Want to Visit London? Travel During Winters & Save on Pounds

London is a heavy take for you especially when you’re traveling from a country where the exchange rate is not in your favor. As prices being expensive puts you off traveling to further destinations, there is then added currency fluctuations to think about! And that too traveling from India seems to be much hard for you to visit, being a normal middle-class man. Instead of taking a plunge into too much of harshness imposed by foreign currency on your national currency, think of different ways for making your travel happen smoothly and wisely. Especially London’s Pound which is giving a dam shit to Euro with its stronger emergence day by day.

The best seasons to travel to London is during December-February when the temperatures average around 30-40 degree range. You will get to enjoy a more authentic London experience amidst tourist hordes. Because the city shines with twinkling lights and festive events during the holiday season, central London is generally occupied with holiday shoppers, primarily at Oxford Street.

Although the weather gets cold and the days short, the city oozes a different charm, of warm cider and cozy pubs with an exceptional festive spirit.

Make the most of your London visit by following some tips during Winters and that too not with heaviness on your pocket.

1. Get a Visitor Oyster Card

Prefer visitor Oyster Card during your London journey which is a smart card, in actual. It’s  quick and simple way to pay for your tours on bus, tram, Tube, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail, River Bus and most National Rail services in London. Thanks to the convenience of Visitor Oyster Card where you can put your money on it and use it to pay wherever you go.

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Do you know how much it takes for your Oyster Card to cost? Well, it takes Rs. 266.09 (plus postage) and is pre-loaded with pay as you go on adding it for you to spend on travel. Planning to get started with your London Tour needn’t be hard? Get started with  Rs. 1330.45..

Moreover, you can choose how much credit can add to your card: Rs. 886.97, Rs. 1330.45, Rs. 1773.94, Rs. 2217.42, Rs. 2660.9, Rs. 3104.39, Rs. 3547.87 or Rs. 4434.84.

Interestingly, there is no expiry date of your credit on Oyster card until it remains there as long as you haven’t used it. If you fall short of credit on your card, it’s simple to top it up and use it again.

2. Cheap Theatre Winter Tickets

Are you looking for fantastic selections for your entertainment shows? Is London Theatre coming to your mind? You’re on the right track as you can have the finest selections of London Theatre, Attractions and Theatre Packages at unbeatable prices with Special offers. Check out the best deals on London Theatre as Winter specials:

Categories in Theater  Ticket Price Range
DanceFrom Rs. 1552.19 to Rs.3015.69
MusicalsFrom Rs. 1552.19 to Rs.3015.69
ComedyFrom Rs. 2660.9 to Rs. 8958.37
DramaFrom Rs. 1759.74to Rs. 9756.64
Family Theater for KidsFrom Rs. 2563.34 to Rs. 8958.37

3. Ice Skating

Glide with the greatest of ease around London’s outdoor ice rinks this winter.

Checkout the upcoming best deals for you this Winters-2016 on Skating which falls under different categories as :

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 Ice Skating CategoriesPrices
Broadgate Ice RinkAdult:Rs.1153.06
Family:  Rs. 3104.39 (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children)

* Children under 13 must be accompanied on the ice by an adult aged 16 and over

Canary Wharf Ice RinkTickets start from just Rs. 882.53 and are available to buy online.
EyeskateFrom Rs. 9978.39; children Rs.842.62. Discounts are available if purchased in advance online
Hampton Court Palace Ice RinkAdults from Rs.1020.01off-peak to Rs.1153.06; children Rs.798.27
off-peak to Rs.842.62
Hyde Park Winter WonderlandFrom Rs. 931.32 for Adults; Children from Rs. 753.92
Natural History Museum Ice RinkFrom Rs.1122.01; Children from Rs.780.53
Skate at Somerset HouseFrom Rs. 665.23; a booking fee is applied to each ticket booked online, plus a one-off transaction charge
Tower of London Ice RinkFrom Rs.1064.36 for Adults; from Rs. 886.97 for children

4. Budget Shopping

London has numerous open-air markets , which can be a great source of pride for finding best deals for your winter shopping. Two of the most famous shops—Camden Local Market and Portobello Road Market, where you’ll find shopaholics pooling around them. Open 7 days a week, Camden Local Market is always crowded and is really unique.

5. Must see event : Great Christmas Pudding Race in Covent Garden

Have a look at the ultimate race during the festive season ? Look no further as the Great Christmas Pudding Race show its grandeur on the cobbled streets of Covent Garden in its 36th year. Cancer ResearchUK supporter is the organizer of this event. Every group must be having a team size of 6, racing around an obstacle course, bouncing over expandable slides, zooming through foam slaloms and moving aside flour-filled balloons. Every participant has to bear a fundraising target of Rs. 8869.68 for supporting this life-saving research.

You can book your place before it starts:

Early pud entry before Sunday16th October:Rs. 5321.81 per team (i.e. Rs. 886.97per person )

Standard entry: Rs. 6652.26per team(i.e.Rs.1108.71 per person)

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