A Cruise Ride Over Spanish Water is Thrilling and Pocket-Friendly-Choose from these Rides for Fun & Frolic

A Cruise Ride Over Spanish Water is Thrilling and Pocket-Friendly-Choose from these Rides for Fun & Frolic

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:50 p.m.

Ask avid travellers about Spain and they will narrate you different stories from the glorifying museums to the football maniacs and the lovely beaches. They may or miss out from talking on water sports or the cruise rides that take your excitement to another level. In case they have missed out, you are still with a chance to hear about the great water sports and cruise experience that I had while I travelled to Spain, a country of water sport enthusiasts. I will share my experience of adventures with you in this article.

Catamaran Sailing Tour (Rs 1,400-1,500)

Want to unwind and relax on a voyage? Hop on to Catamaran Sailing Tour with trips of one to one and a half hour to unwind under the flashing sun and panoramic skyline to exude yourself over the sea water. You can also sit back and enjoy a cold drink available in a bar. A sum of Rs 1,400-1,500 will help you gain the privilege of this tour.

Sunset Catamaran Cruise (Rs 1,800-1,900)

Want to capture the picturesque sunset on an affordable boat ride? Enjoy being in Sunset Catamaran Cruise at a cost of say Rs 1,800-1,900 from your pocket. I am sure it will go easy into your pocket. You can come with your spouse, love mate or friends to chill out on the deck amidst loud music coming from DJ that enthralls the crowd and makes them shake their legs.

Valencia Boat Party (Rs 2,000-2,100)

Tune in to the loud music from live onbaord DJ party and let your hair down on the deck of the Valencian boat tour, which leaves from Central Marina. You can even come in swimwear to dance with those who are dressed in the same attire. You have got 2 options to choose from. Either you can pick 2-hour morning and afternoon parties or opt for 3-hour parties having lunch or dinner. The entertainment mania comes to you at a cost of Rs 2,000-2,100.

Sailing Experience from Port Veil in Barcelona (Rs 3,000-3,100)

The tour option will let you enjoy a beautiful and convenient ride over the sea water. Starting from Port Veil, popularly known as Old Harbour, you are given with an option to choose from a tour of the harbour & part of the coast for one and a half hour and a coastal morning or afternoon longer tour with a duration of two and a half hour. It will take you up from the port and let you trip around the coast of Barcelona to the area of Barceloneta. Enjoy this ship tour by paying around Rs 3,000-3,100.

Sun, Sail and Paella (Rs 3,200-3,300)

If you like swimming and sunbathing, this 3-hour Sun, Sail and Paella cruise is just the perfect setting for you. Along with the crew hoisting the sails to set you off for an enjoyable journey, you will be given a welcome meal to meet your innate gourmet desire. What about the cost? It falls within the range of Rs 3,200-3,300.

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