Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card

Are you looking for a credit card with which you can not only shop wherever or whenever you want, but also should have the best and exciting privileges? Then, Standard Chartered Bank is here to offer you best credit card i.e Platinum rewards Card. The card comes with the following attractions.

  • Cashback on Restaurant Spends
  • Renewal Fee Waiver
  • And much more

Credit Card

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    Professional Details

    Personal Details

    Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card Offers July 2022

    • Enjoy 100% Cashback up to ₹500 on transactions at restaurants within the first 90 days
    • Get 5 reward points per ₹150 spent on fuel, restaurant and hotel
    • Earn 1 reward point on every ₹150 spent at other places
    • Renewal fee waiver (2nd year onwards) on spending more than ₹60,000 in the previous year

    Fee details and waivers

    Category Fee (In ₹)
    Joining Fee250
    Renewal fee250

    Note – Fees will also have a 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST)

    Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card Eligibility Criteria

    • You should be between 21 and 65 years, have a stable monthly income and should belong to credit cards sourcing cities for being eligible to take standard chartered Credit Card


    You require the following documents to apply for standard chartered credit card

    • You need to submit Passport, PAN Card, Govt. ID, Voter Card as identity proof
    • Applicants have to submit Passport, Driving license, Phone bill, Electricity or other Rental agreement as address proof
    • You have to submit 1 recent passport-sized photograph
    • If you are salaried customer you have to submit latest 1 month salary slip
    • Customers who are self employed businessman and self employed professional need to submit latest IT returns as well as last business continuity proof

    Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card Limit

    Standard Chartered Bank, based on your income and credit history, would decide on the credit limit it can extend you. Needless to say, a healthy income and a good score help you grab greater limits and vice-versa. A healthy income reposes confidence about your repayment potential. On the other hand, a good credit history is a proof of your ability to service the debt well.

    Even if the limit is more, taking your eyes off from disciplined spending would do more harm than good. The bills, when spiral out of control, could force defaults and impair your credit health adversely. Yes, there’s an option to pay the minimum due, which accounts for about 5% of the total dues, to prevent defaults. But continuing with the minimum due payment pattern would only mount the debt month-on-month.

    With subsequent purchases, even the minimum due can rise and go out of your reach over time. So, chalk out your spending strategy by keeping the necessary ones in the list and removing those which are not your need at all. This would keep the bills affordable and allow you to pay them in full.

    How to Apply for Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card at Wishfin?

    You can apply for the card at Wishfin, a neutral online marketplace for credit cards and several other financial products. All you need to do is to visit the ‘Credit Card’ section and fill the relevant personal and professional details before submitting your application. You would receive a call from Wishfin executives who will further forward your application to Standard Chartered Bank. The bank will check the details thoroughly before giving an approval.

    How to Apply for Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card through Bank Website?

    You can visit the website of Standard Chartered Bank to apply for the Platinum Rewards Card. The website application features the following steps –

    • Choose ‘Credit Cards’ from ‘Our Products’ tab
    • Click on Platinum Rewards Card
    • Press on ‘Apply Now’ shown under the card
    • Provide your personal details such as date of birth, the city where you live in, e-mail and mobile number
    • Also enter employment details by stating the source of income and the gross fixed income on a monthly basis
    • Tick the checkbox stating your confirmation of authorizing Standard Chartered Bank to contact you
    • Lastly, click on ‘Proceed’
    • Your application will be processed online

    How to Apply at Standard Chartered Bank Branch?

    You can apply at the bank branch by asking for a credit card application form. Mention the Platinum Rewards Card that you want to apply for besides detailing on personal and employment related information. Submit the relevant documents along with the application form to the concerned branch official to process your application.

    How Can You Check Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card Application Status?

    Checking the status after making an application is easy as you just need to visit the website of Standard Chartered Bank and navigate to ‘Track Your Online Application Status’. There, you need to enter your application reference number and mobile number before clicking on ‘Submit’ button’. So, whatever the stage your credit card application be, you would get to know it online. The application can be either accepted, rejected or pending for approval. You could find the reasons for rejection, if it happens. If you can do what would lead to an approval, do so and apply again.

    Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card Bill Payment Online

    You can pay the bills of the card using internet banking, mobile banking, or by depositing the cash at the nearest bank branch. With net banking and mobile banking, you need to login to your online account and add the card by mentioning the details. Once the card is added, you will get an intimation of its addition. Whenever the bill generates, you would receive an SMS indicating the total dues, minimum due and the due date of payment. Keep the amount needed in your bank account to pay the bills online or before the due date.

    Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card Customer Care Number

    Dial the 24×7 customer care number – 18003451000,18003455000, 011-39404444 or 011-66014444 for people residing in Noida and Gurgaon for any queries you may have with regards to Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card. Being clear about the card would only let you use it better to make the most out of the same. So, don’t hesitate, call the customer care executives to resolve your card queries fast.

    Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card Statement

    Check your statement regularly to see how far the limit have been utilized, rewards earned, interest & taxes, if charged, to get a track of what’s going on. You could come across total dues and minimum due on the statement. Now, you can be tempted to pay the minimum due and revolve the credit availing the option. The reason attributable to it is the minimum due constituting just 5% of the total dues, which would seem affordable to you but it isn’t if the pattern is allowed to continue. With minimum due payment month-on-month, the debt would mount higher as the time goes on and traps you under the debt burden that you could find it hard to come out of.

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