuits: 3-4 pack, Snacks, Fruits, Water Bottle: 2-3, Home made food: For at least dinner and breakfast (if travelling in the night)

Money Bag: Well, you should be prepared with some money as well. You also need to prepare a money bag, in which you should put some cash that you might need during travelling. But, if you don't have enough funds to carry with you while travelling, you can even apply for personal loan . Yes, with the help of doing so, you will be rest assured as now you have enough finds to easily sponsor your trip.

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