Want to Save on Bangkok Trip? Go Non-Touristy!

Want to Save on Bangkok Trip? Go Non-Touristy!

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:50 p.m.

Are you adventurous? Well, going on a trip surely needs that urge. Bangkok is one of the top 10-holiday destinations in the whole world and the place hides so much in itself that a single trip is not sufficient. Yes, Bangkok's hidden gems (not popular among the tourists) are definitely a must watch. So, make sure you experience a whole new Bangkok this time!

Here is the list of the things that will help in during your next stay in Bangkok. No need to worry about the expenses as these hidden places of Bangkok would keep your pocket happy!

Please note that the Bangkok accepts payment in Baht (Thai Currency) and 1 THB=1.92 INR.

1. Choose Bangkok's Street Food

Ignore expensive restaurants and try the street food of Bangkok. There is a variety of delicious delicacies available in reasonable prices like Grilled Chicken for Ra 75/-, Papaya Salad for Rs 67/-, Mango & sticky rice for Rs 70/- etc. for almost the same price.

2. A walk to the Streets of Bangkok

The best way to explore Bangkok and its culture is to go local. Yes, you can just walk down the lane, go to the markets, China town, sit near the river and forget about the world for a while! The walk obviously is free, but it surely is a delightful experience. No need to worry about getting lost as people are very helpful.

3. Book a Bike to Travel

There are bikes available for rent in just Rs 383/- per day. However, it is suggested not to use bikes for travelling in the main city. You can go to Bang Krachao or the Green Lung of Bangkok. The spacious roads and elevated pathways, gardens and forests on the way add-on to a lifetime experience of Bangkok.

4. Escape from the Urban Bangkok

Take a day out to explore the rural Bangkok and visit Asian Institute of Technology, Samut Prakan, and Nakhon Prathom. These places are a true beauty far away from the chaotic Bangkok. You can travel by bus as the connectivity is really good and cheap with Rs 12/- onwards depending upon the distance.

5. Use Public Transport

Yes, the myth that taxis cost more than the local Tuk-Tuk is now gone. The Tuk-Tuk charge Rs 57/- onwards whereas the taxis charge Rs 20/- onwards per ride depending on the distance. So, why not spend less and enjoy the comfortable ride?

6. Must watch Bangkok's Unique Museums

If you feel a connection as soon as you hear the word history, then you must visit the historical museums of Bangkok such as National Museum of Bangkok, The Erawan Museum and the Ancient City, located outside the Bangkok in Samut Prakan. There is also an abandoned airplane lot that is famous among locals as Airplane Graveyard.

7. Delightful Fruit Farm of Bangkok

Thailand has the abundance of fresh tropical fruit and if you are going to Bangkok in April and July, do visit Suan Supatra Land fruit plantation. The place not only is delightful to eyes but to the mouth as well! You are free to eat as much fruit as you want!

8. Experience the Authentic Temples

There are many temples around the Grand Palace in Bangkok, but the outskirts of Bangkok is also full of beautiful temples. It is difficult to visit all the temples in one day, so make sure you take out some time for this as well.

9. Learn Scuba Diving in Bangkok

Koh Tao is one of the cheapest and best places to learn scuba diving. So, why not learn scuba diving on this Bangkok trip?

10. Discover the Hidden Bangkok

Thailand produces a lot of coffee and once you are in Bangkok, you must explore the best coffees and the cafes. Try different cafeterias, restaurants, bars and small junk-points that are not famous. To help you with that, know that the cheapest parts of Thailand are the centre and the north as your per day expense to survive in this region is just Rs 1,400/-.

The experience of exploring Bangkok in a whole new way is going to surely amazing. So, try these things on your next Bangkok trip!

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