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Looking for an experienced fund house to take care of your hard earned money? Get started with Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Limited, which boasts of an average AUM of Rs 19,039.35 crores for the quarter ended June 2016. The fund house, with 12 12,250,000 folios, operates its business from 658 locations across the country. It serves the investment needs of the investors by offering a wide range of mutual funds and portfolio management services. Wish to discover fund offerings that are right for you? Without further ado, let us check out the types of fund offerings provided by this asset management company (AMC).

Invesco Mutual Fund Offerings

The noted AMC offers equity funds, fund of funds, fixed income securities, exchange traded fund (ETF), hybrid funds, Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme, etc.

Equity Funds

These funds, suitable for investors with a long-term perspective, aim to accelerate the growth of the invested capital by investing a significant portion of the corpus in stocks that are carefully selected by the fund manager based on the returns and the overall performance. Below are the equity funds that you can choose from:

  • Agile Tax Fund
  • Arbitrage Fund
  • Banking Fund
  • Business Leaders Fund
  • Contra Fund
  • Dynamic Equity Fund
  • Growth Fund
  • Infrastructure Fund
  • Mid N Small Cap Fund
  • Midcap Fund
  • PSU Equity Fund
  • Tax Plan

Fixed Income Fund

This fund looks to ensure a regular flow of income by keeping the money in debt and money market instruments that provide liquidity. Want to check out the fixed income funds of the fund house? They are as follows:

  • Activa Income Fund
  • Bank Debt Fund
  • Corporate Bond Opportunities Fund
  • Credit Opportunities Fund
  • Gilt Fund- Long Duration Plan
  • Liquid Fund
  • Medium Term Bond Fund
  • Short Term Fund
  • Ultra Short Term Fund
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Fund of Funds

These funds look to generate capital appreciation and income by investing in units of the equity fund, gold fund, etc. Below is the list of Fund of Funds that you can look to invest in:

  • Global Equity Fund
  • Gold Fund
  • Pan European Equity Fund

Exchange Traded Fund

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a security that tracks the development in an index, bonds, commodity, or assets such as index fund. ETFs are traded on a stock exchange just like stocks. As ETFs are bought and sold, you can see a lot of change in their prices on a trading day.


  • Gold Exchange Traded Fund
  • Nifty Exchange Traded Fund

Hybrid Fund

The basic objective of this fund is to churn out regular income by investing in a portfolio of fixed-income securities, as well as offer return through equity and equity products.

Religare Invesco Mutual Fund Min Investment & Other Details

CriteriaAmount (in ₹)
Minimum Investment Amount Required for Application₹5,000 and multiples of ₹1 afterwards
Minimum Investment Amount Required in SIP 500-1,000 per month and multiples of ₹ 1 afterwards or ₹ 1,500 per quarter and multiples of ₹ 1 afterwards
Online SIP FacilityAvailable
Entry LoadNil
Exit Load1% if redeemed or switched out within a year

Top-performing Invesco Mutual Fund Schemes to look for

FundsNAV1-year ReturnAUMExpense Ratio
Invesco India Contra Fund- Direct Plan-Growth₹35.7517.60%₹254.02 Cr0.95%
Invesco India Contra Fund-Growth₹34.1715.91%₹254.02 Cr2.40%
Invesco India Business Leaders Fund -Direct Plan-Growth₹23.8314.95%₹115.62 Cr0.98%
Invesco India Business Leaders Fund -Growth₹22.6813.06%₹115.62 Cr2.39%
 Invesco India Active Income Fund -Direct Plan-Discretionary Dividend₹1,523.7812.89%₹52.88 Cr0.74%
 Invesco India Corporate Bond Opportunities Fund-Direct Plan-Growth₹1,231.5110.75%₹150.81 Cr0.75%
 Invesco India Annual Interval Fund -Series 1 Plan B-Direct Plan -Growth₹11.248.11%₹22.41 Cr0.13%
Invesco India Bank Debt Fund-Direct Plan-Growth₹1,346.407.69%₹473.03 Cr0.25%
Invesco India Bank Debt Fund-Bonus₹1,302.386.99%₹473.03 Cr0.65%
Invesco India Arbitrage Fund-Direct Plan-Annual Bonus₹19.866.73%₹604.68 Cr0.50%
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Information sourced as on 25th August, 2016

How Can You Apply?

You can visit the Invesco Mutual Fund website to access application forms of various funds. All you have to do is fill in the form and submit it to the AMC for the processing of your application. After a successful verification of the details, your application will get the nod of the fund house, which will then assign you the folio number. You can also invest in mutual funds online by getting by submitting PAN, Date of Birth, your name, etc.

Invesco Mutual Fund Account Statement

You can easily download the mutual fund account statement from various digital platforms such as Karvy Computer Share, Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) or others. You just need to select the AMC in any of the platforms to avail the same.

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