GST Impact on Home Appliances

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The entire nation has set themselves on a spectator mode for witnessing the after effects of GST, as GST has been implemented in all the spheres, pushing the prices to rise further. A new change which everyone can see in all forms of the segment. Of course, the change has grappled in our daily lives as well which has caused fluctuation in our daily budget and in case you are planning to buy home appliances. Wait! Let the GST spread out its effective implementation first before you plan to buy anything. No doubt, we know that GST has crossed its border of making every home appliances (such as television, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines) to be dearer, ultimately breaking the bones of your existing household budget. Pre-GST taxes used to levy on account of central excise duty rates, VAT rates or weighted average VAT rates, Octroi, Entry Tax and among others. Now as they have been shown their respective exit doors thereby cleared all the way long for GST to roll up in the havens of 28% slab rate. The additional liability of 2-3% which GST brings will get passed on to the shoulders of final consumers. Let’s check out the differential range of prices in a series of home appliances which definitely going to put pressure on every consumer’s pocket.

GST Impact on Televisions

Pre-GST consumers pay 23 to 28 per cent tax on televisions. Some states charge octroi at 5 per cent over and above this. Television sets could become marginally expensive at places which don’t levy octroi, such as Delhi. For places like Mumbai, prices could decline marginally. Let’s see the differential impact television could create in your plan out purchase.

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Television types/brandCurrent price(Pre-GST)Post-GST PriceNet Difference
₹ 30 lakh ₹ 31.5 lakh5% increase
Samsung Q9F QLED TV ₹ 24.99 lakh ₹ 26.24 lakh5% increase
Sony Bravia KD-65X9300D 65 Inches ₹ 3.14 lakh₹ 3.29 lakh5% increase

All prices are MRP; prices after GST are estimates taking into account 28% GST

GST Impact on Refrigerators

Are you planning to go for a size of the refrigerator that can comfortably weigh your pocket? Well, with post GST effect, still you can measure the differential weight which is likely to add up to your pocket. The foundation models of refrigerator you would choose will definitely match up with its style and variation as well as with the space of your home where you would store. Although the octroi charges differ from state to state but for metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, refrigerators could marginally become expensive. Let’s check out the rate variation on some brand/models of the refrigerators that are going to bring a revolution in your purchase price.

Refrigerator types/brandCurrent price (Pre-GST)Post-GST PriceNet Difference
Samsung RF28K9380SG ₹ 2.65 lakh ₹ 2.78 lakh 4.90% increase
LG GR-D35FBGHL ₹ 3.35 lakh ₹ 3.51 lakh4.77% increase
Whirlpool Fp 263D Royal Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator (240 Ltrs)₹ 28,925₹ 30,3714.99% increase

All prices are MRP; prices after GST are estimates taking into account 28% GST

GST Impact on Air Conditioners

Pre-GST, the tax scenario on air conditioners was 23% which now have got increased to 28% after official declaration of GST. Let’s find out the impact of GST on preferred most brand of air conditioners.

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Type of Air conditioners/BrandsCurrent price (Pre-GST)Post-GST PriceDifference
Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Split Air Conditioner ₹ 39,000
₹40,9505% increase
Voltas All Weather Air Conditioner₹ 40,490₹ 42,5155% increase
Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window Air Conditioner₹ 28,485₹ 29,9095% increase

All prices are MRP; prices after GST are estimates taking into account 28% GST

Don’t let the summers create the catastrophic effect on your purchase plans? Act smartly, when GST gives a trolling effect in restraining your heavy purchase. A little saving plan or opting for bank offers like EMI can do some justice to your purchase.

GST Impact on Washing Machines

Whether Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic, Top Loading & Front Loading Washing Machines whichever you plan to buy are all set to prove costly on your wallet. With 28% GST impact, every make and model of washing machines will carry on its MRP post July 1, ushers a falter shopping experience across all dealers. Let’s examine the differential price on the type of washing machine you’re planning to buy.

Type of Washing MachingCurrent price (Pre-GST)Post-GST PriceDifference
Premium IFB Front Loading, 7 kg washing machine ₹ 48,980 ₹ 51,2924.72% increase
Godrej top loading machine ₹ 23,570 ₹ 24,7374.95% increase
Semi Automatic Washing Machine (8.5 Kg)₹ 15,275₹ 15,9914.69% increase

All prices are MRP; prices after GST are estimates taking into account 28% GST

Impact of GST on Gas Stove

Post July 1, cooking in every household is going to ablaze as gas stoves too will become costly. Taking a view on 28% tax regime under GST, all set to add fumes on the extra penny that you are going to shell out post GST. Have a look on the marginal increase in every brand of gas stove pre and post-GST scenario, giving harshness to your existing budget regime.

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Type of Gas Stove/BrandsCurrent price (Pre-GST)Post-GST PriceDifference
Sunflame Pearl 3 Burner Gas₹ 4,049
₹ 4,244
4.82% increase
Prestige Marvel Glass-Top Gas Tables, Gtm 03l, 3 Burner₹ 3,995
₹ 4,1784.59% increase
Pigeon Troika Glass-ceramic 3 Burner Gas Stove, Black₹ 6,090₹ 6,3934.98% increase

All prices are MRP; prices after GST are estimates taking into account 28% GST

GST Impact on Microwave Oven

Does baking your favourite cookies or cakes seems to become costly? Well, take a view on 28% tax regime under GST which will squeeze your pocket.

Type of Microwave Oven/BrandsCurrent price(Pre-GST)Post-GST PriceDifference
LG All In One Microwave Oven

₹ 34,420₹ 35,9864.55% increase
Jet Chef 33 LConvection Microwave Oven (33 Ltr)₹ 32,990₹ 34,6405% increase
Godrej InstaCook Convection Microwave Oven GME 34 ₹ 20,610₹ 21,6364.98% increase

All prices are MRP; prices after GST are estimates taking into account 28% GST

At last, the overall price hike in the coming two-months no doubt can be harsh for purchases but the dealers have plans to roll up their prices back at pre-GST level once they will start availing input tax credit from the freshly purchased raw material which in no time can suppress the price level to regain its originality.

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