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List of Credit Bureau Agencies in the World

List of Credit Bureau Agencies in the World

Last Updated : June 16, 2021, 2:16 p.m.

Credit history plays a vital role in approving or rejecting a loan application by financial institutions. The applicants should always be cautious about the credit history they create. Any delay payments (DPDs) or no repayments of loan and equated monthly instalments (EMI) lead to a bad impression in front of the credit appraiser.

In India, financial institutes generally prefer referring to CIBIL for validating the credit history of the applicant and co-applicant.

With the current scenario and post covid rate reduction in home loans, India has become a hot space for Non-Resident Indians to invest in Indian Real Estate. This in turn has increased the demand for Home loans in India . While applying for a home loan, NRI’s are required to provide multiple documents which include but not limited to Credit History. Enlisted below are the various credit agencies accepted by Indian Lenders for availing the Credit history of NRI applicants of various countries.

Country Credit Agency Website
Austria Experian
Australia Experian
Baycorp Advantage
My Credit File
Belgium Experian
Belgium National Bank
Canada Equifax
Dubai Emcredit
France Experian
Germany Experian
Hong Kong Transunion
Italy Experian
Credit Protection Consortium
Japan Experian
Malaysia Credit Bureau Malaysia
New Zealand Baycorp Advantage
Veda Advantage
Dun & Bradstreet
Saudi Arabia Saudi Credit Bureau
Singapore Credit Bureau Singapore
Spain Experian
Sweden Experian
Taiwan Experian
Joint Credit Information Center
Turkey Experian
Thailand Nation Credit Bureau co. Ltd.
United Kingdom Experian
United States of America Equifax
UAE Emcredit

In continuous efforts to provide maximum information to our clients, we will continue to update the list.

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