A Full Tummy and A Full Wallet in Malaysia-Street Foods Help You Save a Lot!

Come to Malaysia and you will get intrigued by mind-boggling sites such as Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Batu Caves, Bukit Bintang, Islamic Arts Museum, Pinang Peranakan Mansion, among many more. But the biggest question is the cost of visiting these locations, which can be in the range of Rs 2,000-5000 or even more. Coupled with the cost of travel tickets, accommodation and food, your overall payout could so easily go beyond Rs 70,000-80,000, forcing you to cancel your Malaysian adventure if you are on a budget. But all that can be reversed if you sacrifice a bit on the food part there. Instead of dining at lavish restaurants, you can try out sumptuous street foods that will not only reduce your food bill, but also let you explore Malaysia in the best possible way. Read out the street foods below and keep licking your tongue before you actually fly down there and taste  them real-time.

Deep Fried Bananas

A flurry of stalls in Malaysia are ready with deep fried Bananas that will cost you Rs 16-50. The oily and greasy stuff has made many walking down the streets of Malaysia go ga-ga over it. So, when you come to Malaysia, make sure you taste this delicious food to save for a glittering sightseeing extravaganza.

Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls

Don’t forget to taste deep fried sweet potato balls, which you can have in dozens at the price of Rs 30-50. Mashed with sweet potatoes, flour, sugar and water rolled into balls, the food is most likely to strike bonhomie with your gourmet soul. In some stalls, you could find the makers rolling the sweet potatoes in sesame seeds before frying them.

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Air Mata Kucing

Have you ever heard of a food called Air Mata Kucing? Have you ever????? No, isn’t it! This unique food means water of the cat’s eyes. Priced at Rs 20-40, this traditional drink is made from dried longan fruit and rock sugar. It will taste even better if you have with ice. This can cool yourself after a long day visiting the sites and capturing the lovely moments there via a camera or  mobile phone.

Chinese Burgers

Take out Rs 60-80 from your pocket to taste Chinese burgers made in a Malaysian style. Fresh pork or beef jerky are put into sandwiches to make such delicious burgers. You can even find burgers mashed with eggs or pork floss. Mind you that will taste even better.

Fruit Rojak

Come and taste this popular Malaysian snack or salad mixed with fresh fruits or vegetables, with Rojak sauce and peanuts on the top. Green apples, guava, pineapples, pears are some of the fruits used to make Fruit Rojak. You can enjoy varied tastes of the dish by making it sweet from sugar, spicy from chili and sour from Tamarind. The cost of the dish can vary from Rs 50-150 at different stalls across Malaysia.

Keep tasting these street foods and save money to explore the locales of Malaysia. With this, I wish all of you an adventurous trip to Malaysia.

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