Best Ways to Reduce Your Billing Cost

Best ways to reduce your billing cost

Mobile phone has become a basic necessity in our life and you can’t imagine a day without mobile phone. Even the idea to lose your mobile can be terrifying for many. You depend so much on your mobile phones. Earlier, the main objective of having a mobile is to stay connected with family and friends by making calls. But, today mobile has changed and replaced many things. You rely so much on mobile phones, not just to make calls, but for a lot other things from booking your movie tickets to reading leading newspapers and journals online. Getting your mails and updates in your mobile phone, checking latest trends, phone banking and much more. Now, mobile is not just a calling gadget, rather you can do a lot of things with smart phones.

As the world is changing and everything is within your reach with so many available mobile apps and features. The life has become more simple and easy with mobiles. Generally, you spend a lot of money on your mobile for different billing plans. Whether you have a prepaid connection or post-paid connection, you will spend a good amount to pay your mobile bills. You are using 2G connection or 3G connection, still you need to spend some money or a good money to pay your mobile bills. Here are some useful ways to reduce your mobile phone billing cost.

Choose the most suitable plan: While choosing a mobile plan you should be more conscious. You should select a plan which will give you benefits as per your usage habits. If you make more calls than sending sms, choose a plan which will offer more free calls or calls at a lower price. If your outstation outgoing are more then choose a plan, which will offer lower STD calls. Therefore, choosing a right plan is really important to reduce your mobile bills.

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Post-paid or pre-paid plan: This is really important that you make a wise decision between a post-paid plan or pre-paid plan. If you talk more than 2 hours daily, in that situation buying a pre-paid card will cost you more. For instance, if you have taken a Day-to-Day plan from any service provider, it will offer you a good number of free calls every month and if your usage is more than the given calls you will spend as per the call rates. Therefore, it will save money on your monthly usage. But, if you talk 10-15 minutes on an average then, opting for a pre-paid plan will be cheaper.

Free SMS and pulse rate: There are many service provider like Vodafone, Tata, Airtel and lot others offer you good call rates if you are making a call less than 30 seconds, or between 40 seconds to 50 seconds. These companies offer you call rate 1 paisa or less than that per second or pulse based. So you can choose a plan, which is just perfect as per your usage habits.

If you text a lot then, choose a plan, which will offer you good number of free sms or sms at a very lower price. There are some plans which offer free sms every time you recharge phone or on every billing cycle you receive a number of sms free to use every month.

Always check your bill: If you are using a post-paid connection always check your bill. It is really important to know that are you spending within the availed plan or your usage is more or less than your availed plan. If you think that you are spending more or less or you want a different plan which will fit better as per your needs, just ask your service provider to change your plan.

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If you are using a pre-paid connection, always ask for new and different plans which will offer you higher free calls or sms or data. If you think special top-plans or packages like night plan, sms plan will reduce your bill, recharge your phone with such plans.

Avoid roaming charges: If you are a frequent traveller then buy a plan, which will offer you free roaming or minimum roaming charges. Telecom companies provide different plans to suit your usage, you can ask your service provider to offer you a good roaming plan to reduce your billing cost. There are some companies which offer lower roaming charges for special states and location, you can also use such plans if you are going to such locations to reduce charges.

Go for unlimited plans: If your internet usage is higher than you should go for an unlimited internet pack. Choose an internet pack, which will offer you unlimited surfing and data every month on your plan. If you talk a lot on phone go for plan, which will offer you unlimited calling on one number, some numbers or on same numbers of same telecom service provider. It will also reduce monthly billing.

Change your service provide: If you think that some other service provider is offering a better plan at lower cost, just change your service provider. First, look for different plans and charges from other service providers and switch your plan if you think that it will reduce billing amount.

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