Best Credit Cards for Insurance Premium Payment


  • Go through the credit cards that have offers on the payment of insurance premiums.
  • Check the fees of all the credit cards that are best for insurance premium payments.
  • Earn reward points on these credit cards while paying your insurance bills.

Insurance protects individuals from facing financial crises during any emergency. People take a health insurance plan or a life insurance plan just to keep their future secure. But you will always have to pay a monthly or yearly premium to continue the coverage of the policy. So, some credit cards have offers on premium payments. You must explore the best credit cards for insurance premium payment. These credit cards will earn you thousands of reward points when you make payment from them for your insurance premiums. Therefore, have a look at the offers these cards have on insurance premiums and the joining fee of these cards.

Offers of Best Credit Cards on Insurance Premium Payment

Four credit cards of multiple banks can be used to make the payment of insurance premiums. These cards will earn thousands of reward points when you pay the insurance premium through it. You can apply for the credit card online.

Credit CardsOffersJoining Fee
HDFC Diners Club Black Credit CardYou can earn up to 2000 Reward Points for insurance transactions in a year.₹10000 + Taxes
SBI Elite Credit CardEarn 2 reward points on every spend of ₹100 on insurance premiums.₹4999 + Taxes
SBI Card PrimeGive standing instruction for the utility bill payment like insurance and earn 20 Reward Points on spending ₹100.₹2999 + Taxes
IRCTC SBI Platinum CardYou will earn 1 Reward Point on Spending ₹125 from this credit card for paying the insurance premiums.₹500 + Taxes
Yes First Exclusive Credit CardEarn 6 Reward Points on Spending ₹100 on insurance premium payments.Life-Time Free Credit Card
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Advantage of Paying Insurance Premium through Credit Cards

  • You will earn thousands of reward points and enjoy great deals if you make payment of your insurance premiums through the credit card.
  • If you have given the standing instructions to the bank to debit the premium amount from your credit card then you will not have to remember the due date every time.
  • Individuals will not lose their bank balance when they are paying the insurance premiums through the credit card.
  • If you are unable to pay the premium from your savings then the credit card will help you to do so.
  • Individuals will get time to pay the bills of their credit cards but the premium has to be paid before the due date.
  • The higher the premium the higher will be the reward points that you will earn on your credit card.


So, you have seen the best credit card for insurance premium payment through which you can earn thousands of reward points. The HDFC Credit Cards and the SBI Credit Cards have reward point offers that can also earn you reward points on the insurance premium payments. You can also activate the standing instruction on these credit cards and your insurance premium will be deducted automatically on the due date from your credit card.

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