Go Flea-Market Shopping Without Getting Fleeced! Check-Out Pocket Friendly Shopping Zones in Goa

Go Flea-Market Shopping Without Getting Fleeced! Check-Out Pocket Friendly Shopping Zones in Goa

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:50 p.m.

Shopaholics, there’s a lot that Goa has in store for you. Apart from beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture, Goa is famous for its street markets. Almost every beach in Goa is lined up with stuff that will allure you. From trendy clothing to gothic jewelry and accessories, from shell and bamboo work to terracotta and brassware, is available here. It's hard to come back from there without adding bulk to your luggage. Umm, what happened? Heart wants you to shop, wallet wants you to stop? Don't let money come between you and your desires. Now, shop to your heart's delight at the destinations that are pocket-friendly. These markets offer amazing variety and reasonable price. And ladies… there is more for you! I know shopping becomes more pleasurable when you bargain and convince the seller to sell out at things discounted rate. And that's what real shopping is!

Try these Goan Flea Markets on your next visit:

1. Anjuna Flea Market

It is the most popular destination for bargain shopping. It is held on every Wednesday at Anjuna Beach. It is the best place to buy t-shirts, bedsheets, musical instruments, wall hangings and junk jewelry at best price. It offers an abundant variety of handicrafts, spices and footwear. You can try your bargaining skills here and make you luggage heavy, without making your wallet light.

2. Mapusa Market

The traditional Mapusa market is popular for dried and fresh fish, spices, pickles, local produce, coir mats, earthen pots, sweets, coins, sarees, Goa’s famous ‘chouricos’ sausages, ornaments, antiques, etc. The products are available at low price making it more approachable. To have an authentic experience of street bazaar visit the market on Friday morning.

3. Panjim Market
It is the ideal shopping place for the tourists, as it will introduce them to the Goan taste. It is largest market in Goa and proffers the quality products at bargain price. The market is popular for a wide variety of goods such as cashew nuts, wines, local handicrafts, and authentic Goan spices. The market is very close to Dabolim Airport.

4. Calangute Market Square
The market is held every Saturday along the mesmerizing Calangute beach. There are numerous beach-side stalls selling trendy clothes, beachwear, handicrafts, leather products, souvenirs, sea shells, jewelry, carpets, metal crafts, and trinkets. There are also plenty of stalls selling delicious seafood snacks and beer.

5. Baga Market
The most popular pastime of tourists in Goa is to shop at Baga Saturday flea market. The brightly lit shacks and stalls sell almost everything from clothes to goodies and treats, trinkets, jewelry, and handicrafts. However, the highlights of the market are beach-side saloons , tarot card readers, palmists and the terrace cafes and shacks that serve everything from coffee to pork vindaloo.

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