SBI Credit Cards for Online Shoppers: Unlock Special Rewards and Cashback on Internet Purchases

The SBI credit cards for online shopping are specially made for individuals who like to shop online. These credit cards offer special rewards, points, and cashback on purchases made on the Internet. While some of these cards offer exclusive offers with a few specific brands, others offer a wide variety of benefits to serve the needs of online shoppers. If you frequently indulge in online shopping and want exclusive discounts on your purchases, continue reading and find the best SBI credit card for online shopping. 

Best SBI Credit Cards for Online Shopping and Their Exclusive Deals

Here are the most affordable and popular SBI credit cards for online shopping and their exclusive deals and offers:

SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

This easy-to-main SBI credit card for online shopping is considered the best for beginners.

  • Opting for this card gives you an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs 500. 
  • You will receive 10X rewards on certain exclusive SBI partners like Apollo24X7, BookMyShow, Netmeds, Cleartrip, and Eazydiner. 
  • You earn a reward point worth Rs 1 every time you spend Rs 100. 
  • If you spend above Rs 1 lakh in a year through your credit card, you will receive a Cleartrip voucher worth Rs 2,000. 
  • If you spend between Rs 300 and Rs 5000 on gas stations through your SBI credit card, you will get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver.

FabIndia SBI Card Select

Enjoy rewards at Fabindia stores with this SBI credit card for online shopping!

  • The welcome gift on this card is a FabIndia e-gift voucher worth Rs 1,500. 
  • Apart from the welcome gift, you also receive additional gift vouchers worth Rs 5,000 from leading brands. 
  • There is a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on all transactions up to Rs 3,000 at all gas stations across the country. 
  • You can opt for the Fabfamily Platinium membership to receive more exclusive benefits and rewards. 
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This card offers rewards points on shopping at Landmark Stores, such as MAX. Some of its key benefits are:

  • The welcome gift on this SBI credit card for online shopping is 12,000 reward points worth Rs 3,000. 
  • On every Rs 100 you spend online or offline at Landmark Stores, you earn 15 reward points on your SBI credit card. 
  • Moreover, you also receive exclusive milestone deals and benefits worth Rs 14,500 annually. 
  • You also receive travel benefits like access to both international and domestic lounges at airports. 


This SBI credit card for online shopping has many perks, from rewards on shopping to lounge access to airports. 

  • The welcome gift on this card is 12,000 reward points, which are worth Rs 3,000. 
  • Like the MAX SBI Card PRIME, you receive reward points up to 15 on every Rs 10 you spend on Landmark Stores. 
  • You also become eligible for annual milestone benefits up to Rs 14,500. 
  • Moreover, you will also get complimentary access to domestic and international lounges. 

Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card Prime

Here are the salient welcome benefits, rewards and milestone benefits this SBI credit card for online shopping offers! 

  • The joining and annual renewal fee is Rs 2,999. 
  • On regular payment of annual fees, you get 12,000 reward points that are worth Rs 3,000. 
  • You receive 15 reward points every time you spend Rs 100 on stores like Lifestyle and Home Centre and 10 reward points on spending Rs 10 on dining or movies. 
  • The cumulative milestone benefits are up to 85,000 reward points worth Rs 14,500. 
  • There is a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on all gas stations in the country. 
  • You receive a complimentary priority pass worth USD 99, along with 8 complimentary visits to domestic airport lounges and 4 visits to international airport lounges.
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Security Measures

Credit cards can often become subject to fraud and theft. Here are the measures undertaken by SBI to ensure maximum protection and security for your SBI credit card for online shopping: 

  • SBI Card uses a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to secure all your online credit card activities. 
  • Your password is not immediately registered once you register for an SBI card. Instead, an OTP is sent to your registered mobile number and email ID for verification. 
  • To reset the password, you first need to verify your OTP. 
  • The password to your SBI credit card for online shopping is very important. Thus, ensure that you pick a strong password that meets all the password guidelines of the SBI card. Your password should be at least 8 characters long with a minimum of 1 alphabet and 2 numbers. However, the numbers cannot be the first and the last letters of the password. 
  • When setting your password, SBI Card will tell you if your password is strong or weak. You cannot recreate any of the last ten passwords you used. 
  • Entering the incorrect password 3 times in a row will block you from your SBI credit card for your online shopping account. 
  • You will automatically get locked out if your account has been inactive for 7 minutes. 
  • Moreover, your SBI Card account displays the last date and time when you logged into your account so that you can track any unauthorised activity. 

Lastly, SBI Card only displays the last 4 digits of your SBI credit card for online shopping to prevent misuse of your card.

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SBI credit card for online shopping is extremely beneficial for people who like to shop online. Many of these cards also offer rewards and benefits to offline stores. But before opting for a card, you should be aware of the terms for gaining the rewards and apply accordingly. You can visit SBI Credit Card’s online portal to apply for your preferred credit card. 


1. I want a credit card that offers cashback only. Which one should I opt for?

If you only want cashback rewards on your online purchases, you should opt for the Cashback SBI credit card.

2. Which SBI credit card for online shopping provide complimentary access to airport lounges.

MAX SBI Card PRIME, Spar SBI Card PRIME, and Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card Prime provide access to airport lounges.

3. What guidelines should I follow to set a strong password on SBI cards?

You should ensure that the password is not easily guessable, like your name, surname, and name of your hometown. Your password should be 8 characters long with a minimum of 1 alphabet and 2 numbers. The numbers should be at the beginning or the end of the password.

4. Can I apply for an SBI shopping credit card offline?

You can visit the credit card portal or offline by visiting a branch to apply for an SBI online shopping credit card. 

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