National Pension Scheme Interest Rate

The National Pension Scheme is a program launched in 2004. The Indian Government launched the scheme to help Indian citizens with their savings, with the help of which citizens can manage expenses after retirement. Eligible citizens frequently contribute some amount to the pension account to receive the privileges of the scheme after retirement. The National Pension Scheme aims to make sure that you gain a good return on your investment after you retire. Before you invest in it, checking the NPS interest rate is necessary. It is one of the few schemes the Indian Government has launched and does not have a stable return rate. The NPS interest rate is linked to the market rate and varies depending on market performance.

What is NPS?

The National Pension Scheme is a voluntary pension scheme. You can invest in your National Pension Scheme account till maturity. Since the National Pension Scheme is connected to market rates, the investments that come under it are channelled towards assets, such as equity and debts. The NPS interest rate is based on how the assets in the market are performing. Hence, the pension amount you are supposed to receive after retirement is predetermined. The National Pension Scheme is voluntary in nature, and your savings are collected in a fund. It is an apt option for an organised investment plan for working people.

The National Pension Scheme includes two kinds of accounts. The accounts are as follows:

  • Tier-I, which is binding for all National Pension Scheme subscribers
  • Tier II, a voluntary account.

National Income Scheme Rate

The NPS interest rate is based on how the assets perform.  Hence, you can not determine the amount you will receive upon retirement. Since the National Pension Scheme is a product connected to the market rates, you can invest in government or corporate debt, equity, substitute assets, etc. You can invest in specific schemes when you select your fund manager and asset option. If you contribute a high amount towards the scheme, you can create a high retirement corpus over a certain duration.

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Furthermore, the multiple privileges and features of the National Pension Scheme make it a good retirement plan option. The interest rate is applied depending on the asset class you selected and your contribution. In contrast to the other investment choices, the National Pension Scheme offers a good return and gives a chance to make money.

National Pension Scheme Tier I Returns

Asset Classes1-year Returns(%)5-year Returns(%)10-year Returns(%)
Corporate Bonds12.46%-14.47%9.27%-10.15%10.05%-10.64%
Government Bonds12.95%-14.26%10.29%-10.88%9.57%-10.05%
Alternative Assets3.98%-16.73%

National Pension Scheme Tier II Returns

Asset Classes1-year Returns(%)5-year Returns(%)10-year Returns(%)
Corporate Bonds12.71%-16.36%9.55%-10.17%9.86%-10.60%
Government Bonds12.61%-13.42%10.40%-12.00%9.59%-10.07%

Privileges of the National Pension Scheme

The National Pension Scheme is a solution when you plan your retirement. It is a Government-suggested way to give you a steady income source after your retirement with a modest return depending on market rates. It is based on your Permanent Retirement Account Number, which is subscribed under the National Pension Fund. The privileges of the National Pension Scheme are as follows:

  • The National Pension Scheme offers higher returns than conventional instruments, such as the Public Provident Fund.
  • It offers multiple investment choices to subscribers with the authority to decide where the subscribers want to invest funds.
  • It decreases the government’s retirement liabilities.
  • If you are investing in the scheme for a few, approximately three years, you can withdraw approximately 25% for specific reasons before your retirement. You can do the withdrawal procedure approximately three times with a gap of approximately five between one withdrawal. Such restrictions are applicable only for Tier-I accounts.
  • You can not withdraw the overall amount right after your retirement. According to updates from April 2021, you can withdraw only sixty percent, which is now free from tax. You are required to keep the remaining forty percent aside to earn a pension from an insurance company.
  • You can select where you want to invest your money and who can manage your investments. 
  • You can access your National Pension Scheme account from anywhere in the country you are in.
  • You can decide how much you want to contribute to the National Pension Scheme.
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Characteristics of the National Pension Scheme

The characteristics of the National Pension Scheme are as follows:

  • The scheme is eligible for every citizen of India between 18 to 60 years of age bracket. When you open an account under the Scheme, you can deposit a minimum amount of Rs. 500.
  • The plan gets matured after your retirement.
  • You can access every detail concerning the National Pension Scheme online.
  • The scheme is a low-cost investment choice and offers transparency. You can select a pension fund scheme of your choice, where the fund managers will know the investment routine.
  • The application procedure is simple. You only have to open an account and acquire a Permanent Retirement Account Number.
  • You can get the adjustment feature to choose between investment choices and fund managers.
  • You can alter the amount you contributed and the contribution frequency.
  • The scheme offers low fund management fees.
  • You can select from multiple options, such as Pension Fund Managers, customer services, etc.
  • You get a unique Permanent Retirement Number, and you can identify your account with the same number throughout India.


Appropriate and precise planning is essential to make sure that you can spend your life post-retirement with sheer relief. Nowadays, you can secure your finances with numerous options to spend your life with relief after retirement. The National Pension Scheme is similar to Employment Provident Fund and Public Provident Fund. The crucial objective of the National Pension Scheme is to give a steady income after retirement. Depending on the contributions made, the applicable NPS interest rate is approximately nine percent to twelve percent. The Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority launched the voluntary and long-term retirement pension system with the Central Government.

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