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Things to Remember While Booking a Hotel

Things to Remember While Booking a Hotel

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:52 p.m.

Booking a hotel room seems really simple as there are plenty of websites and travelling sites which offer different hotel stay packages for all kinds of travelers. Does it really that simple? Finalizing a destination, searching a hotel online, checking few online images, services and clicking on the buy button. Actually not, it is not that simple. However, booking your accommodations in advance through these websites is not a bad thing, but at times you feel cheated when you land into foul curry. From booking on the wrong sites, forgetting to check the service and other charges, check available services, and booking a wrong hotel or destination with similar name. These minor things can spoil your whole trip. Here are few things which you should keep in mind while booking a hotel.

Don't forget to check the location: While booking a hotel you should always pay attention to location. Sometimes, we get confused between the similar names. Therefore, we end up booking a wrong room at wrong location. It is always good that you double check the location before making the payment.

Don't always look for prime locations: Booking a room at centre of the city or at prime location is good with the point of travelling and commuting. But, to save some extra bugs you can book a room few miles away from the prime locations to get cheaper room rates. There are many hotels which have more than one hotel in similar city, so you can book a hotel at less prime location with all facilities and luxury at a reasonable price.

Always use exact arrival and departure dates: At the time of booking our hotel, sometimes we fill wrong dates in the booking window for arrival or departure. In that situation if you have booked a room for a day later to your arrival or a day before, in both cases you have to pay extra money to get a room fixed in the hotel or you have to search a room somewhere else for you one day stay. So, it is really important that you mark right dates in your calendar while book your hotel stay.

Use credit card for room booking: While booking a hotel room always use your credit card, if you have any. It can help you in getting discounts, cheaper rates and even some exclusive deals if available on your card. There are many hotels, which offer special deals on specific cards. Even credit card as well have special feature for such bookings. They offer you cash back, special discounts, free meal, or free pick up from airports, bonus points, free Wi-Fi and much more. So, it is always recommended to make a payment via credit card while booking your hotel room. And, if you are bothering about how to clear your outstanding amount of credit card, you can even help through personal loan. Yes, you can apply for personal loan also that actually helps you in covering all your travelling expenses. It meets all your needs during your travel in a very effective manner.

Don't hesitate to ask for complimentary break-fast and dinner: There are many hotels, which offer you complimentary break-fast on your stay. But you can also ask for complimentary dinner from the hotel. It will be a great deal as you will save some more money on your meal and save yourself from eating outside food. There is no harm in asking for complimentary dinner. At times, hotel agrees over this easily to lure more customers.

Don't forget to ask for free Wi-Fi: As break-fast, dinner and free pick-up, if you need internet access, ask for it as it will be your requirement on your stay. So rather than paying extra charges on your roaming internet hub-spot, ask for free Wi-Fi access from hotel. But before booking a room makes sure that free Wi-Fi access will not increase the cost of your hotel room. As some hotel charge extra money for accessing internet or they add internet charges in overall bill and mention it as free. So compare room rates with free Wi-Fi if you require Wi-Fi access in your stay.

Don't forget to read the reviews : It is really essential that you should read review from different sites. You should not trust one site blindly for booking your hotel. Alway read reviews of travelers from 3-4 different sites to get the best information.

Always visit original site of hotel: Before booking your room in any hotel, always visit their original site to know more about their rates and services. It might be that you will end up with a better deal and services by booking from their own site. So, always check the original site of hotel to know more about their rooms, services, facilities and other important information.

Don't hesitate to call hotel for booking directly: If you think that you can get a better deal by booking directly from hotel, go ahead with that. Call hotel directly for booking and ask for services and deals. If you feel that they are offering you a better deal, book your hotel stay directly.

Look for refundable policy: However, you have planned everything for your trip, but there are always room for uncertainty. If you face any last minute issue in your travel like bad health or any other priorities to meet at that time, in that situation does the hotel return your money. So, it is equally important to know the refunding process. Does the hotel easily refund your 100% money or they will deduct some charges and refund your money or there will be no refund. Therefore, check this clause in advance while booking your room.

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