Personal Loan Interest Rates 2024

SBFC Personal Loan Interest Rates

SBFC Personal Loan Interest Rates

Last Updated : July 22, 2020, 11:52 p.m.

SBFC is undoubtedly one of the reputed lenders of our country that provides a seamless personal loan facility to the customers. One of the reasons behind its popularity among the customers is the customized SBFC personal loan interest rates that help individuals in repaying the loan on time without any trouble.

If you are someone who is looking to know more about the personal loan interest rates offered by the SBFC, this page could help you with it.

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SBFC Personal Loan Interest Rates April 2024

Interest Rate is the most important thing that an individual has to keep an eye on while availing a personal loan . Why? Because interest rates directly affect your EMI amount with which you pay off your loan. The EMI amount consists of a portion of both your principal and interest amount. So, the higher the interest rates, the higher would be your EMI amount and vice-versa. SBFC personal loan interest rates help individuals in obtaining a pocket-friendly EMI amount so that they can repay the loan amount on time.

You should also remember that SBFC Personal Loan Interest rates depend on a few factors. These include your age, job type, monthly income, job history, and most importantly, credit score . SBFC would check these factors first, and then decide the final rate of interest. Some of the other important details related to the SBFC personal loan interest rates are given below. Have a look!

Loan AspectDetails
Minimum Loan AmountCustomized
Maximum Loan AmountINR 10 lakh
Rate of InterestCustomized
Tenure5 years or 60 months
Processing FeesCustomized
CollateralNot Required
Repayment MethodEquated Monthly Installment (EMI)
Prepayment ChargesAs Applicable

SBFC Personal Loan Balance Transfer Rates

With the help of the SBFC Personal Loan Balance Transfer facility, you can transfer your outstanding principal amount to SBFC at lower interest rates. Due to the affordable interest rates, you can reduce your existing EMI and reduce interest payments over time. You can opt for this facility if your lender has been charging higher interest rates on your personal loan facility and you want to switch to a lower rate.

With this facility, you can transfer your outstanding balance to SBFC by paying a nominal processing fee, which will depend on your principal balance loan amount. But there is one thing that you should remember before opting for this facility that you must have been paying your EMIs on time and your credit score must be good (considered to be 700 or above among all lenders). It could be a good option for you if you want to switch your high-interest personal loans to SBFC.

How to Apply for SBFC Personal Loan?

If you want to apply for SBFC Personal Loan , you only need to visit the official website of SBFC and there you will see the Personal Loan Section. On reaching there, you will need to click on the ‘Apply Now’ button. This will take you to an Application Form where you will need to fill in a few details related to your loan requirements and some personal information like name, mobile number, email ID, etc. After filling these details, submit the application form. Soon, the SBFC representatives will contact you regarding your loan application.

How to Get in touch with SBFC Personal Loan Customer Care?

At any point in your loan tenure, if you face any problem or have any query related to the SBFC Personal Loan Interest Rates, you can get in touch with SBFC personal loan customer care. You only need to dial 1800-102-8012. The representatives will hear all your problems patiently and will resolve it in the shortest time possible.

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