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Backpacking Italy for 1 Month? How Much Do You Need? Read Here

Italy is under the renowned travel destinations in the world and has more sites on the list than any other country. On a personal note, I have always dreamt of living in Italy for the rest of my life, till then, long trips on the budget are making up for it quite nicely. 

Italy is my forever love and I have stayed there for months and can say that backpacking in Italy is not cheap. However, some budget tips can make the trip a reasonable one for sure! So, here are the things you must keep in mind.    

Budget Accommodation

The major cost in Italy is on accommodation, so choose a holiday package that covers accommodation as well. Dorms are the best option available under Rs 2,300/- per night. But, these prices are higher in big cities like Rome. The dorms would cost cheaper if you will do the bookings in advance. 


Italian is by far the most delicious food I have tasted on earth! The freshly baked cakes, the perfect cheese, delicious pasta with overflowing creams, and the unforgettable wines are must-to-try food in Italy. Nevertheless, regular outside food will kill your budget. So, I would suggest once a day eating. You can try some of the local eatery places for breakfast that cost Rs 1,000/- onwards.  

Here are some tips to get cheap and delicious food:

-Use an App to select the nearest budget restaurants

-Ask hotel staff about for a good and affordable food point

-Shop around or find a non-expensive restaurant

Night Life in Italy

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For a night out party in Italy, I spent Rs 3,000/- (without drinks) and it was totally worth it!

Sightseeing in Italy

If you are comfortable with Eurail Pass, transportation in Italy will be very reasonable as Italy has a wide range of trains under the charges of Rs 700/- for Rome, Florence, Sienna, Milan, and Venice.

Activities for free:

-Most hotels in big cities offer free walking tours along with a guide

-Renting a bike to see more of the city and outdoor areas

-In coastal regions like Cinque Terre, hiking is an awesome way to see the beauty of the city without paying

-To see the best overlook of the city, sit and relax in the Villa Borghese park in Rome or the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florance

-Visit Museums, Churches and Basilicas to experience the long history and culture of the Italian people. Most of these places have free entry like St. Mark's Basilica in Venice and are just amazing

Activities with fees:

-The Colosseum charges Rs 1,000/- and gives you access to the Foro Romano and Palatino

-The Vatican charges Rs 1,400/- including the Sistine Chapel

-Last Super in Milan charges Rs 1,500/- if you will do the bookings in advance

-Galleria dell'Accademia or Accademia Gallery (Michelangelo's David) charges Rs 1,800/-

– Florence Cathedral charges Rs 1,600/-

The Budget Breakdown for 1 Month in Italy

Hostel Dorms – Rs 69,000/-

Eating (eating at restaurant once a day) – Rs 30,000/-

Partying (going out once a week) – Rs 14,000/-

Transportation (Rome, Florence, Sienna, Milan, Venice) – Rs 10,000/-

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Sightseeing – Rs 7,000/-

Total = Rs 1,30,000/-

Do get nervous by looking at the budget, there are many ways to cut the cost like skipping restaurants daily, don't party often, travel slow and you can surely cut it to around Rs 1,10,000/-.

For a backpacker, a trip to Italy even for a month is not satisfactory as the place that so much in itself from culture to style that some things will still be left untouched!

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