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Give Your Home a Makeover within Rs. 1 lakh

Give Your Home a Makeover within Rs. 1 lakh

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:52 p.m.

The idea to renovate your home could be based upon anything such as wedding in family, a new look, for maintenance, any ceremony in family or to give a contemporary look. Before you start renovation work, here are some important things, which you should keep in mind to bring down the cost and expenses related to renovation.

Firstly, make a rough draft on paper about the new layout of your home or search some designs online to finalise a new look. This will give a rough idea about the type of material you require and how your home will look after completion of renovation work. This will also reduce your stress about last minute changes and unplanned expenses.

Secondly, always stick to your basic plan. If you have decided to renovate one room, or master bedroom, or living room, or kitchen, or entire home, stick to your plan. Don't make last minute changes in your renovation work. It will increase your expenses and stress as well. Make a list of things you want to replace, repair or renovate before your start renovation work.

Thirdly, fix a budget for renovation work in advance. Try to find out the approx cost of material, labour and other expenditure in advance before starting the work. Also, consider the emergency service cost in that budget. If you are thing about to change the paint, flooring and wooden work then also include all these in your list.

Here's how you can plan the entire renovation according to the budget:

Renovation budget between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 50,000

Walls: If you think that your wall are still beautiful and you can still go with them without paint then postpone your painting work for some other time. To give a new look to the existing walls you can highlight one wall by different color. You can also use some good wall painting, or buy some wall hangings from flea market to give it a new look. Get your photographs framed with interesting borders and hang them on wall. Instead of painting work, you can use wallpapers on one or two walls for makeover.

Flooring: If you are bored with the existing flooring of your home and want to do away with this, the most economic way to do this go for rugs and carpets. Changing the whole flooring will cost much more as compared to using carpet. You can also use rugs, different shaped carpets, floor mats and runners in your home. You can also use these rugs in your bathroom to change the look. You can use different shape carpets, put carpets at corners or at centre, or use rugs and runners on different sides.

Furniture: If your furniture is in good condition, but you can repaint, polish or change the fabric or leather of it, then go for it. It will be way to cheaper then buying the new furniture. If you want a living room without your old sofa, you can go for floor seating. You can use mattress, carpet, cushions for this purpose.

Renovation budget between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75,000

Walls: If you want to give your room a brighter look, go for lighter shade wall paints. The wall color of the room can entirely change the current look of your home. However, you can choose the paint within your budget. Lighter shades will make your room look bigger, darker shades will give illusion of a small space. You can also use some trendy colors or use colors on three walls and wallpapers on one to make it completely different. You can also highlight certain walls with light and dark combinations of color with block print or impressions. You can also use some wooden tiles to give it a more contemporary look. Using tiles at few areas which are prone to dampness can also increase the life of walls and give it more rustic look.

Flooring: Think for such areas, which you feel really need a make over. You can use carpet, rugs or mats to change the look. Rather than changing the whole flooring, use carpets and rugs to give your floor a totally new look.

Furniture: To give your living room a different look, first decide what kind of seating arrangement you want in your living room. If you want an ethnic look, you can go for low seating, decoration with some lamps and wall hangings. You can also use some wooden furniture with ethnic look to add value. If you want totally contemporary look, you can buy two six setter sofas or one large sofa which covers maximum area in your room for seating. You can also use some wall paintings, or art piece to balance to look.

Renovation budget between Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 1,00,000

Walls: Apart from changing the color of your walls and giving them a new look with block impressions, you can also use wall decals and stickers. These wall decals and stickers are really popular these days. You can use these decals on one wall in each room. You can also use effects on your ceilings. You can highlight the corners with different color or give a border to your ceiling. It will give a totally new look to your room. You can use pastel shades with wooden work or you can use dark colors with golden or silver block impressions. You can also go for wooden detailing on walls and corners.

Flooring: If you wish to change the entire floor of house, it will cost you a lot. Rather, you can go for a beautiful carpets or rugs in your room for a new look. You can also use corner mats and side runners as well to make your floor more colorful. You can use these rugs in the bathroom and kitchen as well.

Furniture: In your budget, if you want to change your furniture, wooden work or living room seating, you can easily do that. You can also buy new upholstery of your sofa rather than buying a new one. You can think about a look and give the change over accordingly. You can also change curtains as per the color of your wall to complete the look. Similarly, you can change the color of the cabinets and chests with refreshing color to enhance the overall look.

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