Want to Roam Around Las Vegas? Use Public Transport for your Pocket Friendly Ride

Want to Roam Around Las Vegas? Use Public Transport for your Pocket Friendly Ride

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:50 p.m.

Everybody wants to travel cheap specially when you are new to the city. Getting around in Las Vegas can be fulfilled with relatively ease, provided you should be familiar about which mode of transportation is best accommodated within your budget.

Let's check out various public transportation available in Las Vegas which can make your travel cheaper and convenient for your pockets:

1. Airport Shuttle

Well, you'll be needing a suitable transportation that comes handy within an all-inclusive package on your booking to your chosen hotel. Keeping this thing in view, many shuttle companies are operating from McCarren International Airport to the Las Vegas strip, downtown Las Vegas, Boulder Highway and the outlying hotels. Arrangements for your travel belongings can be very well accessible outside of the baggage claim area for a one-way or round trip transport. Round trip fares prove less costly as against doubling of the one-way fare. You can have a look on round trip fares that charges approximate per person as follows:

Strip hotels—Rs. 535.24
Downtown hotels—Rs. 669.05
Off strip hotels—Rs. 903.22
Reservations are prescibed for timely return to airport.

2. Limousine Service

Want to travel in a cost-effective luxurious way? Go for Limousine Service which offers you a shuttle service between McCarren Airport and Strip hotels, costing you about Rs. 267.62 per person and downtown hotels from about Rs. 334.52 per person. But you should be cautious enough to check that price for Limousine Service is more likely for keeping you placed in a shuttle bus or van operated by the limo company. If you see that for a super-stretch limo, prices for limousine service in Las Vegas differ from Rs. 2341.68/hr covering a basic limo up to Rs. 5352.4/hr.

Moreover, you'll be getting an option for pre-arranging your limo to pick you up and drop you off at Mc. Carren Airport, or anywhere else you wish a limo to take you up. You don't need to bear the cost or any obligation at your end if you furnish your information to have several companies bid on offering you with limo service.

If you are arriving Vegas with a large circle of friends to attend your best friend's bachelor / bachelorette party, then Limousine Service is all you require for accomodating high number of passenger. Super stretch SUV limousine is one such feature offered by Vegas VIP Limousine accomodating up to 45 people from Hummer H2 to party bus.

3. Taxi Service

Taxi fare in Las Vegas is regulated by the Nevada Taxicab Authority and as such all fares between 16 companies functioning in the Las Vegas valley will be the same. Once you get into the taxi, the taxi meter will start from Rs. 214.1. If the taximeter estimates that the taxicab is covering less than 8-12 MPH,(as in the situation of getting stuck in traffic) the taximeter will examine a charge of Rs. 16.73 every 41 seconds which equals Rs.1471.91/hour. While moving at speeds above 8-12 MPH the rate is Rs.133.81 per mile which is categorized into 1/8th of mile segments of Rs. 16.73 each. An additional fee of Rs. 80.29 is chargable for all trips starting from McCarran Airport, which will result in trips to your hotel from the airport charging you more than your return trip to the airport. If the taximeter senses of the speed of the taxicab moving greater than 8-12 MPH, then their fare calculated will be on the actual distance travelled. On a short-note, the fares would be as follows:

First 1/8th of a mile = Rs. 214.1
Each additional mile = 0.25
Waiting time = Rs. 1471.91 per hour
McCarran Airport pickup fee =Rs. 80.29
From McCarren Airport the approximate fares chargable as follows:
South Strip (Luxor, Mandalay, Tropicana)– Rs. 635.6-Rs. 802.86
Center Strip (Caesars, Mirage, Harrah's)–Rs.802.86-Rs.1003.58
Sahara/Stratosphere–Rs. 869.76-Rs.1137.38
Downtown Area–Rs. 1137.38-Rs. 1405.01

Note- The above rates applicable are per car load (up to 5 passengers) not per person.
Drivers are not permitted to alter from the most direct route without prior permission from the passengers.

4. City Buses

The Las Vegas public transit system is the citizens area transit or CAT. The 2 most preferrable routes by Las Vegas visitors are the #301 and #302 which runs the Strip from the south to Fremont street. The 301 haults at every stop along the strip while the 302 is the express bus which haults at fewer locations. If you're using city buses, then the CAT bus system charges you Rs. 133.81 with the exact fare required and you should note that drivers are not going to make any changes for you.

5. Trolleys

Do you wish to expand the reach of your travel? Well, why not? Just get-in to the trolley bus which travels from the Stratosphere to the South trip area with an hours of operation between 9:30am to 2:00am on a 20 minute schedule. The bus fare will cost you around Rs.100.36 and it doesn't cover up the Fremont Street. So in this case, you need to look for another transport. The trolley buses are less crowded than the CAT buses and be prepared to be seated on an uncomfortable wooden seats(nostalgic-I probably) which haults at every major hotel along the strip making the transport to move slowly.

6. Las Vegas Monorail

Get an experience of Las Vegas Monorail that race ahead of time in covering you up for the exotic destinations of Las Vegas during your tour. The Las Vegas monorail operates from the MGM Grand Hotel to Sahara Ave. The Las Vegas Monorail runs 7 days a week from 7:00am to 2:am Monday – Thursday and until 3:00am Friday – Sunday. Each car on the Monorail is loaded with 72 riders seated and 152 riders standing with the approx. Time to travel from one end of the 4 mile long Las Vegas strip, being 14 to 16 minutes based on the speed of boarding and unloading passengers.

You can purchase your monorail tickets at vending machines situated inside each station and at station hotel properties. Check out the standard ticket prices applicable on monorail as under:

  • 1 ride pass for Rs. 334.52
  • 2 ride pass for Rs. 602.14
  • 10 ride pass for Rs.2341.68
  • 1 Day pass for Rs. 535.24Summer Special)
  • 3 Day pass for Rs. 2676.2
  • Children within the age-group of 5 and under are FREE

You may also overview the current status of your monorail or consider ticket purchasing advices as follows:

1 ride pass stands good for 1 entry to monorail system
10 ride pass is offered for 10 entrances, any station(s). This pass holds the validity for the period of 1 year from its first use.
1 day pass provides unlimited entrances, any station(s) is valid for the time period of 24 hours from the first use.
3 day pass offers unlimited entrances, any station(s) is valid for the time period of 72 hours period from the first use.
Let's take a quick overview of the stations located along the monorail system :

  • MGM Grand station
  • Sahara station
  • Flamingo – Caesars Palace station
  • Bally's – Paris station
  • Harrah's – Imperial Palace station
  • Las Vegas Hilton station
  • Las Vegas Convention Center station

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