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Ten Things that You Need to Consider While Buying New Car

Ten Things that You Need to Consider While Buying New Car

Last Updated : June 13, 2017, 4:13 p.m.

The growing urge along with rising disposable income are fuelling the demand for car ownership in India. Everyone wants to own the best-in-class car and lead a very luxurious life with high social esteem. And that’s why we treasure the most when we buy the car. But there are some people who are caught on the wrong foot because of being ignorant of basic necessities that one needs to ensure while buying the car. So just go through few points while taking a call on purchasing the car.

Safety must be top priority

Irrespective of how attractive the features a car can have, one must see whether the vehicle has applications that can ensure safety. So often people give preference to high engine capacity over the safety measures and end up meeting accidents, causing loss of life. So when you step out to buy the car, ensure that safety measures are in order. Some of the safety measures that one must look for are explained below.

  • Do ensure the installation of curtain airbags with normal frontal ones, which will act as a protective gear for your head if you meet a sudden accident
  • Buy crash-tested and high star rated car as it conforms to the highest standards of safety
  • You car must incorporate electronic stability control feature, which keeps the vehicle under control and prevent it from sliding sideways during the time when you turn at high speed.
  • Anti-lock brakes help you to stop your car instantly and prevent the locking of wheels. It also prevents the car to skid.
  • Safety alerts come in various forms like motion detectors that alert you in case of another vehicle or object coming close to your car. And in the event of you getting distracted, the cameras attached to the rear-view mirror will send alerts to you.


After ensuring safety, you must proceed to the speed and fuel efficiency of the car, which is determined by the engine of the vehicle. Two important things that you can look are

  • Motor displacement in litres
  • Number of cylinders incorporated in the engine
  • Power figures

Ownership cost

  • It’s a common mistake by most of us to forget asking the hidden and additional costs while buying the car. As a result, eventual price of the car gets inflated and end up pinching our pocket. So when you go to buy your car, make sure you enquire about all the hidden and extra costs to assess your affordability.
  • You must see whether you car comes with insurance as it is a obligation in the law that vehicles need to come with insurance cover in India
  • In times of unfortunate incidents, motor insurance will come to your rescue and ensure recovery of the damages
  • One must check the special offers and rebates extended by dealers and insurers while making a deal for the car


Well, transmission feature may not necessarily have a bearing on the car’s performance, but it can reduce your ownership cost.


  • It comes as a utter shock to all the car lovers to know that the value of your loved car can depreciate substantially over a period of time.
  • After a certain period, one looks for the upgrade and buy the latest version
  • If you find the resale value of the current car falling way below the desired level, you may not be able to make down payment for the next one
  • Make a point to choose the top selling brands as resale value of those gets retained even as the years go by. On the other hands, lesser known brands get depreciated quickly, inflicting loss of money to the car owner and making it tougher for them for sell at a reasonable price to recover the cost.


While you buy the car, please ensure you have got warranties on the vehicle parts. When the car is new, maintenance and service costs may be minimal. But it will rise with more use as wear and tear will affect the shape of the car. You need to check out on few points mentioned below.

  • You must check warranty with dealer as most of the manufacturers give the same on car parts for a maximum period of five years
  • Next see whether warranties apply on the number of operating years or the distance covered by the car
  • Make a point to check the availability of some extended warranties
  • There could be some service deals extended by the dealer
  • All these points, if taken into consideration, will ensure best-in-class maintenance and enhanced functioning of the car


  • Feel free to ask for the freebies from the dealer while negotiating the deal
  • You can be the beneficiary of premium services like cost-free servicing for an enhanced period as most of the dealers provide that
  • As manufacturers and dealers are looking to increase the sales, you would be better served if you ask for the rebate on premiums that will accrue on car insurance
  • Must look to leverage from the offerings of gold coins, bells and whistles on festive seasons

Navigation features

Navigation features can assist you when you go for a trip or roam around a new city. Most premium cars are equipped with standard systems and equipment. You can ask for the installation of navigation by the time you go to purchase the car. Also see the availability of map upgrades.

Ensure installation of reversing sensors and cameras

  • Check parking and reversing aids to avert unexpected casualties.
  • There could be a dog or other animals resting under the car during the winter. If there are no front and rear sensors, you could end up taking the life of animals by running the car over them
  • Even if the sensors provide false alarm because of coming close to a plant, cameras will help you check things on the way
  • Look for cameras that work better in the nights

Automatic headlights

Automatic headlights ensure the automatic switch on and off of the headlights. When you park the car, it gets switched off automatically, and switched on when you start the car.

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