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Best Business Credit Cards in India – Business Trips would be more interesting if you can get good discounts on the booking of Air tickets. Therefore we present you the list of top 8 business credit card that are in demand these days. You can get exciting offers on these credit cards and save a lot of your money on business trips. If you want extra baggage offer or good hospitality at the Airport lounge these credit cards will surely help you out.

Check the latest offers and find which credit card would be useful in cutting the expenses on a business trip. Every card has a unique feature and different schemes. You cannot get all the offers in a single credit card. Therefore, understand the features first and then take your decision.

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    List of Best Business Credit Cards in India September 2023

    We’ll be sharing the best credit card that can be used for business purposes.

    SBI Air India Signature Credit Card

    You can easily avail SBI Air India Signature Credit card at a joining fee of INR 4999 plus taxes. If you are impressed with the features of the cards then you can renew it at a sum of INR 4999 every year.


    • Get a Reward of 20000 Points as a welcome gift on submitting the Joining Fee.
    • Earn 5000 Reward Points as a Anniversary gift on the submission of the renewal fee.
    • Convert every 1 Reward Points into 1 Air India mile.
    • Get International Airport luxury lounge access at 600 airports.
    • Earn 4 Reward Points on every expenditure of INR 100. .
    • Earn 30 Reward Points on flight bookings done through Air India on every INR 100.

    AMEX Platinum Travel Credit Card

    AMEX Platinum Travel Credit Card is available at the joining fee of INR 3500 plus taxes and from the next year onwards the renewal fee of the card is increased to INR 5000 plus taxes. As the card has good offers, many users renew the tenure of the credit card.


    • Get Travel Voucher of INR 7700 on the expenditure of INR 1.90 Lacs done from the card.
    • Earn Travel Voucher of INR 11800 on the spending of INR 4 Lacs through the card.
    • Enjoy 4 Complimentary visits every year.
    • Get an E-gift of worth INR 10,000 from Taj Hotel.
    • Spend INR 50 and earn 1 Reward Point.
    • Enjoy 20% discounts on Dinning in the selected restaurants.
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    Yes First Business Credit Card

    Get Yes First Business Credit Card in just INR 2500 plus GST. This card charges a renewal fee of INR 2500 plus GST every year on the expiration of the credit card. Check out the various schemes provided by this credit card.


    • Do your first transaction within 30 days and earn 24000 Reward Points.
    • Get a Renewal Benefits of 24000 Reward Points.
    • Spend INR 12 Lacs in a year and earn 20000 Reward Points.
    • Spend INR 100 on Travel agencies and Domestic Airlines and earn 8 Reward Points.
    • Earn 4 Reward Points on every INR 100 spend on other categories.

    Yes Prosperity Business Credit Card

    You can get the Yes Prosperity Business Credit Card at the joining fee of INR 2500 plus taxes and for renewing the credit card the fees remain the same plus taxes. Go through the interesting features of this card.


    • Earn 12000 Reward Points on the first transaction done within 30 days of the card issuance.
    • Get Renewal bonus of 12000 Points every year.
    • Spend INR 6 Lacs and earn 10000 Reward Points.
    • Redeem the Reward Points at the rate of INR 0.25 per reward point.
    • Get a Complimentary Golf Lesson every year.

    HDFC Infinia Credit Card

    There are no defined charges of the HDFC Infinia Credit Card. The annual charges are set up according to the banking norms of HDFC. If you are a potential customer of HDFC then the joining and renewal fee might vary.


    • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access in up to 1000 airport lounges worldwide.
    • Enjoy 10 kg of extra baggage in economic flight bookings on Vistara.
    • Get Dining Privelageds of 15% in 3000 restaurants.
    • Earn 5 Reward Points on every INR 150 spent from this card.
    • Get 50 days of the interest-free period.
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    ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card

    The joining fee for the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card is INR 6500 plus taxes. On the other hand, the bank charges the renewal fee of INR 3500 plus taxes every year. Now, you can check out the offers given on this credit card.


    • Buy one ticket from BookmyShow and get up to INR 500 off on the second ticket.
    • Get joining bonus of INR 10000 on travel and shopping.
    • Earn 20000 Reward Points as Payback on renewal.
    • 4 Complimentary Domestic Airport Lounge visit every 3 months.
    • 2 Complimentary International Airport Lounge Visit every year.

    HDFC Diners Credit Card

    HDFC Diners Credit Card is available at the joining fee of INR 5000 plus taxes. The bank waives off the renewal fee if the user spends more than INR 5 Lacs in a year.


    • Earn Reward Points of 5000 on joining and renewal.
    • Redeem Reward Points in AirMiles on the booking of British Airways, Club Vistara tickets.
    • Spend INR 150 on retail purchases and earn 5 Reward Points.
    • One Reward point is equal to 1 Rupee.
    • 6 Complimentary Golf Games per quarter.

    Axis Miles and More Credit Card

    Axis Bank offers Axis Miles and More Select Credit Card and Axis Miles and More World Credit card. Both of these credit cards have different annual and renewal fees. Select Credit Card charges a joining fee of INR 10,000 and renewal fee of INR 4500. On the other hand, the World Credit card has the renewal and joining fee of INR 3500.


    • Get exciting discounts on the booking of Air Tickets.
    • Upgrade your Air Tickets to the upper class.
    • Earn up to 55000 miles in a year.
    • Spend INR 200 and earn 4 Reward miles.
    • Earn 5000 Reward Miles as a welcome offers.


    Now, you have the list of the best business credit cards. It is up to you to choose the best one among them. You can compare all the offers and fee of the credit card and apply on Wishfin. Wishfin is the only portal that would help you in making the best choice. First, you must check your CIBIL Score and then apply accordingly.

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